INTER[SECTIONS] Architecture, City and Cinema.

School of Architecture at the University of Porto. [POR] Portugal.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA via Jorge Gorostiza
CALL FOR PAPERS NOW OPEN. The international conference INTER[SECTIONS], to be held at the School of Architecture at the University of Porto, will focus on the relationship between urban space, architecture and the moving image, offering a forum for scholars, practitioners and the public. Cinema and architecture's association has been the subject of scholarly investigations for some time, but rarely have the different ways to approach this theme been brought together in a multidisciplinary debate that examines the depiction of the city through cinema and the role of films as a reflection, commentary and experimental laboratory for architecture.

Ruptura Silenciosa from School of Architecture at the University of Porto. has organized this conference has been called INTER[SECTIONS], and held in...


Architects at Heatherwick Studio

metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, JOBS
London architecture and design office Heatherwick Studio seeks architects with experience. Continue reading below.

Heatherwick Studio is looking for talented architects for a number of commercial, residential, educational and cultural projects.

Candidates must have a minimum of one year post Part III experience, with construction experience and technical detailing skills.

Candidates should be highly motivated and enthusiastic with excellent communication, numeration and organisational skills; good...



Ivorypress Space. [MAD] 30/05 > 13/06/2013
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
On 30 May Dionisio González will open his first exhibition at Ivorypress Space, entitled Le Corbusier: The Last Project . In this show, which is part of the Off PhotoEspaña Festival, the renowned photographer reflects on utopia, survival and destruction through twenty unrealised projects by the architect Le Corbusier.

‘This exhibition intends to show a work of restitution of omitted vestiges’, explains González. It is therefore an archival task ‘based on processing the object so that it does not become corrupted by oblivion and may be interpreted through its scale and dimension’. The artist has selected buildings that were never erected, such as the Governor’s Palace in Chandigarh, India; Villa Paul Prado in Buenos Dauphin 10 | Dionisio González,...


Dream Downtown Hotel by Handel Architects.

By Handel Architects. [NYC]
Architecture, Design, Projects
Dream Downtown Hotel is a 184,000 SF boutique hotel in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The 12-story building includes 316 guestrooms, two restaurants, rooftop and VIP lounges, outdoor pool and pool bar, a gym, event space, and ground floor retail.

Dream sits on a though-block site, fronting both 16th and 17th Streets, and is adjacent to the Maritime Hotel. In 2006, Handel Architects was engaged to convert the main annex for the National Maritime Union of America headquarters, designed by Albert Ledner, into the Dream Downtown Hotel.

Along the 17th Street exposure, the sloped façade was clad in stainless steel tiles, which were placed in a running bond pattern like the...


ON A KNIFE-EDGE, by Enric Llorach.

metalocus, ENRIC LLORACH.
OMA recently presented a video on the input, and dynamic work of the branch office in New York directed by Shohei Shigematsu. Taking advantage of the document Enric Llorach wrote this text, about overall work by Rem Koolhaas and OMA, he shares with readers METALOCUS and that we present below.

The essence of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in New York is easily discerned from the words of Shohei Shigematsu (interview broadcast on Crane.tv (1)) who speaks with a soft eloquent tone. He explains that the OMA does not have a set of preconceived forms of architecture, but it does have a clear way of thinking. While the latter is indeed credible, the former is a lot less clear. My point of departure...


Urban Picnic 2013

Workshop, Matadero Madrid [MAD] 27/05-09/06/2013
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, Projects, VIDEO
In a few weeks, an urban space remodelation, kitchen, design, architecture, a workshop that will intervene in one of public space with most alternative activities in Madrid. Enric Miralles Foundation organizes an urban picnic at Matadero Madrid in the series "Interactions".

Urban Picnic 2013 is a workshop inside Interactions, a cycle of workshops organized by the Enric Miralles Foundation in cooperation with other international research programs, in this occasion with Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio (...


Museum of Handcraft Paper by Trace Architecture Office

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013. Finalist. [Gaoligong, Yunnan Province] China.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
We present as the fifth finalist proposal Aga Khan architecture award 2013, a small museum, sensitive in their training, care, design and composition, as well as the program that hosts and exposes: samples of the traditional art of paper.

The Museum is located close to a village at the foot of Gaoligong Mountain, in the province of Yunnan, an area of significant Muslim presence. It provides exhibition space for ancient paper craft and artefacts produced locally. Six galleries clustered around a courtyard form a micro-village. The exhibition is extended through displays of paper-craft in the village. Texture is articulated through local materials, formal expression and visual connection with...


Borderless Competition. Vinners.

metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
The winning entries have just been announced in the international competition Borderless: Designing Future ASEAN Borders. The competition brings attention to the spaces along the borders of the 10 members of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with the aim of improving their existing conditions. The jury selected three winning designs and three honorable mentions out of 200 submissions from over 30 countries. The winner was the proposal titled, "Floating Border Project" by Hélène Grialou and Sebastien Gafari.

Following are the three winning concepts and three honorable mentions.

1st Prize.- "Floating Border Project". By Hélène Grialou and Sebastien Gafari.

Project Description.- The Floating Border Project takes place at the limit between Cambodia and Thailand, on the...


Preservation of the Mbaru Niang by Rumah Asuh / Yori Antar.

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013. Finalist. [Flores Island] Indonesia.
metalocus, JUAN SOLERA.
The fourth proposal of this unusual and great selection of projects from the Aga Khan Architecture Award 2013, us changing continent. From Europe we go to Indonesia with these amazing conical structures.

Conical houses of ‘worok’ wood and bamboo in tied-together rattan construction with thatched roofs are the archetypal buildings of this remote island village. A group of young Indonesian architects in the habit of touring a part of Indonesia each year arrived to find four of the last surviving examples of these houses, two of which were in need of renovation. Symbols of unity in the family and the community, the houses represent a living culture; the...


Islamic Cemetery by Bernado Bader Architects.

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013. Finalist. [Altach] Austria.
metalocus, JUAN SOLERA.
The Islamic Cemetery in Altach, Austria by Bernado Bader Architects, is our third publication on the finalists of Aga Khan Award for Architecture that we want to show a little more deeply.

The Cemetery serves Vorarlberg, the industrialised westernmost state of Austria, where over eight percent of the population is Muslim. It finds inspiration in the primordial garden, and is delineated by roseate concrete walls in an alpine setting, and consists of five staggered, rectangular grave-site enclosures, and a structure housing assembly and prayer rooms. The principal materials used were exposed reinforced concrete for the walls and oak wood for the...



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