Reorganization of the entrance to La Valletta by Renzo Piano.

City Gate - Theatre - The Parliament Building - Landscape [La Valletta] Malta.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Malta's capital, La Valletta, has had RPBW design, the team of architects led by Renzo Piano, for the reorganization of the entrance to the city. The project is divided into four different interventions that seek to reinforce the urban fabric and strengthen connections among its most important points.

RPBW's project addresses the complete reorganization of the entrance to the capital of Malta, La Valletta. The project is organized into four different interventions: the gate of the city of Valletta and its surroundings, the design of an open-air theater in the ruins of the former Royal Opera House, the construction of a new building for the Parliament and...


Samuel Feijoo, MI RAÍZ ES: Boa Mistura at Havana Biennale.

[Havana] Cuba.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
This time our friends from Boa Mistura have dropped through the streets of El Romerillo, Havana, to make this fantastic intervention around all the neighborhood making use of the poem 'I don't know' by Samuel Feijoo.

This time the combination of his creativity and his particular interest in the identities of local communities have led to the intervention MI RAÍZ ES. Boa Mistura team have used 25 characteristic points of El Romerillo, one for each line of Samuel Feijoo's poem 'I don't know', to transform the public space using...


Public Library of San Vicente del Raspeig.

By [Campos, Lillo, Leiva, Solbes, Velasco y Parra], [San Vicente del Raspeig - Alicante] Spain.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Architecture, Projects
This new Public Library is located in a small town of Alicante. Its location invited the project from becoming in an urban attractor. The Library project raised by the architectpor José Luis Campos of CrystalZoo part of a clear concept of functional urban recycling. The introduction of this new building allows the generation of new activities and attracting new users in this urban space.

The building is intended as an extension of public space in front of it. Starting with a spacious lobby, José Luis Campos of CrystalZoo says in its report, "almost without realizing it, the square goes into the building in the same way that the building becomes plaza". The study got FOPA recognizes, naming it the best work...


Espacio Miguel Delibes in Alcobendas by Rafael de La-Hoz.

[Alcobendas] Spain.
Architecture, Projects
On this occasion Rafael de La-Hoz presents us a new building to house within the Popular University, the headquarters of the International School of PhotoEspaña Photography of Alcobendas and a Media Library and Citizen Advice Service of the City council of Alcobendas.

This new cultural space designed by Rafael de La-Hoz for Espacio Miguel Delibes, consists of three distinct but interrelated volumes. Among them a completely glazed central space shaped cube rises up the perimeter volume.


Interpreting and Visitors’ Welcome Centre of “La Antigua”

By VENTURA+LLIMONA, taller d’arquitectura i disseny [Zumárraga] Spain.
VENTURA + LLIMONA , taller d’arquitectura i disseny presents in this occasion an interesting project for the Interpreting and Visitors’ Welcome Centre “La Antigua”, sited by the Romanesque Hermitage “La Antigua”, known as well as “The Cathedral of the Basque Hermitages”

The building projected by VENTURA + LLIMONA studio, is placed in a hillside, going into it in order to minimize the visual impact in the countryside and so that it do not interrupts or rivals the Romanesque hermitage ”La Antigua”; likewise, by using materials that respect the surroundings as wood, stone or metal, is the integration with the environment more noticeable. The plan has a...


Ceramic Wonderland by Archea Associati

Liling World Ceramic Art City [Liling] China.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Projects
Archea Associati designed a new architecture wonderland in Changsha, China in collaboration with Human Architectural design Institute that displays some specific contextual architectural concerns regarding color and material qualities.

The design by Archea Associati proposed a wonderland in the middle of nothing, beside an unfinished highway, in an unknown city - Liling, Hunan Province, close to Mao’s home town-, searching a “Bilbao effect” to emerge… struggling to build, or...


Seoul Skygarden by MVRDV.

Seoul Central Station, [Seoul] South Korea.
Dutch architecture firm MVRDV has been selected during 2015 among a multidisciplinary team, which includes Dutch and Korean landscape architects and designers as well as consultants and engineers, for the design of the overpass close to Seoul Central Station, known as Seoul Skygarden. Although the project is still on a initial phase the Seoul Government hopes that will be finish during 2017.

The Seoul Skygarden, MVRDV’s proposal for the 938 metre long former elevated highway next to Seoul’s Central Station, hopes to build on the city’s ambition to be greener, more attractive and more user-friendly so as to inspire a process of change for the entire neighborhood....


WINNERS of Astronomy Center Red Sand.

Organized by reTH!NKING.
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA.
The results of the contest Astronomy Center Red Sand have been made public. The contest has been organized by reTH!NKING team that emerges as a new platform to response to the difficult current situation, specially in architecture competitions. The competition 130 proposals from which 51 were selected in the first phase, a second phase with 34 and finally the winners were presented.

Last 5th of May 2015 the jury commented the high level of the 34 proposals which have accessed to the second phase of the competition Astronomy Center Red Sand organized by reTH!NKING platform, for selecting, after that, the winning proposals.

Highlight the big number of awarded proposals by students of Spanish Schools of Architecture, as...


New phase for Baths in the Thames.

By Studio Octopi. River Thames, [LON] UK.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Can you imagine bathing in the middle of the River Thames? Overlooking the London Eye, the London Bridge or the re-named Elizabeth Tower, better known as Big Ben. The team of architects Studio Octopi needs your help; 9 days for the closing of the crowdfunding that seeks to gather the money needed for building the baths in the River Thames, the campaign is seeking to receive the latest contributions in order to reach the expected minimum.

Studio Octopi project has been developing these last two years, during which we present images and their evolution, as well as drawings and details.



'Urban machines' in Móstoles city center.

'Microcirugía urbana', Reinventando Móstoles Centro, by Macarena Carrascosa, Jesús Florencio Gómez, Francisco Javier González and Adrián López. Competition, [Móstoles] Spain
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
The winning team of the competition 'Reinventando Móstoles', organized by COAM, cleverly proposed an intervention with 'small incisions' in the urban fabric of Móstoles city center, away from aggressive or large-scale approaches, less ecological and much more difficult to be executed.

In order to carry out this strategic, Macarena Carrascosa, Jesús Florencio Gómez, Francisco Javier González and Adrián López, design a catalogue which consist on six different elements, 'urban machines', that they place punctuality and carefully within the urban fabric of the city center of Móstoles, Madrid, Spain. Their approach, besides being extensive to all the city, deals respectfully with the pre-existence,...



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