Activation protocol of empty spaces by Paisaje Transversal

[Egia-Donostia] Spain.
#EgiaMapa project promoted by the International Contemporary Culture Centre Tabakalera and developed by Paisaje Transversal, launches a participatory process -based on the idea of "meanwhile urbanism" - in which the people reflect on the public space and integration in town doing a collaborative map that unused spaces and potential spaces are pointed so the commercial agents can have places to develop their activity in the Egia neighborhood in Donostia.

Two years ago Paisaje Transversal cooperated in the Transïtoak project, an initiative of adaptive urban plan promoted by the International Contemporary Culture Centre Tabakalera of Donostia and finally, on 15 June, a tour was guided by the district in which the most unique spaces were visited because...


New inclusions to UNESCO World Heritage List.

[Hamburg] Germany.
metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN.
World Heritage Committee has inscribed 24 new sites to its list, as well as extensions to three existing sites, among which there is an extension of the Spanish Camino de Santiago.

As we discussed in our last heritage article, the UNESCO approved the request of Hamburg for including the "Speicherstadt and Chilehaus with Kontorhaus District " in the World Heritage List. There are many other sites...


7 Reinterpretations of Jacobsen's Series 7™ chair.

Exhibition. By Fritz Hansen.
Fritz Hansen invited 7 'cool' architects to reinterpret its best-selling chair, with over 5 million copies, Arne Jacobsen's model 3107 chair, more known as Series 7™ chair, in its 60th anniversary. They will be in an exhibition which will travel around the world.

Jacobsen did not design this chair for a specific project, like he did with another of his famous chair, which has allowed to reinterpret and adapt it at different times. This chair gained its fame thanks to a protrait by Lewis Morley to the model Christine Keele.

The invited architects by Fritz Hansen for these reinterpretations have been...



Exhibition at La Fábrica [MAD] Spain. 09.07>3.08.2015
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Under the name of "MAD" the new exhibition of the Uruguayan photographer Pablo Guidali comes to Madrid to the gallery La Fábrica. The exhibition consists of 25 photographs in black and white that goes around the concept of wandering.

After the exhibition presented as Diente de Chucho, comes MAD, the second proposal of La Fábrica  for the programming of the Off Festival within...


Warehouse district in Hamburg Added to UNESCO World Heritage List

[Hamburg] Germany
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA
The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has approved the request of Hamburg for the "Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus" is included on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The committee has recognized the outstanding universal value of the district offices and urban complex storage and shipping of Hamburg from the early 20th century. Hamburg now has its first world heritage site.

The Speicherstadt, located in Hamburg (Germany) is the biggest complex of stores of the world. It possesses great historical value and occupies more than 26 hectares in the core of the Port of Hamburg. 17 buildings, with  marked Gothic style of red brick, and more than 300,000 sqm are dedicated to area of storage. Some products of such high value as coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, obacco and, in the last decades, the oriental carpets, have...


New City Hall in Førde by MestresWågeArquitectes.

[Førde] Norway.
The Catalan/Norwegian office of architecture Mestres Wåge Arquitectes, based in Barcelona, winner of the the international restricted design competition for the construction of the new city hall in Førde (Norway). Their project won, in 2009, competing with the recognized Nordic firms BIG and Henning Larsen. The building was opened in 2014.

The project has been developed entirely with BIM; new tool for virtual modelling and control of information that allows all disciplines to simultaneously work on the project in all parts of the design process. The software allow for a high level of control in themes such as cost control and the energy performance of the building. Mestres Wåge has 12 years of experience with these tools. MestresWågeArquitectes...


Maison Terrebonne by la SHED architecture.

[Québec] Canada.
metalocus, IRENE GARCÍA
Located on a wooded plot the Maison Terrebonne, designed The Shed Architecture, is the transformation of a typical 90's bungalow into a house for a person living alone. It is built on the preexisting foundations, preserving one of the principal features of the original house: split levels. A thorough building overhaul of the lower level, in combination with a larger second floor, allow to create open rooms with an abundance of natural lighting.

La Maison Terrebonne is a project of La SHED Architecture for the transformation of an old typical house. The split levels that characterized the preexisting building is preserved: the access level consists of garage, lobby and office, in the next one there are the kitchen, the...


The Bartlett Summer Show 2015, with state of scanning technology

ScanLAB Projects. [VIDEO] de Bartlett School of Architecture. [LON] UK
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
To coincide with London Technology Week, ScanLAB Projects, run by Bartlett School of Architecture graduates Matthew Shaw and William Trossell, return this year to document The Bartlett Summer Show for the fifth year running.

Using state of the art 3D scanning technology ScanLAB ‘digitise space’ by capturing a cloud of over a billion precisely measured points which they then assemble into a virtual model. Exhibition spaces are individually scanned in full colour and with millimetre accuracy and used to create interactive apps (available...


Summary of the last P.I.G.S.

[VIDEO] by Laura Cazzaniga. [Lisbon, Athens, Barcelona, Rome] Europe. Portugal.- 27.06>28.06.2015
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA.
Now, we bring you a summary of the last meeting P.I.G.S. that took place in Lisbon last weekend in the Biblioteca e Observatòrio dos Estragos da Sociedade Globalizada.

For those who still don´t know the meaning of it, P.I.G.S. is the acronym of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. We show you some images of teh event.



'Madrid 24h', photography exhibition at CentroCentro Cibeles.

Exhibition, PHotoEspaña 2015. CentroCentro Cibeles [MAD] Spain. 23/06>30/08/2015.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
José Tono Martínez, CentroCentro Cibeles director; María García Yelo, PHotoEspaña director and Francisco Hortiguela, Director of Samsung's Institutional Relations, Communication and Corporate Citizenship, inaugurated last June 23rd the exhibition 'Madrid 24 h' in CentroCentro Cibeles. A day in Madrid's life, a group exhibition of photographs that comes from the homonym online contest organized by PHotoEspaña and Samsung, with the participation of the City of Madrid.

During almost a month, 'Madrid 24h' has invited all Madrid's inhabitants as well as the large number of visitors that every day visit the capital, to photograph the city to capture all the details, corners, atmospheres and sensations that the city offers during the day. Among the 3,223 received photographs, a jury composed by PHotoEspaña, Samsung and Madrid...



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