Renovation and extension of Enroque House

By Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura. [Alicante] Spain.
The Rocamora Studio of Design and Architecture presents his new proposal for the rebuilding and expansion of the Enroque’s House, in Alicante, Spain. The project, that integrates itself into the surroundings and the adjoin houses, both by the employment of his materials and his volumetry, is a good example how to make the most of the minimum spaces in a program with a vertical distribution.

The rebuilding achieves by Rocamora Studio of Design and Architecture, with a base of only 6.70 metres, distributes the housing program in 4 levels, being it an extension of the existing dwelling. The plan together with the old structure forms a kind of island surrounded by narrow staircases, which circumscribe the building inside the public space.


Sunflower House by Cadaval & Solá Morales.

[Girona] Spain
metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN
Architecture, HOUSING
As its own name suggests, the Sunflower House is a house that searches for light, in this case the Mediterranean. On an plot exposed to one of the most extreme winds of the peninsula, they can reach up to 180km/h, Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales have designed a house whose volumetric organization responds to the creation of a courtyard, protected by the same house, which allows the entry of sunlight into the house to warm it up.

Sunflower House is the project Cadaval & Solà-Morales have created on the border between Spain and France, facing the sea and with a landscape of contrasts before it. The architects have chosen to segment the house in small rooms defined by a continuous and solid envelope which fully opens to the landscape, acting as a frame for it, but closing to the sight of neighbors.


RCR Arquitectes, Gold Medal of the Academy of Architecture of France.

[PAR] France.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
RCR Arquitectes have been awarded with the Gold Medal of the Academy of Architecture of France. The ceremony will take place next wednesday, June 10, at Maison de l'Architecture in Paris.

RCR Arquitectes, established on Olot (Girona) and composed by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramón Vilalta, have been awarded with the Gold Medal of the Academy of Architecture of France as recognition of their architectural contribution during its 25 years of practice. Among their last works highlight the...


Fonte de Angeão School by Miguel Marcelino

[Fonte de Angeão-Vagos] Portugal.
The architect Miguel Marcelino presents in this occasion the project for the Fonte de Angeão School. The school allows for creating a close relationship with nature and landscape.

Marcelino cares a lot about the landscape, environment and the relationship between inside and outside the building as well as no separation between structure, architecture and building services. The structure is at once architecture and its material is the actual finish.


Dasha Zhukova’s Garage to reopen in Gorky Park pavilion

Designed by Rem Koolhaas, OMA.[VIDEO] by GARAGEMCA, [MOS] Russia
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Architecture, Art
Rem Koolhaas transforms Soviet-era pavilion and Yayoi Kusama brings Infinity Room and polka dots to Moscow.

Opening June 12, 2015, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is celebrating the completion of its Rem Koolhaas-designed Garage new building. It will be housed in a stunning renovation of the famous 1960s Vremena...


Cordoba-ReUrbano by Cadaval & Solá Morales.

[Mexico City] Mexico.
Eduardo Candaval and Clara Solá-Morales recover one of the buildings of the historic neighbourhood of Colonia Roma in Mexico City, an ortogonal grid developed in the 19th Century for the upper classes of the city.

With this ReUrbano project Cadaval & Solá-Morales recover a historic building in Colonia Roma neighbourhood, an area with buildings abandoned and damaged after the earthquake of 1985 that now is being recovered and is becoming one of the most active places of the city. It is a big old house transformed into 9 different houses...


Interview about the new Whitney Museum; Piano in Charlie Rose

[VIDEO] from Charlie Rose
metalocus, IRENE GARCÍA
Architecture, VIDEO
A look at the new Whitney Museum of American Art with architect Renzo Piano and the museum's director, Adam Weinberg at Charlie Rose program. A interview with Renzo Piano and the museum’s director Adam Weinberg talking on the “remarkable story” behind the expansion and how its design incorporates, what Piano believes to be, seven elements that represent the essence of architecture: social life, urbanity, invention, construction, technology, poetry and light.

The new Whitney Museum of American Art by Renzo Piano officially opened its doors in New York this May after a 30 year of many proposals and projects.



Alvar Aalto 1898-1976. Organic Architecture, Art and Design.

Caixa Forum Barcelona [BCN] Spain. 04.06>23.08.2015.
Alvar Aalto 1898-1976. Organic Architecture, Art and Design takes a new, more contemporary look at Aalto. Whereas previous exhibitions and publications have regarded Aalto’s organic architectural language as deriving directly from Finnish nature and landscape, the exhibition at CaixaForum Barcelona shows how Aalto’s affinity for organic form was mediated through a close dialogue with many artists of his time, such as László Moholy-Nagy, Jean Arp, Alexander Calder and Fernand Léger. Works by these and other artists are juxtaposed with Aalto’s designs and buildings in order to highlight his significance as a figurehead of the international art and architecture Avant-Garde from the 1920s onwards.

CaixaForum Barcelona is now pleased to present the exhibition Alvar Aalto 1898-1976. Organic Architecture, Art and Design, an extensive overview of the life and work of Alvar Aalto (Kuortane, Finland, 1898 – Helsinki, Finland, 1976).

Aalto was the most important...


House of Shifting Sands by Ruhl Walker Architects

[Wellfleet, MA] USA
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, HOUSING
This house of shifting sands by Ruhl Walker Architects is raised on the beach, helping it to have a minimal impact on the fragile coastal ecosystem of a sloped waterfront site in the small Massachusetts town of Wellfleet, located in the hook-shaped peninsula known as Cape Cod.

The House of Shifting Sands, design by  Boston-based Ruhl Walker Architects, it sits on a  plot encompassing 2,800 square feet (260 square metres) an it is surrounded by miles of undeveloped land and scrub pines. The designers also conceived a landscaping scheme featuring native, drought-resistant plants. According to the design team, these plants will grow over time to visually merge with the...


Slavs and Tatars Home by Marc Benjamin Drewes and Thomas Schneider.

[Berlin] Germany.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Marc Benjamin Drewes and Thomas Schneider joined this time to converter a late 19th century apartment in Berlin for an artist duo.

In this conversion of the apartment Marc Benjamin Drewes ARCHITEKTUREN y Thomas Schneider restore the old ceilings that were found in the main rooms. Therefore the rest of the project they decided to do in a very quiet and inconspicuous way. They gave the leading role to the moulding on the original ceiling.




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