Five Alternatives for the Future of Atlantic Yards.

Brooklyn [NYC] USA.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
The exhibition Five Proposals for the Future of Atlantic Yards opens at the Warehouse Gallery in Brooklyn on June 5, running for just over a couple weeks, until June 22.

The Atlantic Yards site presents a major opportunity to create a significant piece of architecture and urbanism at the center of several Brooklyn neighborhoods. Five architects will present their alternative proposals for the site. Each scheme will provide 4,728,000 square feet of housing and 156,000 square feet of retail space, equivalent to the master plan by Forest City Ratner.

Each project...


CREA-PB Headquarters by MAPA.

Award, IX BIAU. Campina Grande. [Paraíba] Brazil.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Architecture, Prizes, Projects
Located in Campina Grande (Paraíba) this building was designed and built to accommodate the new headquarters of CREA (Engineering Council Body). 1º Premio en Concurso Nacional. Their authors, MAPA, are a team based at Uruguay and Brazil.

The project designed by MAPA, pays great attention on its outer skin, and its protection by a brise soleil from the strong sun. This skin allows entry of light and the generation of comfortable spaces that play with the projection of the shadow. A building permeable to  light, permeable to the vision of the city. Inside the space is divided into two zones connected by...


Foster + Partners Thames Hub Airport response to Airport Commission.

[Thames] U.K.
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
Architecture, Projects
London does not want lose its status as a global hub international airport. The situation is torn between extending a third runway at Heathrow which has an estimated cost of about 11 billion pounds or the new proposal that advocates the study of Norman Foster, a new airport with four runways and capacity for future expansion with a cost of 15 billion pounds.

Foster + Partners office has submitted a detailed response to the Airports Commission’s call for evidence, addressing surface access, costs, delivery and an analysis of the environmental, economic and social impacts of a new airport on the Isle of Grain in the Thames Estuary.

Acording Foster + Partners its project will allow by creating a short connecting spur. The Isle of...


Student Hall of Residence and Family Houses, Paris 15th.

By Babled Nouvet Reynaud Architectes. [PAR] France.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Architecture, HOUSING, Projects
French architecture and urbanism team formed by Thibaud Babled, Armand Nouvet and Marc Reynaud completed Paris XV complex at Rue de Vaugirard in Paris. The program includes a student hall of residence, social housing and family houses.

The building designed by architects Babled Nouvet and Reynaud features an envelope that unifies the complex in order to create one single architectural entity. A skin made of perforated aluminium panels. A foliage motif shapes a varying pattern in the panels' perforations, constantly stirred by the actual movement and light...


West Kowloon Art Pavilion. Entry competition by AZC.

Competition 2013. Finalist. West Kowloon [Hong Kong Victoria Harbour] Hong Kong.
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
Projects, Competitions
AZC architects designed this pavilion for a West Kowloon competition. The Arts Pavilion would be located in West Kowloon, in the Park on the waterfront with spectacular views overlooking Hong Kong Victoria Harbour.

The Pavilion will serve as the primary home for exhibitions and programmes in the run-up to the completion of the main museum building M+.

Their project envisions the Arts Pavilion as a place combining leisure and art, in creating a popular spot welcoming to all. They designed a space for learning,  elaxation...


LA CABUCHE by Bureau A.

Vineyards [Geneva] Switzerland.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
The based studio in Geneva, Bureau A shows us a new project in swiss vineyards, near to Geneva. ‘La Cabuche’ is a facility in an old stone building, for wine tasters or wine-lovers. Uniquely accessible for Sunday strollers, therefore only by foot, the humble structure emerges from the landscape to welcome people, away from the city. A blue fluorescent sign over access announces a different visit, within, a space only for the initiated.

La Cabuche.

The immediate calm provoked by the feeling of a beautifully composed landscape, as the one surrounding La Cabuche, has a counterpart. There is, in this extreme tranquillity, a sense of strangeness, a vibrant worrying feeling suspended in the air. The beauty of a ‘‘natural’’ scene, as it was discovered at the time of...



Competition 16/05-27/06/2014.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Last May, about one year ago, we started in METALOCUS in a collaboration with TASCHEN, launching a competition in which we were looking for the best house in the 20th century to our readers and, besides, we celebrated 9,000 Facebook fans and our inclusion in 5% of companies most worldwide visited on LinkedIn. Our growth continues forward exponentially, we have more than doubled our presence in Social Networks last year and once again, the spring and the sun bring us energy enough to repropose a similar collaboration with the world renowned publisher TASCHEN.

While last year's competition was a success boh in participation an in awards, this year is not going to be less. Again, we want to thank all our readers for their loyalty with awards as good as the last about TASCHEN. The competition has as prizes several reference books ranging from monographs of architects with worldwide recognition,...


First Prize International Competition: Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing.

First Prize [VIDEO] from UrbanGateway [Alicante] Spain.
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
Few months ago, in September 2013, UN-Habitat launched an international competition entitled "Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing", aimed at students and young professionals from around the world as part of the Global Strategy for Shelter by the UN, to promote a paradigm in creating adequate housings for all and promote the goal of social, economic and environmental sustainability of cities housing. The proposal has a video, congratulations, great music!

Improvistos (María Tula García Méndez & Gonzalo Navarrete Mancebo.) achieved the first prize in the Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing Competition organized by UN-Habitat. The awards were announced at the World Urban Forum in Medellin on April 11,...


Overview of New Headquarters for BBVA. La Vela extends the Madrid skyline.

BBVA [MAD] Spain.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
From BBVA sent us these aerial images of the evolution of the construction of this complex of buildings that are ending in Madrid, where they just get to its roof according to the project by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron Architekten. La Vela is the name of the highest in the whole of that building then we show the these spectacular images.

In July 2013 and in January 2014 we present to our readers two articles of the construction process on this complex of buildings, that it is ending in Madrid by the Swiss architects Herzog & de...


Junya Ishigami wins Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center competition.

Competition. China.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Japanese office Junya Ishigami + Associates is the winner in the contest to build the ‘Port of Kinmen Passenger service Center‘ located on the chinese coast, 190km East of Taiwan. The competition brief called for a world-class ferry terminal that provides both touristic and recreational activities in addition to functioning as a port-of-call for chinese and international cruise operators.

The program for the new  Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center includes domestic arrivals, cross-straight departures, port offices, commercial outlets, equipment rooms and administrative areas. Phase 1 of the project will have a total floor area of 36,080 square meters, with phase 2 expanding the scheme to a total of 42,480 square meters. The new center will eventually accommodate 5 million passengers annually.




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