Hub Creatic by Tetrarc.

By Tetrarc. [Nantes] France.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Hub Créatic, is the new building designed by Tetrarc agency, in Nantes. It is a building dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications. With lively and vivid yellow walls, this building has become an attractive landmark for the city of Nantes, comprising 700 companies and representing 18,000 jobs, dedicated to new information and communication technologies.

Description of the project by Tetrarc.

The Tetrarc agency has put its name to the Hub Créatic in...


CASA NO TEMPO by Aires Mateus.

By Aires Mateus. [Montemor o Novo] Portugal.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
This wonderful resort from João and Andreia Rodrigues, is situated in a beautiful rural territory of Portugal. The project designed by the architect Aires Mateus, aimed to reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and landscape, avoiding a conventional approach by liberating the land.

Description of the project by Aires Mateus.

The intervention aimed to reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and...


Elisabeth and Helmut UHL Foundation by Modostudio.

By Modostudio [Laives] Italy.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Elisabeth and Helmut UHL Foundation by modostudio was the winner project of a restricted international architectural competition held in 2009, which objective was to develop a building on a slope of a mountain enjoying a spectacular panoramic view in the municipality of Laives, able to host the activities of the homonymous cultural and research foundation. The building is characterized by the good adaptation in the environment and the material uses that combine the traditions of the place and the technological innovation.

Description of the project by the architects.

The project of the Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl foundation has been realized thanks to a restricted international architectural competition held in...


The Pedway: Elevating London.

Documentary [VÍDEO] from Chris Bevan Lee.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
"The Pedway: Elevating London" is a documentary on the post-war redevelopment in the City of London - focusing on the attempt to build an ambitious network of elevated walkways through the city. Featuring interviews with professor of town planning Michael Hebbert (UCL), architecture critic Jonathan Glancey, city planning officer Peter Wynne Rees and writer Nicholas Rudd-Jones (Pathways), the film explores why the 'Pedway' scheme was unsuccessful and captures the abandoned remains that, unknown to the public, still haunt the square mile.

Planned & Constructed by Chris Bevan Lee.
(Part of the Barbican Urban Wandering - Film and the London Landscape season 2013 & Rotterdam Architecture Festival 2013)
Music from the film (minus Philip Glass) can be heard at
goo.gl/gTycsN & goo.gl/gtETRX...


Shelter at Raval by Eva Cotman.

Renovation of an apartment [BCN] Spain.
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
A small apartment in Raval, Ciutat Vella in Barcelona. Customers are a young couple. Recycle and renovate, to use from a contemporary vision.

Eva Cotman is a young architect who presents one of her projects, in this case a simple reform,...


The Aesthetics of Mimesis by Enric Llorach. (2nd PART)

metalocus, ENRIC LLORACH
This article was divided in two by its author. The first part was published last October 3, 2014, below the link.

Cuerpo y paisaje

On 17 September 1979, Andrei Tarkovsky returned to Russia after filming a documentary called Voyage in Time (Tempo di viaggio). Shortly after his return, on 5 October, his mother, Maria Ivanovna, passed away. The filmmaker was also fully aware that his return would be short-lived and soon his native land would be inaccessible to him as his...


Landscapes of Fire in Cape Verde.

By FG + SG Photography. [Fogo] Cape Verde.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Today we are pleased to present the first part of the fantastic images taken in Fogo Island Natural Park in Cape Verde by Portuguese photographers Fernando and Sergio Guerra. Bright, vibrant colours, especially red tones, against the dark tones that prevail in Fogo Island desertic landscape.

In Fogo Island, about 1800 meters above sea level, in the crater of the volcano, there is a village with about 1200 people living on the fringes of legality. They occupy state lands and organize mainly agricultural activities that ensure their survival in one of the poorest areas of Cape Verde.

The status of protected area of national interest forced the zoning of farming, with...


'Orange' by Atelier Norisada Maeda.

By Atelier Norisada Maeda. [Meguro] Japan.
ORANGE, is a residential project that accommodates a space where children can touch the raw world with their innate, pure sensitivity. The irregular spatial form of this project, was a product of chance whose main goal is to get the two children living there shall not lose their pure sensitivity for ever, without limiting his possibilities about the ways to perceive, communicate and interact with and the world.

Description of the project by Atelier Norisada Maeda.



The Aesthetics of Mimesis by Enric Llorach. (PART 1)

Photographic montage.- Enric Llorach. SECOND PART > 10.10.2014
metalocus, ENRIC LLORACH
In aesthetics, the concepts of imitation and mimesis have always been essential in attempts to elucidate the processes that come into play in artistic expression. Of Greek origin, mimesis is an elusive philosophical term which has carried various interpretations throughout the centuries.

In its classical conception and according to the dictionary definition, mimesis is the “imitative representation of the real world” as the essential aim of art. Plato viewed the mimetic world as inherently subordinate to its original or its idealization, whereas Aristotle already deemed mimesis as a tool through which we interpret reality. Much later during the Enlightenment, mimesis was again scorned as...



[PAR] France
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Boa Mistura shows us his last intervention in the great event of the art in Paris, the "Nuit Blanche", last October 4,5.

The work is located under the rail tracks of the Chevaleret Metro Station, 6 line at east of Paris. They took the big steel and stone columns, and they wrote the word RÉALITÉ (reality) using the techinque of the anamorphosis and playing with the meaning of the word. Only if placing yourself at a certain point you could read it.

Boa Mistura said, "This way we try...



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