CAR PARK HOUSE by Anonymous Architects.

[LA] California, USA.
metalocus, Luis Terrain.
Architecture, HOUSING
It could be a stage to next James Bond movie, but not, the Car Park House is a private residence designed by Anonymous Architects, wiht a amazing views of LA. This house, built with concrete, with a cubic form and built in a slope with sweeping views of city, proposed a typical solution to park its Porsche, a space on the roof.

Synopsis about project.

Starting with a vacant lot with a very steep down-slope from the...


The largest pedestrian square in Paris by TVK.

Place de la République [PAR] France Francia.
metalocus, LUIS TERRAIN
The new Place de la République, now the largest pedestrian square in Paris, was designed by the Paris based office, TVK (Pierre Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger-Kohler). The Place de la République occupies a special place in the international memory that is Paris. The new square, now skirted by motor traffic, is based on the concept of an open space and creates a large-scale landscape, an urban resource, available and adaptable for different uses and creating different urban ambiances.

The Place de la République is now a new urban centre, with two terraces incorporated into the continuity of the square encourage people to sit down and relax. The south-west part of the square houses a 162 sqm pavilion also designed by TVK, a unique building. The interior of the cafe was designed by NP2F Architectes, which features a fluted marble bar.


Foster proposes a SkyCycle throughout London.

[LON] U.K.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Foster + Partners wants to start the year by adding a new purpose to the long list that we all do to begin each year. Foster's office has proposed a new alternative for cyclist London. SkyCycle, proposals to create safe new cycle routes throughout London.

The proposed SkyCycle network follows existing suburban rail services and provides over 220 kilometres of safe, car free cycle routes which can be accessed at over 200 entrance points. Almost six million people live within the catchment area of the proposed network, half of whom live and work within 10 minutes of an entrance. Each route can accommodate 12,000 cyclists per hour and will improve journey times by up to 29 minutes.



Amou Project. Duplex renovation in Saint Foy lès Lyon.

By Dank Architectes. [Lyon] France.
After the holidays today we presented a project by French study Dank Architectes, the duplex remodelation with garden in a residential district near Lyon to convert a loft apartment. To contrast the minimalist style that characterizes the architecture, have asked the photographer Frenchie Cristogatin some unusual photos. What do you think? Are they realistic photographs that show better the architecture or are distracting?

The main idea behind the "after party" images is to try to make architecture's photos more alive, and make the place look a little "messier" to contrast with the minimalist aspect of the architecture we designed.

In our mind it could be the day after a birthday party or new years eve, but it doesn't really matter. We want people to ask themselves what did happen the night before, just like drunk people...


Peter Marino in conversation with Marc Jacobs.

John Edwards Lecture 2013 [LON] UK.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, VIDEO
Marc Jacobs and Peter Marino, speaking as part of the museum's John Edwards Lecture Series, discussed their vision of fashion, architecture and the arts. The two worked together at Louis Vuitton.

The AF’s annual headline event and trans-disciplinary dialogue in 2013 presented New York-based architect Peter Marino in conversation with fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Taking place at Tate Modern’s Starr Auditorium the conversation, which was chaired by Penny Martin, editor in chief, ...


La arquitectura casi como siempre.

Los mejores del 2013. [Only in Spanish]
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, OPINION
Decir que el año ha estado cargado de buenas intenciones sería un gran eufemismo, y mucho más decir que la realidad ha sido un conjunto de “duras constataciones”. Decir que la arquitectura es un ser bicéfalo, entre lo necesario y lo icónico, sería plantear dichas formas de hacer arquitectura con similares proporciones cuando nunca lo han sido.

“Ojalá dejaran de preguntarme cuáles son mis edificios preferidos”, escribió Ada Louise Huxtable en el Times en 1971, agregando: “No creo que importe mucho cuáles son mis preferencias personales, salvo cuando ilustran principios de diseño, realizaciones útiles y esenciales para el espíritu colectivo...


Best of 2013 METALOCUS # Books.

Best 2013
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, Publications
Our selection of 2013 best books. They are books to enjoy their reading, their graphic content, not strictly architectural books, getting out of the inbred world of architecture.

01. Citizens of No Place. An Architectural Graphic Novel.

Citizens of No Place published by Princeton Architectural Press, is a collection of short stories on architecture and urbanism, graphically represented using manga-style storyboards. Jimenez Lai, its author speaks about the conflation of representation, design,...


Endor Workshop.

By EASA 2013. [Žužemberk], Slovenia.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Every summer during two weeks the European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA) meets at a different location in Europe to exchange ideas, experiences and cultural knowledge. Endor Workshop was built in Žužemberk, Slovenia, during EASA 2013 with the help of 37 participants. EASA 2014 will take place in Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria, under the title Symbiosis.

Memory of project.

In the end of 2012, the tutors of Endor contacted the XXXIIIrd European Architecture Students Assembly showing their interest for...


Best of 2013 METALOCUS # Houses Outside the City.

Houses outside the city.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, HOUSING
12 homes insulated, in 12 months of 2013. Our selection of 12 homes for the past year, has taken as a criterion that the houses were in isolated plots or large enough to be considered separate and not part of an urban or suburban development. Additional criteria that were used for the election were: they had to have made some contribution to the way of living, or be sustainable, or integrated with the environment, or remodeling previous constructions, or use innovative materials, or provide an answer unique for the way of life of its inhabitants or all at once. Are many parameters? at the end are not so many.

Our selection, below.-


Varanda House.

The vision goes beyond the house, the walls are made of glass. The parallel solid walls don't interrupt the vision. The  living room is in the center, the rooms at the ends. The...



metalocus JOSÉ JUAN BARBA via EME3 2013
Admittedly in recent months we have called for optimism, it does not mean that: give up a critical view of what happened, forget who their causers or the consequences for a Spanish generation who dreamed of a home. We will continue talking about the best architectures, however, we do not forget those make it possible, the people. We bring, in these holidays, a memory to all who are suffering. A better year for them and for all in 2014.


Spanish Dream is an architectural and photographic art...



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