[II] Saint Louis Art Museum by David Chipperfield Architects.

[VÍDEO] StLouisMagTV. [Saint Louis-MI] EE.UU.
metalocus, ALEX DURO and ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
Architecture, Projects, VIDEO
Saint Louis Art Museum is already opened, we bring new plans to see in detail the new intervention of David Chipperfield.

Memory of project.

The Saint Louis Art Museum is home to one of the most comprehensive art collections in the US and is located in the city’s recently restored Forest Park. The original and main building, designed by Cass Gilbert, was built as one of the exhibition...


Iwan Baan: Ingenious homes in unexpected places.

metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Photography
"Iwan Baan: Ingenious homes in unexpected places" With this title, it present the work of Iwan Baan, who has become one of the most influential photographers in the world of architecture, for his photographs and also for his actions. In this TED video tells some of his interesting career.

In the center of Caracas, Venezuela, stands the 45-story "Tower of David," an unfinished, abandoned skyscraper. But about eight years ago, people started moving in. Photographer...


Nueva Esperanza School.

By AL BORDE. [Manabí] Ecuador.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
We present this special school by AL BORDE, a ecuadorian studio. AL BORDE with the community members and volunteers build this school in intimate relation with the place, and this way children will be able to dream the present and the future.

Memory of project.

“For all of we, who belong to the this Community, it´s been a cause of pride to have our new school. Our community is located on the beach, on the field, in a far away site, been...


Funeral Home in Cartagena.

By Martín Lejarraga. [Cartagena] Spain.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Architecture, Projects
White is the main colour of both the interior and exterior spaces of this Funeral Home designed by Martín Lejarraga in Cartagena. Natural light introduces different tones on the interior white walls and provides the different spaces with continuity. The chapel's furniture was also designed by the architect, using one single material and system.

Memory of project.

The commission of the Funeral Home project starts with the location and management of a plot to raise the building. The property, an insurances company of local...


Induno Olona cemetery extension.

By Abdarchitetti. [Varese] Italy.
metalocus, LAURA CANTO.
Architecture, Projects
We discovered you this cemetery original from 19th century, of which Italian team of architects Abdarchitetti have done its expansion. A clean and delicate work characterized by its simplicity, purity of Carrara's marble employed and the visual effect that create light open cracks in their walls and ceilings.

Memory of project.

In addition to the court of a cemetery, designed in late XIX century by Carlo Maciachini, the architect of Milan monumental cemetery, a place heavily modified and expanded in different phases, and today...


Cemetery Building in Erlenbach.

By Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architects. [Erlenbach, Zurich] Switzerland.
Architecture, Projects
Being in a vigil beside a deceased loved one is a very complicated situation, in this case the architects have an important role to design a solemn, independent and protected space approaching all details so that people are comfortable in the maximum privacy while they have a vigil to their deceased. Andreas and Gabrielle designed a space that articulates nicely the program getting introverted and extroverted spaces as needed.

Memory of project.

The situation of the new cemetery building constructionally brackets the grounds of the cemetery directly on the Lake of Zurich and the parallel lie of the church, placing the two buildings in dialogue with each other and spanning the graveyards between them. As opposed to the church, the functionally hybrid...


Funeral Home at Sant Joan Despí's Cemetery, by Batlle i Roig arquitectes.

Sant Joan Despí [BCN] Spain.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA.
Architecture, Projects
Concrete, steel, and wood wrap all spaces of this funeral home, accompanying their visitors in their mourning. Its location allows to generate a new meeting point between city and the existing cemetery, dignifying it in some way its access, and minimizing the impact on the park where it is inserted.

Memory of project.

The proposal for the new funeral home in Sant Joan Despí arise from understanding the intervention as the end of the urban ensemble formed by the Fontsanta park and the existing cemetery. Its...


Steven Holl wins The Culture and Art Center of Qingdao City.

First Prize. Competition. [QINGDAO] China
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Competitions
Steven Holl Architects has been selected by near unanimous jury decision as the winner of the new Culture and Art Center of Qingdao City competition, besting OMA and Zaha Hadid Architects. The 2 million sq ft project for four museums is the heart of the new extension of Qingdao, planned for a population of 700,000.

The winning design for the new Culture and Art Center begins with a connection to Qingdao. The linear form of the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge-the world's longest bridge over water-is carried into the large site, in the form of a Light Loop, which contains gallery spaces and connects all aspects of the landscape and public spaces. The raised Light Loop allows maximum porosity and movement across the site, and permits natural sound bound breezes that blow in off...


A Night At The Bauhaus.

[DESSAU] Germany
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Book a stay at the legendary Campus. If you’re on a budget, eager to impress on Instagram and looking to book a holiday after to sleep in the Tourette Le Corbusier, this is your new stop. The building still in the renovation process, Alfred Arndt, Josef and Anni Albers and Franz Ehrlich rooms are ready to rent, each kitted out with furniture, objects or artwork from each, all researched from original photographs.

The Studio Building was completed in 1926. It is also called "Prellerhaus", referring to the Studio Building at Bauhaus Weimar, which was named after Friedrich Preller. Back then, the 28 studio flats with about 24 squaremeters were let to junior masters and promising students. Inhabitants were Josef Albers, Erich Consemüller, Herbert Bayer, Franz Ehrlich, Walter Peterhans, Hannes Meyer, Joost Schmidt or Marcel...


Nursery School in Callosa.

By ROCAMORA ARQUITECTURA + AMO Architectural Office slp. [Alicante] Spain.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
This Nursery School plays between two worlds of adults and children, adapting the scales, experiences, color ... creating conflicting sensations to enhance children's imagination.

Memory of the project.

In “Alice in Wonderland”, Lewis Carrol, take us back to the duality of the adult-child world and its opposite feelings: imagination-reality, game-work, fun-responsability, etc… The nursery school change into Alice’s world, where everything...



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