Ai Weiwei adds to style "Gangnam" as critical to Beijing.

[VIDEO] by Ai Weiwei.
It's Friday all prepare to go night and Ai Weiwei, joins Gangnam Style by South Korean rapper Psy, as criticizing Beijing. Although the Chinese authorities do not take it as a joke and quickly have censored all the websites that have published it (youtube channel for Chinese residents also has been censored). The video has become viral in no time. At 55 years old Ai Weiwei and some friends and work colleagues have mimicked with humor, heavily loaded with irony and showing great physical agility, famous dance "Gangnam Style".

The video is called "Cao Ni Ma Style". This term literally means grass mud horse sounds like "to fuck your mother" and has been used by Internet users in China and by the same Ai to ridicule the strict control exercised by the Government on Internet.

Cao Ni Ma was conceived as a mythical animal similar to an alpaca, and has been used on other occasions by Ai. The artist has done nude photos (see, AI WEIWEI and pornography) Ai Weiwei and pornography), while jumping...


Floriane de Lassée

metalocus, CARMEN RUIZ.
Art, Design, Photography
This young photographer has found her shot space on the roofs of tall buildings. At the footage of the buildings she adds the ghostly presence of humans and the variety of different colors of acrobats night lost in these cities.

Floriane of Lassee seems to have her own style and we will be happy to continue seeing her wandering through the roofs of the city and then,  view her pictures.


The Beauty of Recycling.

Soho Digital Art Gallery [NYC] U.S.A. Opening 25/10/2012
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
The opening, October 25th, of the show in Soho from the LAGI (Land Art Generator Initiative) which features "The Beauty of Recycling". Project by Daniel Elmore. This is our second work selected from those presented at the LAGI fair. LAGI's mission is focused on inviting designers to develop visions for the implementation of renewable energies (solar panels, wind turbines,etc) to become a form of Land Art.

The Beauty of Recycling

The “Beauty of Recycling” seeks to enforce the importance of recycling by creating solar energy collectors that not only harvest the sun’s energy, but creates a spectacular light show during the twilight hours. These solar energy collectors, composed largely of recycled materials, collect energy throughout the...



By Cinthia Marcelle. Sprovieri Gallery. [LON] U.K. 12/10-24/11/2012.
metalocus, TERESA DEL PRADO.
Art, Exhibitions, Photography
The Brazilian photographer Cinthia Marcelle presents her new video work "Automóvel" (Automobile) in the artist’s second solo show at the Sprovieri Gallery.

Marcelle uses video and photography to document the effects that her interventions have on the usual order of things. Particularly, Marcelle’s work is inspired by the chaos and the turmoil of possibilities which can be found in everyday life. Her actions create situations that challenge our notions of conventional behaviour by introducing humorous coincidences and connections.


"Stormwater" 3 screen video art installation by Tom Skipp.

COAM [MAD] 31/10/2012. 19.30 en UTC [VIDEO] from estrellasonora - Tom Skipp
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Art, Design, VIDEO, Recommendations
On Wednesday, October 31, at "La Sede" (COAM) it will project on three screens a Video-triptych installation produced and filmed, in 2009, by Tom Skipp in the biggest stormwater, in Arroyofresno, Madrid. If you can not go, here we leave the video, but it's best to see it in large format, go to La Sede! For my Catalan friends from Madrid.

Tom Skipp's new piece, a video triptych, was filmed inside the biggest stormwater reservoir in Europe just before it was opened, filled with water and closed to the public forever.

The song is called "O Virgo Splendens" taken from the earliest known manuscript of Catalonian music. The choir dressed as workers sings "Weep oh mine eyes", by John Bennet. More:...


Winner Golden Eye: "LOUIS VUITTON I" of Part of a Bigger Plan.

Winners of the Dutch Design Awards 2012 [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Art, Design
The international jury awarded the Golden Eye – the award for the best Dutch design in 2012 – to the animation ‘Louis Vuitton I’ by Part of a Bigger Plan and Christian Borstlap. From a field of more than 650 participants, this work was ‘the best of the best’. The international jury said the following of the winning work: “We praise the multi-layeredness: the message, the execution, the historical value, the story and even a kind of mild self-mockery are all present and in balance. Analogue craftsmanship and digital mastery go hand in hand.”

This animation celebrating the Louis Vuitton fashion house was resented at museum of Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Created at the occasion of the "Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs" exhibition by designer Christian Borstlap won the Golden Eye prize for best project at...


William Klein + Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern.

Exhibition. Tate Modern [LON] U.K. [VIDEOS] 10/10/2012 – 20/01/2013
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Tate Modern explores the modern urban life in New York and Tokyo through the photographs of William Klein and Daido Moriyama. Now open at Tate Modern.

Explore modern urban life in New York and Tokyo through the photographs of William Klein and Daido Moriyama. This is the first exhibition to look at the relationship between the work of influential photographer and filmmaker Klein, and that of Moriyama, the most celebrated photographer to emerge from the Japanese Provoke movement of the 1960s.


9+1 Ways of Being Political.

MoMA. [NY] U.S.A. 19/09/2012 - 25/03/2012 [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
The latest exhibition at MoMA on architecture and the first of its new architecture curator Peter Gadanho, entitled: “9 + 1 Ways of Being Political: 50 Years of Political Stances in Architecture and Urban Design” is now open to the public and will run through March 25, 2013.

The political potential of architecture was one of the founding credos of the avant-garde in the early 20th century. Yet today it is commonly believed that this potential has been overwhelmed by economic realities and by the sense that architecture, by its very nature, is symbiotic with existing power structures. Such a perception, however, is belied both by the rise of a neo-avant-garde in the 1960s and 70s, and by emerging practices that bear witness to a...



More work on Boamistura. This are some of their last interventions on the streets of Zaragoza (Asalto Festival), Mallorca and Madrid (Spain). As always, Hat tip!

Here are some photographs of three of his last interventions, Madrid, Zaragoza and Mallorca. They are a diverse group of artists, who has already worked in many countries. South Africa, Berlin, Sao Paulo... have in common Boamistura traces in some of their public spaces. They have also collaborated on exhibitions at art centers such as the Reina Sofia museum and the Casa...


Zaha Hadid. Beyond Boundaries, Art and Design. [III-VIDEO]

Ivorypress Space. [MAD] 05/09-03/11/2012 [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, Art, Exhibitions
Have a couple of weeks to complete and Ivorypress has shared with us its video about the exhibition.

Here (Zaha Hadid, Beyond Boundaries, Art and Design, in MADRID. [II]) you can find more information and  links on exhibition below.

Ivorypress presented the exhibition Zaha Hadid. Beyond Boundaries, Art and...



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