The "average" architects' salary in the world.

metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
The following infographic was sent us by José García from Sección magazine, in it you can see the average salary for architects around the world, below you can click on the image to enlarge it. We find it interesting, but as always we emphasize that it is an average rate and in many cases things can be worse for most.

Below, we bring his comment.-

One of the important factors, though not the only one to consider for an architect who intends to emigrate, is the wage, in general, there is much discrepancy between the average wages that architects are getting for their work in the world, if it is true that in the countries of the northern half, these differences are minor and significantly higher than in the southern half...


New border, new pier by Thomas Heatherwick in New York's Hudson River.

metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Design
In Manhattan the public and private enterprises try find new places of opportunity. Mostly this means going to Brooklyn, but the real estate blitz has begun extending to areas that are not yet so real: the rivers that surround the city.

Replacing the deteriorated Pier 54, the new “Pier55” would be a bold addition to the Manhattan waterfront — a $170 million, futuristic park built atop an undulating platform 186 feet off the Hudson River shoreline with a series of wooded nooks and three performance venues, including an amphitheater, and acting as a marine sanctuary for striped bass and guard the city against storms.

The offshore park near...


Prouvé's Demountable House to be shown in China for the first time.

[Shanghai] China.
Swiss luxury brand Bally's travelling exhibit will make its final stop at Design Shanghai at the end of its year-long world tour. An installation featuring Jean Prouvé’s newly restored Demountable House and Bally’s collection of furniture by Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret will be seen for the first time in Asia.

Designed in 1944, Prouvé’s Demountable House was originally created as an emergency shelter for the displaced inhabitants of the Lorraine region of France during WWII. When Swiss luxury brand Bally acquired this rare work, it was very damaged and in need of repair....


Towards Biology by Onionlab.

[VIDEO]. Venice Biennale 2014. [VEN] Italy.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
A few days to finish one of the best Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, We bring "Towards Biology". Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura collaborated with Onionlab from Barcelona to create a video-audio installation as part of the "Time Space Existence" exhibition at the Biennale 2014.

Towards Biology is a piece created in collaboration with Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura for the exhibition "Time, Space, Existence" held at Palazzo Bembo within the framework of the 2014 Venice Architecture...


Light emitting Van Gogh bicycle path by Roosegaarde.

[Eindhoven] The Netherlands.
metalocus, ALBERT BLANCH.
The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path opened in Eindhoven on 12 November. The new Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bicycle path is made of thousands glowing stones which charge at daytime and give light at night. Inspired by 'Starry Night' it combines innovation with cultural heritage in Nuenen NL, the place where Van Gogh lived in 1883.

The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path was officially opened in Eindhoven on 12 November and opened to the public from 13 November. After dark visitors will be amazed by a design of light and colour, inspired by the world-famous painting The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Together with the artist Daan Roosegaarde,...


EL LISSITZKY. The Experience of Totality.

Exhibition. La Pedrera [BCN] Spain. 21/10/2014 - 18/01/2015
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Until 18 January 2015. The painter, designer, architect and photographer El Lissitzky (Pochinok, Smolensk, 1890 – Moscow, 1941) was one of the most influential, experimental and controversial artists of the early decades of the last century.

The exhibition El Lissitzky. The Experience of Totality features an outstanding selection of more than a hundred works in a number of disciplines—including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and graphic and typographic design, as well as architecture and exhibition design—that provide an extensive overview of all this...


Opening exhibition; Nikola Tesla, suyo es el futuro.

Fundación Telefónica [MAD] España. 13.11 > 15.02.2015
'Nikola Tesla. His is the future' opened today at Fundación Telefónica in Madrid. A journey through Nikola Tesla’s past, his mind and the future he envisaged, up to the present time.

"Nikola Tesla’s figure is a generator of culture and inspiration." Maria Santoyo - co-curator of the exhibition together with Miguel A. Delgado - reminded us that Tesla is not just a curious person or the father of technology but mainly a milestone in the history of innovation.


Film starts and Modernist houses in ARCHILIFE, by Federico Babina.

Architectural Ilustration.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Federico Babina is back with a new illustration series, this time with movie stars including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Marlon Brando make themselves at home in Modernist masterpieces by Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Alvar Aalto and more.

Federico Babina is an Italian architect and illustrator and with his new Archilife series proposes us 17 pairs between Hollywood film stars and famous architect-designed residences of the 20th century. Babina shows us the stars living their daily routines in these homes, from Gerrit Rietveld's Schröder House to the Ricarda House by Bonet Castellana. Pairs...


Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding.

metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
2014—Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities, a 14-month initiative to examine new architectural possibilities that address the rapid and uneven growth of six global metropolises — Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lagos, Mumbai, New York, and Rio de Janeiro — culminates in an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art from November 22, 2014 , through May 10, 2015 .

In recent years, tactical modes of urbanism have arisen in the form of everyday, bottom-up approaches to local problems as a counterpart to a classic notion of top-down planning. Uneven Growth asks how current practices of architecture and urban design can learn from such developments by presenting design scenarios based on this type of urbanism, while also...


Musings on a Glass Box by Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

Fondation Cartier [PAR] France.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
To commemorate its 30th anniversary, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents a exceptional project.

Musings on a Glass Box, a new installation created especially for the occasion by the internationally acclaimed interdisciplinary design studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

The Fondation...



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