"Look yourself through this poem of water", by Boa Mistura

[Logroño] Spain.
Art, Design, Recommendations
Four perspectives and ten prisms is all that Boa Mistura has needed to transform for a few days a central square in Logroño with one of their newest works.

The team Boa Mistura appear again with a beautiful installation at the San Bartolome square in Logroño,  with the occasion of Concentric, the Architecture and Design Festival of the city. The piece has been installed during the four days in which the event took place, setting a new abstract landscape and a contemporary dialogue with the Gothic church...


Chamber of Trades and Crafts by KAAN and PRANLAS-DESCOURS

By KAAN Architechen and PRANLAS-DESCOURS Architects & Associates [Lille] France.
Architecture, Design, Projects
The studio KAAN Architecten, together with PRANLAS-DESCOURS Architect & Associates presents in this occasion the project for the Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat at Lille, French. The design developed is based on the site’s history and geography and merges sustainability, landscape, architecture and interior design.

KAAN Architecten, together with PRANLAS-DESCOURS Architect & Associates, officially announces the start of construction of the Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat (CMA) in Lille, the winning project of an international competition held in 2007. The multipurpose building has three main floors with various programs: a public ground floor, an...


Samuel Feijoo, MI RAÍZ ES: Boa Mistura at Havana Biennale.

[Havana] Cuba.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
This time our friends from Boa Mistura have dropped through the streets of El Romerillo, Havana, to make this fantastic intervention around all the neighborhood making use of the poem 'I don't know' by Samuel Feijoo.

This time the combination of his creativity and his particular interest in the identities of local communities have led to the intervention MI RAÍZ ES. Boa Mistura team have used 25 characteristic points of El Romerillo, one for each line of Samuel Feijoo's poem 'I don't know', to transform the public space using...


Can we also do 3D sleeping?

[VIDEO] by Al de. KSEVT Hotel, 2014 AA Visiting School [Vitanje] Slovenia.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
When 3D printers and parametric design are trendy, innovative experiences related to these fields begin to appear more frequently and with even more creativity. In this case AA organizes a workshop that explores the conventional sleep over a new three-dimensional experience of 3D sleeping. How do astronauts sleep?, how it feels to sleep hovering off the ground? If you are interested in these new ways of research in the summer of 2015 a new edition is planned.

The workshop, organized by Architectural Association, took place at the new, highly specific building KSEVT, Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies, a bold landmark in the tiny Slovenian village of Vitanje of 600 residents that has welcomed over 25,000 visitors in its first year of activity. KSEVT has a public significance and generates social...


MAYICE and the Ray table at WantedDesign

Design, Recommendations
MAYICE will attend the international event of design in Manhattan, which will take place between the 15 and the 18 of May.

Imanol Yebra Alonso and Marta Calderon Elósegui are the two Spanish architects behind the design brand...


Clerkenwell Design Week 2015.

[LON] UK 19-21/05/2015.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Clerkenwell Design Week, is one of the most important in the calendar of annual festivals design industry. It takes place over three days in Farringdon Lane, Clerkenwell. A large number of internationally renowned designers make this festival one of the main destinations for lovers of design.

Clerkenwell Design Week, now in its sixth edition, has become a showcase for UK and international design community. Year after year it has expanded the number of visitors, especially the number of architects and designers who visit this festival.

In the last two decades, Clerkenwell’s unique variety buildings have been transformed into central studio,...


New exhibition at the Biennale STRP by Zimoun

64 ventilators, 98m² polyethyleen foil 0.08mm. [Eindhoven] Nehterlands.
Zimoun presents a new installation which was presented at STRP Biennal this year in Eindhoven, Nehterlands. The work is based on 64 ventilators in combination with a 98m² polyethyleen foil having a thikness of 0.08mm.

This Zimoun’s work shows his interest on the execution of building works that explore flow and movement systems, incorporating mechanized rhythms in their installations. At the same time, he uses simple and functional materials, creating a tension between their and the final outcome of the work: a visible chaos. About Zimoun´s work say:



Fondazione Prada [MIL] Italy 09.05.2015
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
All Milan is turned upside down these days. The Milanese are torn between the typical comments, Italian style, ranging from "this is a disaster", or about their always reviled political class and "the impact their actions will have on the Expo" to "works won't reach time for the opening next Friday May 1st."

The whole city remains in chaos due to the congestion of vehicles and motorcycles, circulating everywhere, occupying any free space to park in second or third row, filling to the top what could be any ancient boulevard. Redevelopment projects that have been carried out along the tourist areas try to be nicer to citizens, even the ancient Navigli Dock area has been completely renovated.


Max Bill, from the Bauhaus to industrial design.

The master's vision.
Max Bill. Architect, painter, sculptor or " builder in the space ", theoretical, teacher, designer and sometimes politician.

Max Bill has been one of the most complete and versatile artists of our time. Aknowledged as a universal genius, worked as an architect, painter, sculptor, designer, teacher and politician among other things.

He was born in 1908 in Winterthur, a city near Zurich, where he would go to study silversmithing at the School of Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule) before beginning his studies...


Conservation and Maintenance Centre for A6 Highway.

[MAD] Spain.
The project is solved by a single piece of large-scale, parallel to the highway, where all uses are set off. With this solution, the building building achieves a self-scale of the road infrastructures.

The architecture studio Enguita & Lasso de la Vega presents “Centro de Conservación and maintenance for A6 Highway”, built in two phases: In the first stage, the salt storage area and brine production warehouse, the maintenance machinery nave; and in the second phase, the control, management and dressing room building.




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