Cornell University, Ithaca [NY], USA.
metalocus. LUIS DE GREGORIO vía Peter Niessen.
The new Milstein Hall, by OMA office for The Cornell University, is well known and widely published in different media. In its interior spaces, the curtains for the auditorium and workspaces are remarkable. One of the most important collaborators is Petra Blaisse and its Inside Outside company whose proposals are essential to provide a unique filter to the new Milstein Hall.

The auditorium  has 3 vertical glass surfaces that give it its open and transparent character: the angled facade along the passage on the South, and the facades on the North and the West. The program for the auditorium curtain was to darken the space, maintaining the transparency of the facades to a certain degree and therewith the visual connection to the outside.  By using architectural...


Streb. London, One Extraordinary Day.

By Streb. [LON] U.K. 15/07/2012 [6 - VIDEOS]
metalocus, TERESA DEL PRADO.
Art, Design, VIDEO
The start of the Olympics, on Friday, conditions all the events of recent days in London. For a single extraordinary day, on July 15th, commissioned especially by the Mayor of London and London 2012 Festival, staged as part of LIFT 2012, the London International Festival Of Theatre, Brooklyn's visionary choreographer Elizabeth Streb thrilled London with an electrifying series of daredevil, surprise events right on its doorstep.

A performance of power, daring and beauty that totally disarmed those lucky enough to see it, leaving them gasping in disbelief. The event is a one-off creation by Streb, who is the pioneer of ‘extreme action’ and known to many as the Evel Knievel of dance. Streb and her company push the human body to the boundaries of the possible, creating daredevil feats of extreme athleticism, positioned somewhere...



metalocus, ALICIA FARO
The festival "Veranos de la villa" brings during the summer months many artists, among which we highlight the French sisters, Bianca (Coco) and Sierra (Rosie) played the last Wednesday 18July.

Together as a band since 2003. Sounds like neo-folk art, in which mixed styles as varied as opera singing, gospel or pop lo-fi. These nomadic sisters recorded their last album, Grey Oceans (2010) between Buenos Aires, New York, Berlin, Paris and Melbourne they visited on the occasion of his concerts.

At a festival that was held in Abu Dhabi met with a musicians...


TANKS of Tate Modern: ART IN ACTION.

By Herzog & De Meuron. [LON] U.K. 18/07-28/10/2012 [6 - VIDEOS]
metalocus, TERESA DEL PRADO.
As we announced here on Wednesday, July 18th, opened "Tanks", the space of the old fuel tanks of the Tate Modern in London transformed into new museum galleries that will house audiovisual installations, of light and sound and live performances. We present an approach to this new space through a series of videos produced for the opening.

For 15 weeks, this tanks will remain open for the festival "TANKS of Tate Modern: Art in action" in which will partcipate over 40 world's leading artist with live performance.

Below is a series of videos about these spaces:

- The first one is a presentation video of the event:...


JOHN CAGE. Exhibition in honor of his 100th birthday.

Staatsgalerie [STUTTGART] Germany. 21/07-11/11/2012.
metalocus, ALICIA FARO
A few days ago we published a house by architect Steven Holl with indirect references to John Cage, one of those characters that both suggest to many architects. To mark the 100th birthday of John Cage, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is presenting a selection of his graphic works alongside little known material from the Sohm Archive.

The indirect reference to which we refer is a 1967 sketch for a music score by the composer Istvan Anhalt, “Symphony of Modules,” which was discovered in a book by John Cage titled “Notations,” and which...


AGUSTÍN BETHENCOURT DÍAZ, Architect and Photographer.

Exhibition "Encuentros" CTAV. [VAL] Spain. 19/07-05/09/2012.
metalocus, ALICIA FARO
From 19 July to 5 September 2012, we will enjoy the photographs exhibition of this architect and photographer.

The exhibition will take place at Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia. There you can see the collection ENCUENTROS of Agustin Bethencourt .

"In this series of photography I try to reflect my interest in contrasts. Formal investigations are conceived in a...


Day to Night by Stephen Wilkes.

Photographer Stephen Wilkes imagined the day and the night together in a single picture, the result, "Day to Night", a photography series where Wilkes show us the two faces of "the city that never sleeps".

The latest work of photographer Stephen Wilkes "Day to Night" captures the contrast change the times of day. Surreal scenes where day and night merge, embodying the atmosphere of the Big Apple. To create each snapshot Steven spent more than 10 hours of work.



Yohji Yamamoto at Design Museum Holon.

[HOLON] Israel. 05/07-20/10/2012.
metalocus, VÍCTOR LÓPEZ-REY.
Maestro of avant-garde fashion, Yohji Yamamoto remains one of the world’s most influential and enigmatic designers and over the last forty years has made a vital contribution to fashion, challenging traditional norms of clothing with his style. The display at Design Museum Holon is particularly meaningful as it coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Japan-Israel relationship and the 40th anniversary of Yamamoto’s company, Y’s.

The exposition will challenge and re-conceptualise the way in which conventional fashion exhibitions are presented. A series of site specific installations will be presented throughout the Museum spaces and will examine the intriguing dialogue developed between Yamamoto’s groundbreaking work and the distinctive architectural structure of Design Museum Holon, designed by ...


OK CORRAL, by Roberto Alberto.

C-aps. Acero Puro Show Room. [Sevilla], Spain. 06/06-12/07/2012.
metalocus, VÍCTOR LÓPEZ-REY.
Art, Exhibitions
Roberto presented in Seville, in C-aps experience (room aceropuro) a rich, versatile and varied project, full of fresh ideas, where we sample from his most personal and intimate pictures of great literary burden is evident both in the titles as compositions to works that exude subtle irony own vindication of underground urban movements, to leisure amusements and objectual experiences on the edge of the artistic work and applied art.

An overview almost filmic in its treatment, with plot and ending that leaves no one indifferent. With this exhibition closes C-aps first season full of debate and a great audience response.

Venue: C-aps. Plaza de la Puerta Real, 8. 41002, Sevilla, Spain.
Date: June 6 to July 12, 2012.


The golden decade of the anime stays in Madrid this summer.

Exhibition. La Casa Encendida [MAD] 06/07-23/09/2012
La Casa Encendida presents this summer, between July and September a retrospective dedicated to the best anime of the 90s. The exhibition "Anime Cut Proto. Visions and spaces in the Japanese animation ", shows a selection of drawings of the stages of creation of some of the most influential science fiction animes realized during the golden decade of the genre. At the same time, a film series will be organised; "Anime in The Terrace" with a selection of sixteen classical works.

From July 6 to September 23, 2012 "Proto Anime Cut. Visions and spaces in the Japanese animation", curated by Stefan and David d'Heilly Riekeles is a unique opportunity to understand the process of artistic creation and enjoy the "preparatory drawings". The works, which are shown for the first time in Spain,...



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