Marfà Factory in Girona.

By Ravetllat-Ribas. [Girona] Spain.
The intervention in the Marfà Factory is based on the elimination of all non-original outbuildings to highlight the main volume of the late nineteenth century, and emphasize its geometry. Architects pose a ground floor enlargement that allows meeting all program and manage the exterior space, establishing a dialogue with the surrounding buildings.

Factory Marfà by Ravetllat-Ribas. Photography © Adrià Goula.

Memory of Project....


PechaKucha Night Valladolid. vol.1

by kikeconk and 3A estudio. Café Pigiama. [VALLADOLID] Spain. 23/01/2013. 20.20 h.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, Conferences
On few days will be the launch of the first volume of PechaKucha 20x20 Night in Valladolid. A first experience in the city of Pisuerga, is sure to be a success. Congratulations to the organizers!!

The format is the familiar. PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public.

In this first, PechaKucha Night event will be involved, next January 23: Rafael Espeso (LaFactory...


The Louvre by Nouvel, in Abu Dhabi will build a Spanish company. San José.

Louvre by Constructora San José [Abu Dhabi]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, Projects
Some good news for Spanish companies of the construction. The contract, valued at AED 2.4 billion, (508.7 million euros or 661,395,000 dollars) misignifies a major milestone in the progress of the Louvre Abu Dhabi that has already launched a robust programme marking major achievements during the various upcoming stages of development.

Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC), master developer of major tourism, cultural and residential destinations in Abu Dhabi, has today awarded the construction of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, set to open in the Saadiyat Cultural District in 2015, to Constructora San Jose SA joint venture with Arabtec-led and Oger Abu Dhabi LLC following a competitive tendering process. San José and its partners will begin construction work immediately, with the museum...



By Sergi Godia [Sants - BCN] Spain.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
The Sants railway corridor, which has recently completed work. This is a "building" of 700m in length in the Sants (Barcelona) containing the train and subway. This building is largely glazed vision allowing the train to run and is designed to be supported by a landscaped walkway, designed jointly with the building and whose works will be the subject of a second phase.

An obvious effort to give the maximum importance to the design of structural elements, characterized this brilliant project whose implementation is intended to solve...



Bienal de Venecia. [VEN] Italia. 2014
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Confirmed by METALOCUS, Rem Koolhaas will be the next Director of the Venice Biennale. Confirming rumors circulating for some time, Rem Koolhaas has been appointed the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, to be held in 2014. "The Board of Directors of la Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, met today in the headquarters of Ca’ Giustinian and, after thanking and expressing its gratitude to David Chipperfield for the excellent results of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, appointed Rem Koolhaas Director of the Architecture section, with the specific responsibility of curating the 14th International Architecture Exhibition to be held in 2014."

At the end of the meeting of the Board, President Paolo Baratta stated:
“The Architecture Exhibitions of the Biennale have gradually grown in importance internationally. Rem Koolhaas, one of the most significant personalities among the architects of our time - who has based all his work on intense research, now renowned celebrity - has accepted to engage himself in yet another research and, why not, rethinking”.


VILLA EXTRAMUROS by Vora Arquitectura

[Arraiolos, Alentejo] Portugal.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA via Adriá Goula + Vora Arquitectura.
Architecture, HOUSING
The Villa is located in Arraiolos, Alentejo, in Southern Portugal. The local materials of the Alentejo region as well as marble and cork, have been used for both decoration and constructional purposes. Other materials used for the Villa’s interior spaces include waxed concrete for the floors and staircases, sliding glass doors and marble finishes.

Project description

With important architectural remains of the Neolithic period, through constructions of the periods of Roman and Arab presence, from the Middle-Ages to...


[MAD] SKYLINE games by PKMN [pac-man]

Turning Madrid Skyline into recreational/participatory facilities [MAD]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO via PKMN
Architecture, Design
MonuBENCH = Monument & urban element "transformer" conceived as a civic added-value object able to activate the public space of the city. What about experiencing directly Heritage appropriating it by their own citizens and neighbours sharing real experiences? The new idea by Spanish architecture office and collective, PKMN [pac-man], is the reinterpretation of city skyline, isn’t just a symbol of a city’s identity, reality it’s also rich ground for reinterpretation and play. The team has taken 4 iconic buildings from Madrid and have – Transformers-style – turned them into 4 great games. A slide, a game of mini-golf, benches and a ping-pong table.

Skyline iconicity is most frequently used as an easily recognizable motif suitable to decorate t-shirts or souvenirs, a novelty to lure some unprepared tourists fed up with Cibeles and statues. John McHale was quite clear when he stated that millions of copies of Parthenon reproduce in small scale and sold all over the world were much more important than the original historical building in itself. It’s all just urban marketing, cities losing their minds...


Announced, Winners of inNATUR 2 Competition.

Opengap. Competition.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, Competitions
The winning entries have been announced in the second edition of the innatur ideas competition. Organized by Spanish architecture platform OPENGAP, the contest invited designers to submit innovative and thoughtful strategies of implementing architecture in a protected natural environment.

OPENGAP organized the second edition of this open ideas competition seeking for innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, proposals, committed to a strategy of implementing architecture in a protected natural environment. Approaches should point to find synergies between nature and the building itself.

Participants were invited to find spaces that promote a deep understanding and assimilation of nature. Projects must lead through...


UNDERCITY by Steve Duncan.

By Andrew Wonder. [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Self-titled “urban-historian and photographer ” Steve Duncan is an urban explorer fascinated with the hidden infrastructure of the cities, he goes to the underground to explore what he called a trip to the "cities subconscious". You can join him in his next trip on july 14, this time, for an above-ground tour of some New York historic sewer systems.

Graduated of Columbia University and working now on his doctorate in urban history at the University of California, Duncan has a powerful fascination with all things subterranean – particularly in cities. “I try to peel back the layers of a city to see what’s underneath,” he says. “From the tops of bridges to the depths of sewer tunnels, these explorations of the urban environment help me puzzle together the interconnected, multi-...


“Ruins of Modernity: The Failure of Revolutionary Architecture in the 20th Century”

[NYC] U.S.A. 07/02/2013
metalocus, LUIS TERRAIN
With confirmed panelists such as Peter Eisenman, Reinhold Martin, Joan Ockman, and Bernard Tschumi, the event “Ruins of Modernity: The Failure of Revolutionary Architecture in the 20th Century” (February, 7th from 7:00pm-10:00pm) is part of a larger series of panels and events centered around the theme of the death of art.

The headlining event, focusing on visual arts and the Left, “Aging in the Afterlife: The Many Deaths of Art,” will take place February 23rd at the New School.

The modernists’ project consisted in giving shape to an inseparable duality...



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