Silver Lion. Pavilion of Chile.

[VIDEO]. Venice Biennale 2014. [VEN] Italy.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
The Jury of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia confered the Silver Lion for National Participation to Chile.

Yesterday we announced here in METALOCUS the prizes awarded by the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Now, we present the Silver Lion to Chile Pavilion,...


Winners YAP 2014 in South Korea, Chile and Rome.

[Seoul] [SdeChile] [Rome] South Korea. Chile. Italy
metalocus, INES LALUETA.
The Young Architects Program (YAP) offers selected young designers and architects across the globe the opportunity to create designs that promote diverse uses such as rest, play, and relaxation as well as hosting a series of live events such as shows, music, dance, exhibitions, and performances. In addition architects are encouraged to address environmental issues, including sustainability and recycling, to create highly innovative projects that provide shade, seating, and water. To achieve these goals, MoMA and MoMA PS1 are currently partnering with the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI) in Rome, CONSTRUCTO in Chile, and Istanbul Modern in Turkey (on a biennial cycle).

In May 2014, The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA PS1, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul announced a new partnership that will further expand the international YAP to South Korea. YAP Korea provides opportunities for emerging architects in South Korea to create temporary exterior installations for summer programming at the MMCA. The inaugural YAP Korea installation—...


Massimo Vignelli dies at the age of 83.

metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
Design, Recommendations
Massimo Vignelli – the avant garde designer who created, with her wife Lella Vignelli, New York's subway signage and the American Airlines identity – has died this morning at the age of 83, in New York.

Pentagram partner and former Vignelli employee Michael Beirut paid tribute to the designer in Design Observer:

"He was able to bring enthusiasm, joy and intensity to the smallest design challenge. Even after fifty years, he could delight in designing something like a business card as if he...


Surface Armatures by Lekan Jeyifous.

[Brooklyn-NY] US
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
This series by OlaLekan Jeyifous, a Brooklyn-based artist and designer, was exhibited at Skink Ink Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the Flatlands show. A series of urban utopias, which show us possible future post-industrial landscape.

Lekan Jeyifous has rendered a series of great images that depict different speculative urban landscapes and façades. These illustrations are a continuation of the aesthetic language he employed for the "City Settlement" series, except where the site for those were vast abandoned landscapes, the site for these are dilapidated urban industrial facades. The crumbling and decayed surfaces of these buildings...


"Design is one" mostrará el trabajo de los Vignelli.

en Canal+ Xtra "Design is One: Lella and Massimo Vignelli"
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
Art, Design, VIDEO, Recommendations
El próximo lunes, 26 de mayo, se estrenará este retrato del matrimonio italiano, dos de los diseñadores más influyentes del mundo en el último medio siglo.

CANAL+ Xtra estrenará el próximo lunes 26 de mayo a las 22:00h el documental Design is One: Lella and Massimo Vignelli. Esta pareja de italianos figura entre los diseñadores más influyentes del mundo. Su trabajo encierra un abanico tan...



Competition 16/05-27/06/2014.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Last May, about one year ago, we started in METALOCUS in a collaboration with TASCHEN, launching a competition in which we were looking for the best house in the 20th century to our readers and, besides, we celebrated 9,000 Facebook fans and our inclusion in 5% of companies most worldwide visited on LinkedIn. Our growth continues forward exponentially, we have more than doubled our presence in Social Networks last year and once again, the spring and the sun bring us energy enough to repropose a similar collaboration with the world renowned publisher TASCHEN.

While last year's competition was a success boh in participation an in awards, this year is not going to be less. Again, we want to thank all our readers for their loyalty with awards as good as the last about TASCHEN. The competition has as prizes several reference books ranging from monographs of architects with worldwide recognition,...


From scaffolding to fashion catwalk. OMA.

FW 2014 MiuMiu and SS 2014 MiuMiu shows [PAR] France.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
One more time AMO, with Rem Koolhaas as architect in charge, bring us the design of an interesting installation for a fashion catwalk. In this case for both FW 2014 MiuMiu and 2014 SS Miu Miu shows.

The fashion catwalk is placed in the same building where OMA previously presented the exhibition « Auguste Perret, Huit Chefs d’œuvre !/? – Architectures du béton armé » ( "Auguste Perret: Eight Masterpieces !/? – Reinforced Concrete Buildings " )

For the design of the...


Penthouse with car elevator and ‘sky vault’, in Nueva York by MVRDV.

[NYC] U.S.
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
MVRDV has been commissioned by Young Woo & Associates to redesign PH1, a 3598 square foot penthouse in an exclusive building in New York's West Chelsea district. The 3 bedroom duplex features 80 feet frontage over the Hudson River, 668 square feet exterior space and a ‘sky vault’, transforming the stairs into a gallery and safe. The penthouse on the 12th and 13th floors can be reached by car through a personal elevator which carries the car to the apartment.

Description project, by MVRDV.

PH1, by Young Woo & Associates in collaboration...


Raised by Jule Waibel. From origami paper to dresses.

[VIDEO] from Jule Waibel.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Design, VIDEO
Taking advantage of the sales season, the Spanish brand Bershka launched a special project to the young German designer Jule Waibel. Now, the young German fashion designer takes a new step and recreates her origami paper dresses in chiffon.

Jule Waibel transforms simple sheet materials into three-dimensional objects, with the additional capability that they can transform, expand and contract.

Jule Waibel says "I made the...



metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
It announces winners of our contest "LOOKS. LIVING WITH PEOPLE." METALOCUS. The winning image was titled "Vivienda Indigna." Images sent have been surprising, exciting, classic and original proposals. Thanks to all participants because allowing us to bring together a group of great images, and where it is further shown that the architecture looks can be with people.

With "Looks. Living wiht People," we believe that architecture can always be counted differently, we have to support the vision of architecture with the people, what is even more important, the architecture is truly people.

Especially, hastle images with people. We paid attention on housing pictures,...



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