Rafael Aburto, Architect (1913-2014).

[VIDEO] from Iñaki Bergera.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Our tribute to Rafael Aburto, one of those silent and brilliant architects that enabled an different architecture in Spain.

Studies on the architect Rafael Aburto (Neguri, 1913 - Madrid, 2014) occurred during the monographic...


Smiljan Radic designs Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2014.

Kensington Gardens. [LON] UK.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
The Chilean architect Smiljan Radic has been named the fourteenth architect to accept the invitation to design a temporary Pavilion outside the entrance to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens, London.

His design (a translucent domed structure of white fibreglass) follows Sou Fujimoto’s cloud-like structure which was visited by almost 200,000 people in 2013 and was one of the most visited Pavilions to-date.

Occupying a footprint of some 350 square metres on the lawn of the Serpentine Gallery, plans depict a semi-translucent, cylindrical structure, designed to resemble a shell,...



metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
The great results of the first ever architecture storytelling competition are in. The response to Fairy Tales was “overwhelming and astonishing,” say the founders of Blank Space, with over 300 entries from 50 countries. The competition marks the first contest organized by the New York City based “office for thought provocation.”

The all-star jury selected 3 winning entries and 10 honorable mentions:

First Place goes to Kevin (Pang-Hsin) Wang and Nicholas O’Leary for their entry “Chapter Thirteen”. Mesmerizing, powerful images depict a bucolic yet futuristic world where a damsel in distress, Alice as a grown-up, is planning her...


New Entrance and Visitors Centre for Alhambra by Siza & Santos.

Exhibition. Aedes Berlin. [BER] Germany. 22/03 – 08/05/2014.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO.
New Entrance and Visitors Information Centre for the Alhambra by Álvaro Siza Vieira & Juan Domingo Santos. An exhibition by Aedes Architecture Forum Berlin with the Council of the Alhambra & Generalife, Granada showcasing the project New Gate of the Alhambra, designed by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Viera (Oporto, 1933) and Juan Domingo Santos (Granada, 1961), which won the 2010 International Competition for New Visitor Access to the Monument.

The Alhambra is one of the most eminent World Heritage Sites in Europe. This significance is highlighted especially in the context of current times, as it represents periods of respect for diversity, pluralism and the co-existence of different cultures and religions.

After the first exhibition with Álvaro Siza 30 years ago, Aedes is pleased to join this outstanding architect again to showcase his work....


PAULA BONET. What to do when THE END appears on the screen.

[VIDEO] PAULA BONET. Mad is Mad Gallery. [MAD] Spain. 6/03-22/03/2014
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
"Qué hacer cuando en la pantalla aparece THE END / What to do when THE END appears on the screen.", is the title of the exhibition dedicated to PAULA Bonet, one of the most dynamic young illustrators in Spain and a phenomenon of fans on social networks, organized by Gunter Gallery.

It opens tomorrow and will be the first solo exhibition by the illustrator Paula Bonet in Madrid to mark the publication of her book "What to do when THE END appears on the screen." Mad is Mad Gallery will host on Thursday March 6, fifteen original artwork belonging to the volume edited by Lunwerg speaking of crushes, friendship, butterflies in the stomach, infidelity, lump in the throat ...

A book about the end,...


Time in Motion. Fong Qi Wei, about the City.

[Shanghai] China
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
From Singapore these works by Fong Qi Wei photographer shows us a series of short animated gifs, about Shanghai, overlooking cityscapes and other waterfront landscapes. Under title ‘time in motion’ was originally captured as still images, shot from the same position at various times of the day. After, were put together spiraling in circles that fold into each other through the digital gif format, with stunning results!

This is a follow up to his previous series Time is a Dimension (TIAD). In TIAD, he spliced different time slices into a single print. That was to work within the nature of a physical print. However, in this set of manipulations, I present a medium that is neither a print nor a video. In short, he uses the GIF format (don’t ask me how it is to be pronounced!) to create a looping animation that shows a single landscape / seascape but with a constant shimmer of … time.


Praça das Artes by Brasil Arquitetura.

[São Paulo] Brasil.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
The Arts Square, in front of the Musical Dramatic Conservatory of São Paulo, seeks to restore and repair the architectural ensemble, damaged by the years and the lack of use. For achieving that, the architects confront with a complicated situation in which the old buildings and the lack of space become a hard condition. The project is solved through the maximum understanding of the place, opening the whole to the surrounding area as well as raising several blocks for providing an easy pedestrian circulation.

Praça das Artes.- 
Performing Arts Centre.


Architects in love: Robert Slinger and magma architecture Love Berlin.

[2 VIDEOS] from Architectuul
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Sometimes we get to connect in a special way with a building that has existed in our city ever since we can remember. If this building is special not only for its aesthetic, but also for its social and historical context, we cannot help falling in love with it. This is the case of the five young architects that star in "Architects in Love" video episodes: each one chooses a building in Berlin and documents it in a personal and unique way.

"Architects In Love" consists of five short video episodes with four young Berlin architects who present mostly unknown Berlin buildings to the audience. The videos seek to approach the subject of architecture through a series of candid discussions with young architects in the city of Berlin. Instead of talking in the abstract, the architects present buildings they have grown to love in their own...


Housing and urban development project.

By Pich-Aguilera Arquitectes. [Manresa], Spain.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
The relation with the surrounding area is the first determining point in this project. The closeness of the old city and the two main access streets determine its characteristical façades and its green cover. Besides, the project seeks to create open spaces for pedestrians.

Finally two ideas more: On the one hand the colors of the facade, which encourage urban vision, often too gray. On the other hand the constant development and interest in the study of the environmental sustainability parameters and technological innovation, where are an indisputable reference.


Blue Hills House by La SHED Architecture.

La SHED architecture. [Morin-Heights, Québec] Canada.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Perched on a steeply inclined surface over swamps, the single story residence slides gracefully between the trees and is only hardly visible from the street. As per the occupants’ and architect’s wishes, the house has a dual relationship with its environment; from the outside, it is camouflaged in its setting and is as discreet as possible. From the inside, the house is completely open to its surroundings, and its occupants are met with scenery that is in constant evolution. In both cases, the house gives way to the wild grandeur of the Laurentians. The Blue Hills House, through its refinement and simplicity, allows for a harmonious coexistence between man and nature. By establishing a comfortable, relaxed and light environment, living in this home is akin to perpetual holiday.



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