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Bann Industries [Hong Kong]
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Bann Industries is a Hong Kong based ebike company. Bann Industries has decided to produce one thing that many other brands have been neglected: combining cutting edge technologies with old school charm for style conscious riders!

Living in an era where sustainability is no longer a luxury but must, many brands are struggling to get more people on sustainable vehicles.

While cruiser bikes have always had a nostalgic side to them, consumers don’t go for a product just because it has a nostalgic gloss. People are searching for game changing technologies, unique craftsmanships and styles. Those who are passionate for innovation...


Jonathan Corum, graphics editor.

[VIDEO] from Gestalten TV.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Jonathan Corum, the graphics editor for science at the New York Times, designs print and interactive graphics with a decisive focus on clarity, translating detailed data into something widely understood. Interesting graphic, the design about wine regions in Spain. (see below)

Jonathan Burton. Nottingham , 1972 . He lives in France. In the profession since 2000 . Main clients: Folio Society, Penguin Books, Asset International, the New York Times.

"In case of books , there are certain scenes that are out of the page and I think that need to be illustrated . When it comes to editorial illustration , I always try to reduce the...


Hall Pavillon Dufour by Dominique Perrault.

[VIDEO] Château de Versailles. [PAR] France.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Design, Projects
Redeveloping the individual visitors' reception area in the Dufour Pavilion and the Vieille Aile (Old Wing) is one of the major projects in the "Grand Versailles" master plan. The architect Dominique Perrault was commissioned to design the layout for the future reception area measuring 2,700 m².

Eulogio Varela, Forgotten Genius.

Exhibition. Museo ABC. [MAD] Spain. 30/01-22/07/2014.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Under the title Modernismo y Modernidad (Modernism and Modernity), ABC Museum, who custodies great part of Eugenio Varela's work, is displaying the largest exhibition ever held about one of Spain's most important artists. It's time to discover a brilliant and unknown artist.

Having inspired Juan Gris and Pablo Picasso; he was a great promoter in our country of the aesthetic movements and trends that spread throughout the European continent in the early decades of the twentieth century; designer, illustrator, painter, decorator... a Renaissance man in the age of the automobile. Eulogio Varela was undoubtedly a great reference of Madrid's modernism in its most international aspect. A genius from the period between wars who...



[VIDEO] by Factory Fifteen.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Chupan Chupai is a short film installation. This movie by architectural film studio Factory Fifteen offers a vision that combines environment design and cinema in an exhibition format.

Chupan Chupai in a 12-minute version for the Future Perfect exhibition was exhibit as part of the Lisbon 2013 Architecture Triennale in the Museu da Eletricidade in Lisbon, Portugal and was presented by DAZED as part of the Visionaries series.


Viewpoint: Finnish Architects.

By AOR. [VIDEOS] from The Finnish Institute in London & Crane TV.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Design, VIDEO
Designed by Helsinki-based practice AOR, Viewpoint is a peaceful respite floating on the canal in London's Kings Cross. Two videos about this project by Crane TV and the Finnish Institute in London, below.

Commissioned by The Finnish Institute in London and The Architecture Foundation for London Wildlife Trust, Viewpoint is an unique urban island hideaway set to bring nature and architecture together on London‘s Regent’s Canal at Camley Street Natural Park.

As a small man-made islet on the canal designed by emerging Finnish architects Erkko Aarti, Arto Ollila and Mikki Ristola, Viewpoint will act as an additional...


Comic strip-style or photorealistic architectural renderings?

By Ness Lafoy. RIBA. Bronze Medal for best Part 1 design project.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Architectural renderings that don’t look like videogames. In fact this is an interesting question. You have probably used or seen architectural renderings at some point. Now, the coolest, are those photorealistic composite images that show what the buildings could someday look like, however, they often end up in some strange uncanny valley between the real and the imagined, like frames from a videogame cut screen.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) President’s Medals are considered the most prestigious and established awards in architectural education in the world.

Ness Lafoy and her proposal 'Helsinki Archipelago Town Hall’ was awarded the Bronze Medal for best Part 1 design project. Vanessa Lafoy, a recent graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College of London,...


Ideas to resurrect abandoned Paris metro stations.

By Manal Rachdi, OXO architectes & Nicolas Laisné Associés. [PAR] France.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Design, Projects
Paris has a lot of stations closed and have new ideas to recover, from 'ghost' station to swimming pool, a theatre or a restaurant among ideas. A mayoral candidate in Paris wants to transform the city's abandoned metro stations. And like so many things Parisian, the ideas are getting attention worldwide. Today the designs by French studios Oxo Architectes and Laisné Associés to renovate abandoned Metro stations in Paris.

Paris has 16 disused Metro stations, most of which closed between 1930-1970. A small number were also built but never opened. Previously the stations have been used as temporary sets for advertising campaigns and films. Porte-des-Lilas, a disused station closed in 1935, was used as a backdrop in 2001 film Amélie.


New 3D Sydney Opera House unveiled for its 40th Anniversary.

[VIDEO] de from The Glasgow School of Art.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Innovative project by Historic Scotland, Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio and CyArk offers a new 21st Century perspective on world-famous landmark.

A landmark Scottish heritage project has delivered a precise, 3D model of Australia’s most famous building as part of the Opera House’s 40th Anniversary.

Exact to within 6 millimetres, the Scottish Ten 3D model provides vital conservation and maintenance data as the Opera House enters a decade of renewal. The new virtual Opera House will also be invaluable in terms of opening the world’s busiest performing arts centre up to people wherever they are and whenever they...


The most famous glasses in history.

Mondo Galería. [MAD] 06-15/02/2014
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
MONDO GALLERY presents "The Most Famous Glasses of History", which opens through a partnership with GafaVintage.com

The exhibition consists of a very special selection of glasses that were used by showbiz celebrities of the last century.

Some of the most iconic frames of the twentieth century will be displayed at Mondo Gallery from 6 to 15 February. Film, music, art, society ... the glasses also reflect the evolution of fashion history in a selection that includes pieces from the 50s to the 90s. For 9 days, it will...



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