[VIDEO]Tamedia New Office Building, Shigeru Ban Architects

[VÍDEO] de Spirit of Space [Zurich] Switzerland, 2015
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, VIDEO
Over the course of a century, the Werdareal site has evolved into a major hub of Swiss media activity. Numerous media enterprises have flocked to this site by the river Sihl since this trend began in 1902, when the editorial offices and printing works of the Tages-Anzeiger opened there.

The Tamedia media group's office building at Stauffacher in Zurich was opened on 9 July 2013. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban designed a unique building consisting of wood and glass that offers high-calibre workplaces for some 480 employees. Below, a short documentary by de Spirit of Space.



The Bartlett Summer Show 2015, with state of scanning technology

ScanLAB Projects. [VIDEO] de Bartlett School of Architecture. [LON] UK
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
To coincide with London Technology Week, ScanLAB Projects, run by Bartlett School of Architecture graduates Matthew Shaw and William Trossell, return this year to document The Bartlett Summer Show for the fifth year running.

Using state of the art 3D scanning technology ScanLAB ‘digitise space’ by capturing a cloud of over a billion precisely measured points which they then assemble into a virtual model. Exhibition spaces are individually scanned in full colour and with millimetre accuracy and used to create interactive apps (available...


City of light vs Bijenkorf store by W.M. Dudok

[VIDEO] from Peter Veenendaal
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, VIDEO
Documentary short by Dutch journalist Peter Veenendaal, about the old Bijenkorf department store in Rotterdam. This masterpiece of modern architecture, designed by the famous Dutch architect Willem Marinus Dudok, opened in 1930. It was hailed as the biggest en most modern department store in Europe. But ten years later, in May 1940, it was largely destroyed during the German bombardement of Rotterdam. In the mid Fifties, the remaining part was closed, demolished and forgotten. In this film, original footage, pictures and eyewitness accounts bring Dudok's masterpiece back to life.



Sticky Airs by C+arquitectos

[VIDEO] by Imagen Subliminial [Murcia] Spain.
metalocus, IRENE GARCÍA
Architecture, VIDEO
C + Architects presents, in collaboration with students of architecture of the University of Alicante, this video that talks about ephemeral architecture and ‘The Dark Side of the Party’, a space created by use of ephemeral effects that disappear when the lights turn off at the end of the party. It is a workshop in where they experienced with the use of smoke and lights to create changing and indeterminate spaces.

The use of smoke as ephemeral and changing material is the subject chosen for Sticky Airs, the performance of C + architects. They use the smoke in its various ways and with different effects, from ventilation and lighting to the change of the temperature, this material is used as more than just an effect that allows to define and qualify the space. An experimental process in which a diffuse, variables and nonexistent...


Chris Downey, An Architecture that goes beyond the sight.

[VIDEO] from AIANational
Chris Downey, is an architect who lost his sight in 2008 but he still designs. He is one of the few practicing architects without sight in the world and he has become pioneer in the field of architectural design for the visually impaired. "Before I lose sight I focused more on how a space looks, now I think about how the textures of the materials feel, temperatures and noise. I try to design more senses."

Despite having no vision, after recovery, in just one month Chris Downey ...


House in Tsudanuma by fuse-atelier

[VIDEO] by fuseshigeru, [Narashino] Japan.
metalocus, IRENE GARCÍA
Architecture, HOUSING, VIDEO
Fuse-atelier, presents this new house in Tsudanuma, in a busy Japanese street. It is a house of concrete where the main objective is the protection from outside noise and traffic by creating an interior space where the living areas are sorted by visual lines that introduce different spatial relationships while maintaining the privacy and freedom of the space.

Shigeru Fuse, founder of fuse-atelier, has designed this house for a couple in Tsudanuma. The search for privacy and protection from outside noises, and the urban limitations, has set back the upper part the house, the interior spaces are interconnected by a network of visual lines and flows. The large vertical space where the staircase is located works as the...


Trajan's Column? How a mysterious, ancient roman monument was built?

[VIDEO] directed by Hans Weise.
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA.
Architecture, VIDEO
This funny stop-motion animation tries, since a really fresh point of view, to explain how there was constructed one of the most enigmatic monuments of the ancient Rome, Trajano's Column. Under the animation, we will leave other video where the creators will explain us how the animation was done. Do not get lost it!

Trajano's Column is a monument raised in Rome on order of the emperor Trajano. He is in Trajano's Forum. It was finished in the year 114. The Column has 30 meters height, 38 if we take into account the pedestal. The column is composed by 18 big blocks of Carrara's marble, with beautiful bas-reliefs, each one weight is approximately 4 tons. An interior stairs allows to accede to the viewing-point.

Recent research sheds light on...


Jean Prouvé - Total filling station, 1969.

[VIDEO] by Patrick Seguin gallery. [PARIS] France
metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN
Patrick Seguin gallery presents a video of the assembly of one of Jean Prouvé's various prefabricated works, that they have recovered to show the public. In this case it is a small gas station for Total oil company, which commissioned Prouvé the design in the late 60s.

Patrick Seguin Gallery promotes internationally French creators such as Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier, and Jean Royère. Currently, a prototype of this unit will be in DesignMiami/Basel until 21st June. 


Al Karama by Boa Mistura.

[VIDEO] from Boa Mistura. [Casbah - Algiers] Algeria.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Boa Mistura present us "Al Karama", a short documentary about their experience while they lived with Cashbah's people, Algier, in 2013. This made eight interventions that make up this project.

Boa Mistura made in 2013 this project named Al Karama, which means "dignity" in Arabic. They bring us this video where we can see their experience. In this project, part of CROSSROADS, Boa Mistura team tried to "give back" white walls to the old city, which has lost the color...


Jean Prouvé, the 6x6 House adapted by Richard Rogers.

DesignMiami 2015 [Basel] Switzerland.
The demountable house designed by the french architect, designer and engineer will be on display until June 21 on the occasion of the publication of DesignMiami / Basel 2015.

The office Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners have developed an adaptation of the ...



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