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We don´t miss the sixth episode of Javier for In Treatment [>2] METALOCUS, he does a summary of the visits to various cities like Copenhagen and Vienna analyzing and sharing their architecture with us. A good contribution... S.C.

As I was already landed for first time in Denmark, I search for a Young Hostel and in the one I went I concurred with a nice people group formed by Alicante architecture university students. I remember that it was not only a coincidence we were architects and from Spain, even we knew a person in common. After having dinner together, I was telling them I was going to start working in JDS in two days. They offered to me the chance to go with them for a tour next...


STAMP HOUSE by Charles Wright Architects.

By Charles Wright Architects. [Queensland] Australia.
metalocus, JUAN SOLERA
Architecture, HOUSING, Projects
With a very clear project premises set by the client and by the natural environment, Charles Wright Architects place the Stamp House in a sheet of water on which seems to float while opening views to the surrounding landscape.

Memory of project.

CWA were approached by the project client to deliver a carbon neutral (in operation) solution for an environmentally sensitive site off-grid on the edge of the FNQ beachfront rainforest. The aim was not to simply produce an engineered outcome but...


@ School. lnstant house.

Architecture Competition. [MIL] Italy.
metalocus, LAURA CANTO.
The Competition Announcement invites entrants to submit projects for a Kindergarten for children aged 3 to 6. lnstant house is looking for architectural ideas relating to the many ways that children perceive and interpret the world around them through the multi-sensory experience of space and architecture.The Announcement invites entrants to submit projects for a Kindergarten for children aged 3 to 6.

The competition is open to Italians and non-Italians who are studying or have studied architecture, engineering and industrial design and who are eligible to compete. The project may encompass a single building or several buildings, and the architecture should fit the surrounding area and ideally form a bridge between the neighbourhood and the children....


Winners of the competitions of the 3rd Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

Universities Competition and Crisis Buster. Lisbon Architecture Triennale. [Lisbon] Portugal.
Architecture, Competitions
The Lisbon Architecture Triennale anunced the winners of the competitions Crisis Buster Grants and Triennale Millennium BCP Universities Competition Award. These two competitions are part of the proposal which the Lisbon Architecture Triennale started with the topic Close, Closer, published in METALOCUS a few months ago.

Triennale Millennium BCP Universities Competition Award.


- Fábrica de Sonhos by Colectivo Inventado.

Astrid Bois d’Enghien (BE), Catarina Vasconcelos (PT), Clio Capeille, (FR/GR); Margarida Rêgo, (PT), Rain Wu (TW) and Simon...


Different habitat. HABITANDO CAÑADA

COAM [MAD] Spain. 05/04/2013. 17,00 - 20,00.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, Conferences
Today. Following the publication of the draft for the "Colonia Cañada Real" by the Community of Madrid in late January this year, Arquitectos sin Fronteras Spain (ASFE) have promoted the organization of a day of debate about urban models that now are on table.

"Considering the Cañada Real as a new district of Madrid, it is necessary to establish a dialogue between residents and the neighbors of the other parts of the city."

Venue- La Sede COAM. C/ Hortaleza, 63. Madrid.
Dates.- April 5, 2013. Time.- 5.00 a 8.00 pm.




After Easter we continue with the last chapters of IN TREATMENT [> 2] METALOCUS, Melissa Schumacher with great pictures brings us to one of the most important monuments of the city, "the market" In Treatment. Good reading. j2b.

Any travel guide will agree that one of the main tourist attractions to visit in any city will always be markets. These ancient commercial spaces represent the best culinary and cultural traditions of each region. In the markets there is the essence of a country and its people, their voices, sorrows and joys. The Pride of the shopkeepers and the curiosity of the visitors gave to markets the social characteristics of a civilization.


Architecture and Design Interships at KAMJZ.

METALOCUS-[JOB] [Warsaw] Poland
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, JOBS, Design
KAMJZ is offering architectural internships at its architecture and design office in Warsaw, Poland. Wolf Bracka by DAMJZ has been shortlisted to represent polish architecture among 15 other buildings in the contest for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013.

Architectural internships
Warsaw, Poland

We are urgently seeking students and recent graduates to work under the management of an experienced architect as interns in our office.

The need is immediate. Only those fulfilling all the underneath mentioned minimum requirements should apply.

Minimum requirements:


Toni Cumella: Shaping Ideas / Modelando Ideas.

Fundación Metropoli. [MAD] Spain. 04/04/2013.
metalocus, SERGIO CIDONCHA vía Paloma Diaz.
Architecture, Exhibitions
The Fundación Metrópolis of Madrid inaugurates today, April 4, an exhibition on the work applied to contemporary architecture of Toni Cumella. Collaborating with Enric Miralles, Benedetta Tagliabue, Nieto Sobejano, Alejandro Zaera, Pedro Campos Costa, E. Soria, Josep María Botey, Enric Ruíz Geli and Mestura arquitectes on several projects. Don´t miss it!

Focusing on the four main fabrication processes in use at Ceràmica Cumerlla - extruding, casting, pressing, and revolving - Shaping Ideas / Modelando Ideas presents the work of Toni Cumella and the application of his ceramics in some of contemporary architecture´s most significant project. Born in 1951, the son of ceramicist ...


SOMOS LUZ (WE ARE LIGHT). Crossroads Panamá. 2013.

By BOA MISTURA. [El Chorrillo] Panama.
metalocus, JUAN SOLERA.
We present the latest project by Boa Mistura that has been developed, one more time from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The community of neighbors has taken part in the project of their own building which runs from the façade to the inside for the enjoyment of neighbors and passersby.

"Somos Luz" ("We are Light") is the message painted on 50 houses at the building Begonia I in the neighborhood of El Chorrillo (Panama City). It´s been made by spanish artists collective Boa Mistura with the neighbors help.


Moscow Polytechnic Museum by Studio Fuksas + SPEECH

[Moscow] Russia.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas with SPEECH have won the prestigious international competition for the design of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum and Educational Centre in Moscow. The new complex—slated for completion by 2017—will occupy a 31,403 square-meter plot of land in Sparrow Hills, about 10 km from the Red Square, which includes several monumental buildings built in the socialist classical style, such as Moscow State University.

International competition for the "Moscow Polytechnic Museum and Educational Centre", Russia, won by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas architects + Speech




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