BBVA Campus by Enguita & Lasso de la Vega.

La Moraleja [MAD] Spain.
The architects team Enguita & Lasso de la Vega and Enrique Azpilicueta designed the BBVA Campus in the northern area of Madrid, a spread group of pavilions which house all the university functions along a large park or garden with which they dialogue.

Located in the northern neighbourhood of La Moraleja, the team of architects Enguita & Lasso de la Vega designed a few years ago the BBVA Campus, an university extension which depends on the Spanish bank, which is also finishing its...


New INTECS SPA headquarters.

By Modostudio + Sofia Cattinari Studio, [Rome] Italy.
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA.
From the collaboration between the studies Modostudio and Sofia Cattinari Studio they present us this building of compact appearance that relies on a surprising facade of panels of reflexive steel and glass that they have allowed him to obtain a great qualification in the certificates Casaclima.

The studies of architecture Modostudio and Sofia Cattinari Studio have associated to raise the new INTECS SPA headquarters in an industrial area well located to the east of Rome.

A building with a compact and round façade, which...


Montmagny courthouse by CCM2.

[Montmagny] Canada.
The Montmagny courthouse, situated in the touristic region of Chaudière-Appalaches near Quebec City, provides an urban presence that this public institution deserves, due to the enhancement of the existing architecture, in harmony with the contemporary look of its new extension. The entire project incorporated this concept of duality, designed by the consortium CCM2, Group A and Roy-Jacques architects.

In a building where rules and regulations reign, the architectural movements are striking and sharp. The lines, sometimes physical and sometimes imaginary, define the boundaries between public and private spaces and between old and contemporary. The lighting, staged by CCM2 in collaboration with LumiGroup, has a...


Migdia House by SAU Taller d'Arquitectura.

Granollers [BCN] Spain.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
How to deal with the design of a house between party pretending that it can accommodate changes in the future and also with a good illumination? This is the question that SAU Taller d'Arquitectura have tried to answer with the design of the Migdia House, on which its future owners put several conditions that marked its design.

For the design of the Migdia House, SAU Taller d'Arquitectura has had two premises set by the future owners which will condition the project's decisions: a house well illuminated and with possible changes in the future.



Sala em pala by Nuno Melo Sousa.

[Penafiel] Portugal.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Architecture, Projects
Nuno Melo Sousa takes advantage of the inner courtyard to design a small construction which will house a living space linked to the adjacent dwelling, whose activity do not have to be interrupted for the construction of the project.

The proposal by Nuno Melo Sousa also plays with geometry in order to adapt the project to the always difficult situation of working with an inner courtyard. The geometric game turns into a volumetric game with which configure the modules that are linked among themselves in order to house the all proposed program.

To be...


Casa Porche in Morales del Vino.

By Julio Pérez Domínguez and Daniel Fernández-Carracedo. [Morales del Vino-Zamora] Spain.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Architecture, HOUSING, Projects
Architects Julio Pérez Domínguez and Daniel Fernández-Carracedo are the authors of this lovely and peaceful house in Morales del Vino, a small town in the Spanish province of Zamora. The fantastic pictures were taken by Miguel de Guzmán, great photographer and regular at METALOCUS.

Description of project by its architects.

Did Mies return?


Renovation and extension of Juncal’s Parish Hall

Por Jordana Tomé|Victor Quaresma, Atelier de Arquitectura. [Porto de Mós, Leiria] Portugal.
Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Parish Hall played a crucial role in the Juncal community’s socio cultural life: nursery, community dining room, school, cinema and theather concert hall. These different types of appropriation created successive changes which decreased the building’s quality and dignity. In 2012 the building was visibly degraded so there was an urgent need in its renovation.

Jordana Tomé | Victor Quaresma, Atelier de Arquitectura presents the renovation and extension of Juncal’s Parish Hall. The Parish Hall is located on the square of São Miguel, the most important public space of Juncal village. In contrast with São Miguel Church that overlooks the square from a higher position, the main façade and entrance of the Parish Hall stands out on a...


SO – IL and FREAKS, First Prize to Redesign France’s Site Verrier

Competition [Meisenthal] France
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
SO-IL, in collaboration with FREAKS freearchitects, have won a competition to redesign the historic Site Verrier’s glass factory, in France. Located in the Northern Vosges Natural Park, the new proposal addresses three elements of the site’s industrial past, while providing a dynamic cultural space with a glass museum, workshop and gallery on the site of this 18th-century glass factory in north-east France.

The Site Verrie factory, which produced utility glassware as well as hand-blown Christmas tree baubles, closed its doors in 1969. It reopened as the Meisenthal Glass Museum in 1978, while a former workshop on the site was converted into the International Glass Art Centre (CIAV) in 1992 – used for displaying contemporary and traditional glass design.


Simplicity between party-walls. Urban House in Rua do Lindo Vale.

By Ana Cláudia Monteiro + Vítor Oliveira. Rua Lindo Vale [Porto] Portugal.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
The relationship between client and architect can result more or less easy, provoke more or less discrepancies, but what happens if the architect is the client, and the client is the architect?, what happens if client and architect are the same person? To this challenge is to the one that Ana Cláudia Monteiro and Vítor Oliveira have faced with the design of which will be their own house, an 'urban house' located in Rua do Lindo Vale in Porto.

The challenge faced by Ana Cláudia Monteiro and Vítor Oliveira is not at all small, to design their own house, with the added complexity of a very personal design through the experience of housing spaces. Four are the main features of this house between party: the relacción architect-client, its urban integration and...


Vacation home in Vilapol by padilla nicás arquitectos.

Vilapol [Lugo] Spain.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Architecture, HOUSING, Projects
The relaxed lifestyle which offers this vacation home, located in the town of Vilapol in Lugo, would be the perfect excuse for anyone to spend a few days in northern part of Spain. Padilla nicás arquitectos' project seeks his strong point in the dialogue with that environment so privileged, halfway between the forest and the sea, and yes, far from the mess of the city.

The quiet town of Vilapol located in the northern part of Spain, in Lugo, is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time off really difficult to find in the city. In this valuable scenic surroundings padilla nicás arquitectos designs a vacation home in a triangular plot of just over 1,000 sqm.

Well photographed by...



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