House Maher by Tribe Studio Architects.

[Willoughby, New South Wales, Sydney] Australia.
Architecture, HOUSING, Projects
In suburban Willoughby, New South Wales, suburb of Sydney, Australia, House Maher is an example of the ways in which design can improve autonomy. Though this house has been meticulously crafted around the very particular needs of its wheelchair-bound client, it also offers an uplifting residential experience for the client and her family.

Tribe Studio responds to its suburban setting, the interior features a series of of diagrammatic house-sections that celebrate the domestic setting. Formally, the house is a simple gable extrude, clad on the street ends in face brickwork. Internally, the spaces are a playful study in volume and light. The result of a close relationship between the architects and the client, as well as a very specific...


'Orange' by Atelier Norisada Maeda.

By Atelier Norisada Maeda. [Meguro] Japan.
ORANGE, is a residential project that accommodates a space where children can touch the raw world with their innate, pure sensitivity. The irregular spatial form of this project, was a product of chance whose main goal is to get the two children living there shall not lose their pure sensitivity for ever, without limiting his possibilities about the ways to perceive, communicate and interact with and the world.

Description of the project by Atelier Norisada Maeda.



Pakkred office by Geodesic Design.

[Nonthaburi - Bangkok] Thailand.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Projects
Geodesic Design Co. Ltd’s new headquarters in Pakkred, Bangkok, harmonizes with its surrounding lush landscape. Built around a grove of existing trees, the glassy office was designed to respect plant life on site, and to let employees enjoy the gardens from their work space.

The building connects to the outdoor space with glass walls and doors, allowing natural cross breezes that create a relaxing working environment. The building was built on stilts, to ensure safety in the event of flooding during future monsoon seasons, which are a regular feature of life in Thailand. The outdoor space was also redesigned to encourage employees to relax outside, giving a flexible outside work space amongst the natural shade of the trees.


Juan Navarro Baldeweg. Un Zodíaco.

Exposición, Fundación ICO [MAD] Spain. 08.10.2014 > 01.02.2015
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Coincidiendo con la semana de la arquitectura, el Museo ICO presenta una de esas exposiciones que no te puedes perder: "Juan Navarro Baldeweg. Un Zodíaco." La exposición, que se ha presentado hoy y que a partir de mañana será visitable por todo el público, muestra el trabajo de este arquitecto y artista español. Su original obra arquitectónica denota una clara fundamentación en temas conceptuales que tienen su origen en una actividad polifacética desarrollada en los ámbitos de la pintura, la escultura y la instalación. Esa dedicación paralela a lo largo de toda su carrera es la base de una filosofía centrada en la definición del juego de las energías naturales y su interacción con la materialidad constructiva.

La exposición "Juan Navarro Baldeweg. Un Zodíaco." contiene numerosos dibujos, fotografías, maquetas, esculturas y piezas que dieron forma a más de treinta obras realizadas y algunos proyectos de concurso que dan idea de un programa creativo vital unitario y una capacidad singular para transitar por diversos medios expresivos. Este gran programa vital queda ordenado en la...


Amphidromous Rectangle : CSM 402 Renovation by Jun Murata.

[Amagasaki - Hyogo] Japan.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Amphidromous Rectangle is a renovation by the Japanese minimalist Jun Murata. By a minimum intervention, he proposed a multi-use space which can be adapted for various unexpected demands and scenes, installing lights of many kinds and shapes that create a variety of “moods" and modify the space.

Description of the project by Jun Murata.

It is mostly open-plan renovation of the apartment that...


Rebellion, jealousy and uprising.

Venice Biennale 2014. [VEN] Italy.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Every two years, the largest architecture exhibition in the world is held with great show and exhibition display media. It is an event which should always be memorable but rarely succeeds in it, although this year it did. For many years now, and I remember most of the Venice Biennales, not many have been incentive as a whole. This time, curator Rem Koolhaas left no one unmoved. His provocative proposal, "an architecture biennale without architects' egos and personalities”, stirred up everyone. His break with the more or less recognized as "academic" discourse was clearly evident and irritated many people.

Rem Koolhaas announced in his Biennale presentation that he was determined to deliver to a Now-for-Something-Completely-Different moment and he certainly did not disappoint us. Some speak of the curator's legions of fans and warrant that they are former or current students, a somewhat inconsistent statement if we consider the time Rem Koolhaas devotes to teaching compared to other architects who don't count with...


House CJ5 by Caramel Architekten.

[Vienna], Austria.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Con este proyecto Caramel Architekten se enfrentan a uno de los problemas actuales de la vivienda, la cuestión de la relación entre el espacio útil de vivienda y el área de la propiedad y cómo las diferentes tipologías de vivienda generan soluciones con distintas densidades.

Desciption of the project by Carmel Architekten.

In its design for the housing project CJ5, Caramel tackles the question of...


Vitra Slide Tower by Carsten Höller and Álvaro-Siza-Promenade.

Vitra Campus [Weil am Rhein] Germany.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
The 30.7-metre-high Vitra Slide Tower by the German artist provides a new accent on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, a viewing tower with a slide and a work of art. Also Alvaro Siza has designed an asphalt pathway called "Álvaro-Siza-Promenade" that occupies a length of 500 metres and invites visitors to stroll along a unique walkway in the public area of the Campus, with various stations leading from the VitraHaus to the Fire Station by Zaha Hadid.

Vitra Slide Tower by Carsten Höller.

On 18 June 2014, the Vitra Slide Tower by Carsten Höller has been inaugurated, adding a new structure to the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. With its prominent clock at...


De Passerel by JDWA – Johan De Wachter Architects.

By JDWA. [Apeldoorn] The Netherlands.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
July 2014 JDWA project De Passerel in Apeldoorn has been completed. De Passerel House, formed with two barns, includes twelve group homes for people with a mental disability. The project marks the informal route that crosses the whole neighbourhood and introduces in the garden a place for vegetable gardens used by the new residents.

Description of the project by JDWA...


Incube Building by Romera y Ruiz Architects.

[Las Palmas de Gran Canaria] Spain.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
The Incube Building by Romera y Ruiz Architects is the result of the contrast between the gravity of the exterior and the lightness of the interior. A game between the projected skin shades and the contained interior lights. Incube uses materials and space in different levels of texture of shadow and light.

Description of the projects by...



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