Frank Gehry arguing the budget at "The Competition"

metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Leveraging the US premiere of the film 'The Competition', this time it was the screening in New York, it has released another videoclip, that before only was possible to see in the official presentations.

Below, Frank Gehry discussing the economics of the building with the Jury.

"The Competition" / doc movie on a competition of architecture. Madrid-based architect Angel Borrego Cubero, of OSS, has directed and produced the first documentary focused on the tense process that often characterizes an...


Prefabricated housing system by MIMA.

[VIDEO] por MIMA Architects. MIMA House, [Composta] Portugal.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
MIMA prefabricated housing system allows to personalize the house according with the preferences of the client with different modulations and finishings, from the inner spaces to the outside. An elegant and simply design, built in very little time.

This house in Alentejo region is one of the modular housing examples which has created MIMA. In particular this house makes use of three and a half modular units which configure a L-shaped house. The result is a 36 sqm house which is integrated within Alentejo's landscape with the use of materials as wood, plaster and white tiles.


'Bucky' illustrated: 'Buckminster Fuller on The Geodesic Life'.

[VIDEO] by Quoted Studios.
This entertaining video makes a journey through Buckminster Fuller's life using as starting point two interviews from 1965 and 1970.

Taking advantage of two interviews with Buckminster Fuller in both 1965 and 1970, Blank on Blank team launch a new miniserie saga under the title "The Experimenters". The explicative video...


Images from the model shop of the BLADE RUNNER.

Blade Runner 33th Anniversary. [VIDEO] WarnerBrosOnline
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Images from slides taken during the construction of the miniatures for the film 'Blade Runner' from the model shop of the classic sci-fi flick of the 1982, are now available via Imgur.

The images are coming to light now as promo for the (official) Blade Runner sequel, our #1 Sci-Fi Film of all time. Here's a selection of some of our favorites images, via Imgur.

Film Synopsis.-

Blade Runner, based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by science fiction master Philip K. Dick, is a haunting look at reality, memory and mortality set...


What if 3D printing was 100x faster? Joseph DeSimone.

metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
What we think of as 3D printing, says Joseph DeSimone, is really just 2D printing over and over ... slowly. Onstage at TED2015, he unveils a bold new technique — inspired, yes, by Terminator 2 — that's 25 to 100 times faster, and creates smooth, strong parts. Could it finally help to fulfill the tremendous promise of 3D printing?

Joseph DeSimone is a scholar, inventor and serial entrepreneur. A longtime professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, he's taken leave to become the CEO at Carbon3D, the Silicon Valley 3D printing company he co-founded in 2013. DeSimone, an innovative polymer chemist, has made breakthrough contributions in fluoropolymer synthesis, colloid science, nano-biomaterials, green chemistry and most recently 3D...



[VIDEO] from Boa Mistura. [New Delhi] India.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Art, VIDEO, Recommendations
Our friends of BOA MISTURA surprise us once again with a brilliant job, this time in a hidden streets of New Delhi, India. Another place more in the world in which they have worked, to add to the long list of cities such as Madrid, Zaragoza, Mallorca, Paris, Santiago de Queretaro, El Chorrillo or many others that have arrived or that will come.

In this case BOA MISTURA's work in India, in the streets of New Delhi, is inspired by local references to figures like Mahatma Gandhi, gods like Ganesh and all the characteristic philosophy of Hindu culture.

Motivated by the force of those references, in his words, they "tattoo" a small corner of the city under the slogan...


El Bosque House by Ramón Esteve Estudio.

[VIDEO] by Ramón Esteve Estudio. Chiva, [Valencia] Spain.
Masonry walls, wood carpentry and a bit of corten steel are the ingredients used by Ramón Esteve for the design of this house which is organized in several independent volumes around a pine wood in a residential area of the Valencia shore. Photographed by Mariela Apollonio the house looks like a wonderful place for resting.

The house designed by Ramón Esteve takes its name from the surrounding area, a wonderfull pine wood which both encloses almost the whole project and creates a beautiful natural background.

The composition of the house is divided into four volumes which houses the programs independently. The internal organization responds to the typical Mediterranean gradation of privacy,...


“Daniel Libeskind” by Matthew Donaldson

[VIDEO] By NOWNESS. In Residence: “Daniel Libeskind” by Matthew Donaldson
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Architecture, VIDEO
“Daniel Libeskind”, by Matthew Donaldson, is a video from In Residence Series by Nowness. On Daniel Libeskind, inside the New York-based architect's Manhattan apartment. For the Polish-born architect Daniel Libeskind, the crossroads of west Tribeca in lower Manhattan have been the nexus of his private and professional life for over a decade: his 2,100-square-foot (195.10m²) loft sits just five blocks north of ground zero, and in 2003, Libeskind won the competition to be the Master Plan architect for the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site, which today stands in finished form.

Daniel Libeskind is known for his daring, angular constructions that almost always sit in stark contrast to their urban surroundings, some of Libeskind’s most well-known works include the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Denver Art Museum, and the Wohl Center in Israel.

As jarring as his...


The Dryline: benches, trees and berms vs. hurricanes by BIG.

[VIDEO] by BIG. Rebuild by Design, [NYC] US.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Urbanism-Landscape, VIDEO
Within the context of the redesign of Manhattan's front, the contact line with both East and Hudson River, that appears as a result of the devastating damages which caused the Sandy hurricane in 2012, borns Rebuild by Design. An initiative of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force and HUD which looks for providing necessary solutions for the protection of the millions of NYC inhabitants from the power of climate.

Danish team lead by Bjarke Ingels, BIG, presents The Dryline, their own vision for the regeneration of the southern part of the NYC island Manhattan, the business area and Battery Park. Although we presented previously in...



2015 Pritzker Architecture Prize. [Chicago] USA.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Cable net structure of the German Exhibition Pavilion at the World Exposition Montreal 1967, by Frei Otto.

Yesterday German architect and engineer Frei Otto was awarded as the 2015 Pritzker Prize Laureate, the second German to win the award and the first to receive the award posthumously. The...



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