Scaffold House in Begur by bosch.capdeferro arquitectures.

Begur [Gerona] Spain.
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA.
Architecture, HOUSING
The team of architects bosch.capdeferro arquitectures has been recently awarded in the FAD Awards 2015 with his project for a house in Begur, Scaffold House.

Scaffold House in Begur, winner of FAD Awards 2015, by bosch.capdeferro arquitectures suggests a soft transition between interior and exterior spaces through a manually sewn rope envelope. This structure also allows the growth of...


Arquia/scholarships 2015: winners 2015.

ARQUIA Competition.
This morning Caja de Arquitectos Foundation has published the winners of the ARQUIA 2015 scholarships for internships in European architectural studios in both categories, by academic record and by competition - 'A tower to fly'.

The call for Arquia scholarships was closed on April 30th, with a total of 981 valid applications, 664 of them belong to the academic record category, 185 to the competition category and...


Conversion of Farmhouse Lennik into a single family house.

by Studio Farris. [Lennik] Belgium.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Studio Farris Architects, last 2013, converted the complex of house and stables of an 18th century farm located in Lennik, a small town in an agricultural area close to Brussels, into a single family house.

Studio Farris Architects presents this reconstruction carefully and trying to understand and respect this type of housing. They project this new spaces adapting previous one on new ways of living spaces.


COSMO: Give me a pipe and I will move/celebrate the Earth.

by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation. [NY] USA.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation, as we have published before, was chosen the winner of the 16th edition of the YAP at the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1. We present now these great pictures of Miguel de Guzmán of COSMO project.

Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation in COSMO aims to highlight the issue of at the moment in wich we find ourselves. Leading to debate and creating this prototype that purifies water...


Extension of the Gösta Serlachius Museum by MX_SI.

[VIDEO] from Pedro Pegenaute [Mänttä] Finland.
metalocus, IRENE GARCÍA
The new Gösta Serlachius Contemporary Art Museum has been designed by MX_SI architectural studio, the winners of the international competition for the extension of the Joenniemi Manor House held in 2011. The new project allows to expose the permanent collection and also to organize temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. It is a building in harmony with its environment, where interior and exterior establish a fluid and open dialogue.

The extension of the Gösta Serlachius Contemporary Art Museum is located next to the forest and it creats an access plaza near the Joenniemi manor. The building of the museum designed by Mara Partida...

© Eugeni Bach

City library in Bruges by Studio Farris.

[Bruges] Belgium.
metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN
Studio Farris was the winner of the competition organized by the City of Bruges to design the extension of the Saint-Andries municipal library. The work was completed in March this year and the new building is already in operation.

The Belgian Studio Farris Architects, founded by the Italian architect Giuseppe Farris, designs the extension of the municipal library of Bruges with the intention of a strong contrast with the existing building. The lower height, the Corten steel finishing and a series of windows of varying sizes, differ markedly the new building of the old library. This visual break is given by the requirements of the...


Foster + Partners Cardiff Interchange Design

Competition [VIDEO] from Cardiff Council [Cardiff] UK
metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN
Foster + Partners has won of the competition to design the new central bus station in the city of Cardiff, being part of the Central Square designed by the same practice. The project will be located by the current train station, creating a major communications and activity node in the center of the city.

The interchange proposed by Foster + Partners is arranged under a single roof that integrates the building in the great Central Square. The program includes shopping and restaurants as well as an underground parking. This is the third building the practice is designing on Central Square, following the new BBC Wales project and a further office building adjacent to the interchange.



[Alta Brianza] Italy.
Act_romegialli present us the new extension for a house in Italy with the design of a pavilion surrounded by gardens. It has an indoor pool and some different spaces to practice sport or relax.

In an attempt to create a new space in contact with the nature , act_romegialli architects design a project for the expansion of a house in the early 1900s with a pavilion which is connected to the main historic house causing the least visual interference with the surrounding parkland. The pavilion was for an indoor pool, and some space for fitness, service and leasure in a climate controlled space.


New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

Kickstarter [NYC] USA
metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN
Can cities be greener, more livable, and more beautiful? They think so, and that is why they are developing new solar technology to unlock the potential of underused spaces below our city's streets.

- The Lowline will use new solar technology to transform an historic NYC trolley terminal into the world's first underground park.

With this cutting-edge technology, they plan to build the world's very first underground "park," featuring live plants and trees!

It turns out there is...


House N23 by Maletti Zanel Maletti Arquitectos.

[Pilar - Province of Buenos Aires] Argentina.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
The group of architects MZM presents a triangular geometry house plan in Barrio Estancias del Pilar. This characterstic geometry of house is based on the maximum use of the sun and optimal thermal efficiency.

Maletti Zanel Maletti project this house without South facade with the main spaces oriented to north and located on the ground floor. They place the bedrooms and private spaces upstairs and focusing its visual into space inside the house to control external views.




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