Between Modernity (Global) and Tradition (Local)", by Ma Yansong

Christmas exhibition. Museo ICO [MAD] Spain 31/10/2012 > 03/03/2013
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
We remember an exhibition to visit these days of Christmas at ICO Museum (C/ Zorrilla, 3. Madrid) one of the most important exhibitions about Chinese architect, Ma Yansong.

More information in our October post for its opening here, Ma Yansong in Madrid. “Ma Yansong: Between (global) modernity and (local) tradition”

The exhibition shows 30 buildings from works as the stunning as the City&art Museum (Ordos, China), the Absolute Towers (Mississauga, Canada) and never...



We think positive, it is clear how things are for architecture and architects, especially in Spain, but we want to launch an optimistic voice, the same as all our readers have told us. Season Greetings from all at METALOCUS Team!

Thank you all for your support. With your support we went from, earlier this year, at position 44 in the ranking of architecture websites and now between 10 and 12 position in the last month. Thank you, and thank all a more reason why our support for you and best wishes for the next 2013.

In addition to our congratulations, we wanted...



Prototypes of change developed for the BMW Guggenheim Lab.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Prototypes of change developed for the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Informal settlements dominate much of the world’s emerging cityscape. The tense social and spatial conditions they bring forth render most urban strategies ineffective. Neither top-down planning, defined by a technocratic approach of ever larger infrastructure, nor bottom-up efforts, in the form of increasingly sophisticated community level projects, seem able to meet the challenges at the scale the developing metropolis demands. Can micro-scale interventions be designed to achieve citywide strategies?

This conceptual divide is further exacerbated in Mumbai, where slums that make up two-thirds of the population cut through the entire island city in a sharp spatial divide. Attempts to address the dire challenges from, water security to pollution and severe congestion, are limited to either the formal or informal settlements. MARS Architects has produced a vision for a United Mumbai...


Announcing Submissions. For CLOG : SCI-FI.

metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, Publications
Rod Serling, creator of the 1950s television series The Twilight Zone, defined science fiction as "the improbable made possible." The same might be said for the practice of architecture. After all, architects by trade conceive of spaces, places, and worlds that do not (yet) exist. Furthermore, the ability to make the improbable possible is held in especially high regard today and is oftentimes what defines an architectural practice as “innovative” in the first place.

It is therefore not surprising that a two-way artistic influence between architecture and science fiction has long existed. CLOG, on 14 December, announced their call for submissions for their upcoming SCI-FI issue.

Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis depicted a future world in 2026 that drew...


Never Built: Los Angeles

Kickstarter [VIDEO] by A+D Museum, Sam Lubell, and Greg Goldin.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, VIDEO
Never Built: Los Angeles, an exhibition opening this spring at Los Angeles's A+D Architecture and Design Museum, features a collection of spectacular projects that only saw the drawing board. In words, drawings, models, videos and other media the show looks at visionary works that had the greatest potential to reshape the city.

Never Built: Los Angeles explores the “what if” Los Angeles and dares the city to dream big again.

They have finished the research and they have the exhibition design ready. But they need YOUR help, by Kickstarter, to make the show a reality! Check video  below.


OMA's Shohei Shigematsu. On New York City. 重松象平

[VIDEO] from Crane.tv
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, VIDEO
Shohei Shigematsu is the director and the main head of the New York headquarters of the renowned international architectural office OMA. More about this in Crane tv video.

He has been a driving force in conceptual projects such as the Universal headquarters in Los Angeles, the Whitney Museum extension in New York, the China National Museum and Prada Epicenters for Shanghai and London. Here we visit the New York offices to discuss urban planning, his latest project with Marina Abramovic and the role of architects in society.



Life in a Glass House.

[New Canaan, Connecticut] USA.
metalocus, CANDELA OLIVA
Architecture, HOUSING
Today we are starting a new series of articles called “The House of the Architect”. We will choose cases of houses designed by some of the masters of the 20th century, in order to explore the figure of the architect as inhabitant. Some of them will be the houses in which the architects lived; others are simply houses that became personal obsessions, projects that embody their ideas and their deepest intuitions and desires. The first case is the Glass House.

The Glass House was designed by Philip Johnson, and built on the top of a hill in New Canaan, Connecticut. The architect lived there since its construction in 1949 until he passed away in 2005. The house is known as a paradigm of transparency and minimalism.

The “glass box” concept derived from the ideas of Mies van der R...


Usagui Teahouse by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

Paseo de Gracia. [BCN] Spain
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
I learned to enjoy tea in Barcelona and whenever I went more often, carried there, Madrid now things have changed and are good places and good shopping, but my memory of the tea always linked with Barcelona. This new Japanese tea teahouse gives much more than tea and the references about what you can find there are great.

The project that was inaugurated by Usagui Tetería has left uncovered the entire structure of the building and show us the traditional Catalan dome, one of those traditional building systems most important the modern movement. The rest of the materials used that covered the walls followed the same process and were removed so that the brick walls and ceilings have reemerged again.

The author determined...


Ode to Black Rock City.

[VIDEO] from Anders Christian Rasmussen
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Bursts of creativity, art, love and lots of dust! This film was shot at the 2012 Burning Man-festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Such a beautiful place!

Part of a documentary-project directed by Anders Christian Rasmussen and Bo Storm Madsen

Cinematography and Editing by Anders Christian Rasmussen

Music: "Clouds are sleeping" by the Abbasi Brothers



Frank Gehry's Biomuseo, Panama

[VIDEO] from Crane.tv
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, VIDEO
The Biomuseo, or Museum of Biodiversity, in Panama City is Frank Gehry's first project in Latin America. More in the video Crane tv

The building, situated on the mouth of the Panama Canal, is a colourful design of metal-plated canopies sustained by concrete columns. It will house eight galleries and tell the story of Panama's diverse biological culture and its global impact. Once finished it is projected that the 4000 m2 space will play a significant role in Panamanian society, culture and education. Here, one of the museum's exhibit coordinators, Darien Montañes, explains the work involved...



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