First Prize Hauser Award 2012: House 1+1=1 (Pitch´s House)

by Iñaqui Carnicero.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
The Pitch House, by Iñaqui Carnicero, returns to be congratulated. After being awarded the Design Vanguard 2011, now has just won first prize Hauser Award 2012. This is an important prize of the German magazine in which competed over 120 houses around the world whose common feature was that the budget had been less than 1,500 euros per m2. Congratulations to Iñaqui and your team!

The house is located in a small neighbourhood on the west boundaries of Madrid in a place called “los Peñascales”, that mean something as well as great stones. The plot is characterized to have a great slope oriented to the south and have two great granite rocks partially covered by moss. The structure of the house at a functional level as formal is explained perfectly in section. The underground level is used to solve the encounter with the slope of the land.

It incorporates two granite rocks, one of them structurally and other as an articulation that makes the main access to the house. The ceiling of the underground level generates the white floor made of calcareus stone that constitutes the noble plane where the daily life is developed. A single space opened to the south only close by glass that disappears to incorporate the water plane of the swimming pool in a first plane and the mount named “el pardo” in a second.

This closure does not fit with the perimeter of the first floor but moves inside to generated two porches at the ends and a marquee on the front that allows the entrance of rays of the sun in winter and is protected of its impact during the warm months of summer. The first floor is been thought like a closed box made of concrete that floats over the glass of the ground floor. Here is where the rest of the rooms are organized as well as the zones destined to the study.

A unique bay window located at 1,40 meter of height allows to trim the skyline of the landscape and uniformly illuminates the concrete ceiling. The independence of levels is only interrupted by two double heights that put in relation both spaces described previously. The economic restrictions have caused that the house is solved with the minimal possible gestures that nevertheless generates a great diversity of spaces and attractive situations.

Architect: Iñaqui Carnicero Alonso-Colmenares
Location: Los Peñascales, Madrid, Spain
Technical Architect: Manuel Iglesias
Contractor: Antón Iakobiny Pitch S.L.
Client: Guirao-Carnicero
Project Year: 2005-2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Iñaqui Carnicero

Photography © Iñaqui Carnicero.
Photography © Iñaqui Carnicero.
Photography © Iñaqui Carnicero.
Photography © Iñaqui Carnicero.
Photography © Iñaqui Carnicero.
Photography © Eugeni Pons.
Photography © Iñaqui Carnicero.
Ground floor and first level plan.
Longitudinal section.
Cross section.
Cross section.
Photography © Roland Halbe.

1973 Born in Madrid, Spain.
1998 Bsc. Architecture, School of Polytechnic University of Madrid.
2000-2011 Associate Professor of Design at the Architecture School of Polytechnic University of Madrid.
2000 Invited Bienal of Venice.
2002 Honorable Mention Luigi Cosenza Prize.
2003 Honorable Mention C.O.A.M. awards.
2008 JAE exhibition. young Spanish Architects.
2008 Scholarship by the Royal Spanish Academy of the Fine Arts for research in Rome.

2009 Final stage Architectural Digest awards.
2010 Selected BSI University of Mendrisio awards

2010 Final Stage FAD Spanish Awards.
2011 Design Vanguard Award 2011. Architectural Record.
2011 Emerging Architecture Awards. Architectural Review.
2011 First prize Hauser award 2012.
2011 Current Doctoral Thesis : “Louis Kahn vs Robert Venturi: Learning from the scale of Rome”.

Act.> : 22/03/2012



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