[St. Petersburg] Russia. 28.06 > 31.10.2014
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
After many months of planning MANIFESTA 10 finally opened to the public on Saturday, 28 June 2014, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Manifesta 10 presents the art of our times across several venues in the Hermitage Museum and at locations within the city of St. Petersburg.

Some considered the choice of St. Petersburg controversial, however Manifesta believes that engaging with Russia at this time is important and necessary. Over the coming 125 days, MANIFESTA 10 will present the art of our times, featuring some of the world’s most renowned contemporary...


MONTSE ZAMORANO. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture.

Fundamentals METALOCUS.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
We started this series with a woman photographer and casually end with this tenth article about another woman photographer, Montse Zamorano, of which I'm very glad. She is the youngest in the group and therefore the choice is also a great responsibility for the future. The first pictures I saw by Montse Zamorano reached me when preparing an article about the Shanghai bridges in China, by Pedro Pablo Arroyo, (a very good project by the way which was not enough broadcasted). We published it in on occasion of our tenth anniversary in METALOCUS issue 026.

I didn't have any more contact with her until last June when we casually met in Pamplona, ​​during the 3rd 'Arquitectura y Sociedad' Conference, 'Arquitectura Necesaria". About to attend Vicente Verdú and Álvaro Siza's lectures, I met Montse Zamorano at breakfast. She had been commissioned the...


FICARQ 2014, from 15th to 19th July.

[Aviles] Asturias. Spain.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
[Only in Spanish] La segunda edición del Festival Internacional de Cine y Arquitectura de Avilés (FicArq) arranca el próximo 15 de julio. Cinco días de películas, conferencias y mesas redondas para celebrar los puntos de unión entre cine y arquitectura. Con el centro Óscar Niemeyer como base de la programación, FicArq 2014 repasa algunas de las propuestas cinematográficas sobre arquitectura de los últimos meses y abre una ventana desde el norte de España a algunos de los estrenos que están por llegar a la cartelera.

En dos semanas comenzará el único festival de Cine y Arquitectura en España.


La sección Arquitecturas filmadas contará con el documental sobre el proceso de reforma y ampliación del RijksMuseum de Amsterdam, hogar de las obras maestras de Vermeer o Rembrandt, ...


ALFONSO QUIROGA. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture.

Fundamentals METALOCUS.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
With Alfonso Quiroga we get to the final stages of our series, the next-to-last instalment. We come back to the centre, to Madrid. Quirogais passionate about photography and it can be noticed in the way he speaks to us about it: "Photography is part of my life in a natural way. It is my profession, but I am also a passionate. Meaning, I have a dark room in my studio, cameras of the nineteenth century that I use, I researched old processes, and put them into practice... And that is why I also value and know the most advanced digital techniques that are helping me on a daily basis".

His career is more extensive than that of others. After 20 years dedicated to advertising and art photography, an ambitious industrial photography commissioned...


House interior remodelation in Toledo by Romero Vallejo.

By Romero Vallejo. [Toledo] Spain.
metalocus, BELÉN CALLEJO.
The study Romero-Vallejo presents a interior reform in Toledo, where they combine the traditional scheme with contemporary elements, using singular materials in carpentry, furniture, kitchen...

Refreshing, the set of different pavements proposed by architects, that depending on the room as if it were a new carpet they propose a pavement with different geometries and colors in every room of this inner remodeling.


The Interlace by OMA. CTBUH Award, 2014

CTBUH Urban Habitat Award Winner. [SINGAPUR]
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
The Interlace, a residential tall building project in Singapore by OMA and Ole Scheeren, has been chosen by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in Chicago as the winner of the inaugural worldwide Urban Habitat Award 2014 in recognition of its groundbreaking contributions to the urban realm and social sustainability.

The Interlace is a 1,040-unit apartment complex consisting of 31 apartment blocks, each six stories tall and 70 meters long, stacked in hexagonal arrangements around eight large-scale, permeable courtyards. The design was by OMA and Buro Ole Scheeren. The stacking of the volumes creates a topographical...


The Attic by Neri&Hu.

[Shanghai] China.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
The chinese team Neri&Hu has recently completed the renovation of an industrial roof space for turning into an offices space for a creative agency.

Neri&Hu team begins with an almost poetic idea which, metaphorically, compares the underground space in a building with the subconscious while the elevated area, the attic, seems to be the rational, quite and controlled space.

With this idea the team carries out the renovation of a traditionaly cold and forgotten space, the attic, for turning it into a comfortable and...


BricsCAD PREMIUM License, free.

metalocus, ALEX DURO.
BRICSYS has offered METALOCUS readers a free PREMIUM license, priced at 875€, for the winner of the raffle. Participating is really easy, keep reading below and, good luck!

BricsCAD is a CAD software which combines the features. dwg tools for 2D and 3D modeling. The system is compatible with Windows and Linux and allows easy maneuverability through its interface, and the inclusion of external applications. In METALOCUS we are pleased to offer a PREMIUM LICENSE, priced at 875 euros, with all features available.



Álvaro Siza. Viagem sem Programa.

metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
The book titled "Álvaro Siza. Viagem sem Programa" is a publication dedicated to portraits and to travel drawings that the Portuguese architect executed over a period of sixty years. A range of sketchbooks and folders with a selection of drawings from Siza’s private archive is also available.

On the occasion of the venice Biennale reprint of the book "Álvaro Siza. Viagem sem Programa", dedicated to the famous portughese architect.

After the successful results achieved with the first edition, the book “Álvaro Siza. Viagem sem Programa” has been reprinted and can now be found in major bookshops. The publication is dedicated to portraits and to travel drawings that the Portuguese architect...


Caixaforum Museum, Auditorium and Cultural Centre opened in Zaragoza.

[Zaragoza] Spain.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
CaixaForum Zaragoza, a cultural and social centre built by the bank in the capital of Aragon, finally opened to the public. The building was designed by Catalan architect Carme Pinós. Doors open days will be running until next Sunday 6 June.

The centre opens with a double exhibition and an exhibition space displaying CaixaForum Zaragoza's building process. Construction work began in September 2010 and lasted three and a half years.

In her project for CaixaForum Zaragoza, Carme Pinós sets a building "that creates city and which, when lived in, allows visitors to feel part of it." The building designed by Pinós splits into two high geometric large...



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