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METALOCUS-[JOB] [Gent] Belgium
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, JOBS
Architect required for SBA firm based in Gent City, Belgium.

Gent, Belgium.

Stéphane Beel Architects (Gent, Belgium) are seeking a qualified Architect with 5 or 6 years experience, also ...


RE: COLECCIÓN Postales inventadas, otra historia sobre arquitectura

By Inés Caballero. LASEDE COAM [MAD] Spain. 31/05 > 31/07/2013
Opened last 31th May, the exhibition RE:COLECCIÓN will be opened until 31th July 2013 at COAM. Inés Caballero, curator of the exposition, reviews the collection of Rafael Cazorla's 20th-Century architecture postcards.

RE:COLECCIÓN is an exhibition that includes part of Rafael Cazorla's 20th-Century architecture postcards collection. The exposition, curated by Inés Caballero, will help us to understand the complexity of the shared languages of modernism in a more intuitive way.

Modern Architecture is generally characterized by an exceptional...


Official opening of The Bow, last Foster+Partners tower

By Foster+Partners. [Calgary] Canada.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA
Architecture, Projects
The new skyscraper by Norman Foster, which spots a new landmark in Calgary, has opened this week. Its curved responds to climate and organisation issues, offering a new public plaza to the city.

Special events have been held in Calgary this week to mark the official opening of The Bow, a 237-metre-high headquarters tower – the city’s tallest building and Canada’s tallest tower outside Toronto. A bold new landmark on the skyline, the project is equally significant in urban, social and environmental terms: the public base of the tower is filled with shops, restaurants and cafes and extends...


Richard Meier & Partners. Complete Works 1963-2013.

metalocus, JUAN SOLERA.
Recently Alvaro Siza's monograph came out in an impressive volume, and now is the turn of the architect from New York, Richard Meier. Again TASCHEN offers us a monograph in which the architect has been involved to commemorate the firm´s 50th.

From his early days as one of the "New York Five," Richard Meier has been a central figure in contemporary architecture; this updated 2013 trade edition of the XL version is published in the occasion of the firm’s 50th anniversary. With the Getty Center and more recent buildings such as the Jubilee Church in Rome, Meier has established a reputation for expanded the horizons of contemporary American...


Peter Zumthor, The Museum, Reimagined.

[VIDEO] Lacma video.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, VIDEO
On Wednesday unveiled you the new LACMA by Peter Zumthor. Now a Clip from "The Museum, Reimagined" directed by Lucy Walker. Commissioned by LACMA for the exhibition The Presence of the Past: Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA.

The project by Peter Zumthor was revealed with a great model, you can check all ideas to reconsider the new LACMA, and below, a clip with the swiss architect talking about of project.

The Presence of the Past: Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA is part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern...


Makoko Floating school.

By NLÉ & Makoko Waterfront Community. [Makoko] Nigeria.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
We present this special Makoko floating school, a fishing village built on stilts. A floating school that combines sustainability, functionality, beauty and fun.

Memory of project.

Makoko Floating School is a prototype floating structure, built for the coastal water community of Makoko, and located on the lagoon fringe of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos.  As a pilot project, it has taken an innovative approach to address the community’s social and physical needs in view...



[VIDEO] LEGO [Billund] Denmark.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, Projects, VIDEO
Today, BIG unveiled their design for “The LEGO House”, the experience and education centre located in the heart of The Lego Group’s birthplace and home town of Billund, Denmark.

Ideas about project.

When the LEGO House opens in 2016 visitors to the house in Billund, Denmark will enter a building that resembles gigantic LEGO bricks combined and stacked in a creative way to create an imaginative experience both...


«La Défense 2020». By AWP + HHF.

[PAR] France.
metalocus, LAURA CANTO.
Architecture, Projects
The exhibition « La Défense 2020 » will open on 24th of June, a showcase of proposals for the future of the premier business district in Europe within the framework of the master plan that architectural office AWP have conceived for public institution Defacto, following a competition in 2011. It will unveil the strategic plans for the 160 ha. site addressing issues of public space, urban infrastructure, transportation, identity and site evolution.

Since 2005, the “plan de renouveau", or regeneration strategy, has been one of achievement and modernization, established to improve La Defense’s contribution to the economy. By renovating some of the key high rise buildings and improving the central area in and around the plaza, it is hoped that La Défense will reinforce its position as the premier European business district and continue to attract...


Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA

Resnick Pavilion. LACMA. [LA] USA 09/06 > 15/09/2013
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, Projects
it's revealed the Peter Zumthor's design for LACMA in Los Angeles. The architect's preliminary design, an undulating building dubbed 'the Black Flower,' marks an ambitious step for director Michael Govan and L.A. architecture.

The design — which the museum will unveil in an exhibition opening June 9 called "The Presence of the Past: Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA" — arrives at a crucial time for the city. Los Angeles has produced so few important buildings in the last seven or eight years that it is in real danger of losing its reputation as a center for innovative architecture.

Demolición del LACMA plaza para la construcción del edificio Anderson,

ECOTOP Competition.

COAM [MAD] 06/06/2013. 18,30.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA
Architecture, Competitions
Featured within MADRID THINK TANK initiative, tomorrow it will be presented a new competition, in order to generate new intervention proposals in MATADERO roof.

Ecotop is a competition that tries to generate innovative and ecological solutions in south oriented roofs of MATADERO buildings, allowing bigger interaction with MADRID RÍO and supporting better urban quality of the surroundings.

The proposal is using one of the roofs of Nave 16 at MATADERO as both a testing ground and an information media, as a local and international benchmark,...



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