Wednesday was World Theatre Day, actually if you think about it, the whole week has been theater. Veronica went to the theater two weeks ago and on her return wrote this wonderful text, presented today to close the Theatre Week.

 “Eternal nothingness is O.K. if you're dressed for it.”
Woody Allen in “Getting Even”[1]

How many times we, the architects have met ourselves talking about nothingness, I mean, about the void, and thus, elucidate the...


Patrick Vale: City Lines

Exhibition. Coningsby Gallery [VIDEO] from BigAnimal [LON] U.K. 04-12/04/2013
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
“City lines” is his first solo exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery and shows drawings made from trips to New York, San-Francisco, Los-Angeles and his City of residence, London, made over the last 3 years. his overview black and white or color, they are not hyperreal reflections yet starkly and yet they reflect neatly and with great skill the image of the city that we all remember.

Patrick Vale is an artist who’s intricate portraits of cities have recently captured public imagination. His time lapse film “Empire State of Pen” captured five days of intensive drawing and brought critical acclaim across the design and architectural worlds, it clocked up 700,000 plays in a few weeks. The Huffington Post described the film as...


Spiral Art Gallery II.

By Atelier Deshaus. [Jiading New Town, Shanghai] China.
Created from the charm that defines his twin sister-gallery, about which we spoke yesterday, Spiral Art Gallery II is another pavilion with which it is supplemented the project of these Chinese architects, Atelier Deshau. With cozy lines and a perfect way to blend into the landscape, the authors tell that it is also in its inside where the game resides, open and closed spaces those relate to the environment.

Memory of project.

Using spiral is to give the different ways of “open” and “close” between the ground floor and upper floor: the ground floor is back towards the courtyard and slightly lower than the ground, while the upper floor faces outward to the open landscape. And...


Spiral Art Gallery I.

By Atelier Deshaus. [Jiading New Town, Shanghai] China.
The architects used the spiral of significative way, because it has a great importance in the project, being the organizer element of the program building and it makes that spaces change continuously, as well as height and inclination of the walls, the views from the gallery. A project where nature, landscape and architecture are fused among them.

Memory of project.

The intention of spiral is to establish a way to see scenery. A gestalt is invaded by a spiral with inner space of privacy and some primitive senses. Interior space is gradually transforming from public to private, most importantly, creating one way...


Call for Projects: Eme3 2013. TOPIAS.

eme3 [BCN] Spain. Deadline 19/04/2013
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Opening the period for the submission of projects to take part in the 8th edition of eme3 Festival to be held in Barcelona from June 27th to 30th at Fabra y Coats (see annex I) while the exposition will remain open until July 30th with a program of activities.

Applicants: who can participate

To the call for projects eme3 invites to participate architects, designers, trans- disciplinary groups, artists and other professionals or citizen who have a proactive attitude when approaching inherent problems to contemporary cities and architecture, understanding that the necessities of the actual metropolis go beyond a merely buildable approach...


Les Premiers visiteurs

Installation by atelier 37.2. Toulouse Metropole.[Cugnaux] France 23/03 > 02/06/2013
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, Art
Atelier 37.2 opening of their upcoming installation "Les Premiers Visiteurs" conceived for the "Abattoirs" - contemporary art center of Toulouse Metropole - opening tomorrow on March 23rd, 2013.

Sixty wooden walking sculptures will arrive in Cugnaux : in between abstraction and figuration, these protean sculptures, built out of rough wood, appear to share the same DNA – Giacometti’s “Walking man” DNA. They form a strange procession heading to the new cultural centre’s building site. They symbolise the first visitors, making a dent into the urban landscape, and triggering inhabitants about their own intimate fictions.


PAUL KLEE: Master of the Bauhaus.

Exhibition. Fundación Juan March. [MAD] Spain. 22/03 > 30/06/2013.
Paul Klee returns, Bauhaus professor and master of the form. This time with an exhibition in Fundación Juan March, in collaboration with the Zentrum Paul Klee of Bern, where you will admire 137 works between comprising paintings, watercolors and drawings executed between 1899 and 1940. These works deal five central themes, rhythm, color, nature, movement and construction. Don´t miss this opportunity to admire the works of Paul Klee!

The exhibition is the result of several years of work in collaboration with the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, and it is based on what may well be -after the publication of the artist's catalogue raisonné- the most significant and relevant research project on Klee of a "structural" nature conducted in the last decades: the critical edition of his pädagogischer Nachlass...


Re-imagined Utopian Worlds.

[VIDEO] By Jean-François Rauzier. [Dinard] France. 26/01/13 to 01/04/13.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
From January 26th to April the 1st 2013, the city of Dinard presents its new exhibition “Arches”. The photographer Jean-François Rauzier proposes an “archeo-modernist” odyssey. About forty pieces are presented such as a monumental sculpture, photographies, videos or fake documents specially recreated for this event.

“Arches” is a narration which central theme are extracts from Genesis. Curated by Ashok Adiceam, the exhibition is a walk through brand new pictures based on the story of Noah’s Ark.  Visitors are invited to travel in a mysterious and fascinating universe.

Jean-François Rauzier’s pictures recreate architectures and atmospheres by assembling various elements. As a surrealistic dream, each...


Schwitters in Britain

Tate Britain [LON] U.K.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Schwitters in Britain is the first major exhibition to examine the late work of Kurt Schwitters, one of the major artists of European Modernism. The exhibition focuses on his British period, from his arrival in Britain as a refugee in 1940 until his death in Cumbria in 1948. Schwitters was forced to flee Germany when his work was condemned as ‘degenerate’ by Germany’s Nazi government and the show traces the impact of exile on his work. It includes over 150 collages, assemblages and sculptures many shown in the UK for the first time in over 30 years.

Schwitters was a significant figure in European Dadaism who invented the concept of Merz – ‘the combination, for artistic purposes of all conceivable materials’. Whether those materials were string,...


Christo, Big Air Package.

[VIDEO] By Christo and Jeanne-Claude [Gasometer Oberhausen] Germany.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Yesterday, Sunday (March 17), the Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany, and WAZ Media Group hosted a book signing with Christo. There was a double page reproduction of one of Christo's preparatory drawings for his new indoor installation Big Air Package in the Saturday issue of the WAZ newspaper. Christo was at the Gasometer the Sunday signing this poster and the exhibition catalog.

14 years after showing The Wall during the Emscher Park International Building Exhibition, Christo today presented a new extraordinary work of art created especially for the Gasometer Oberhausen. The internationally acclaimed artist installed his Big Air Package inside the 117-meter-high industrial building. It is the largest indoor sculpture ever made.

Big Air Package,...



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