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And our second and last series with part of your congratulations. A little shorter because the previous one was too big and slow to download. Thanks to all!

From METALOCUS, to all our readers, the best, the best for 2015!


A retroactive future or visions with the memory and the smart.

2014 vs 2015
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
To Eileen Gray is credited with the phrase "the future projects light, the past only shadows." This year it seems that the shadows were very long and covered much of the actions that occurred both in the world as in architecture. Memory is always a neighboring uncomfortable and this year the relationship between architecture and memory has had a particularly unique resonance.

El evento que eclipsó y que más arquitectura produjo fue el Mundial de Fútbol de Brasil. Sus numerosos y en muchos casos fastuosos estadios de fútbol no consiguieron acallar las protestas de la población por el desigual reparto de los fondos públicos (en un país claramente desigual y con enormes bolsas de pobreza, necesitado de escuelas, bibliotecas, viviendas sociales e instalaciones públicas). Pasado el mundial, que para los españoles es mejor no recurrir a la...


Asplund's Stockholm City Library will be "restructured" by Caruso St John

[Estocolmo] Suecia [Stockholm] Sweden
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
On 19 December it was announced that the British Caruso St John Architects have won the competition to restore, restructure and add to Gunnar Asplund's Stockholm City Library. The project will involve work to the annex and bazaars as well as to the main building, and will be carried out in collaboration with Scheiwiller Svensson Arkitektkontor.

The City of Stockholm is planning right now to develop and renovate the city library. The main building, designed by Gunnar Asplund and inaugurated in 1928, is one of the modern Swedish architecture's great work, known internationally and possibly the world's most modern and accessible library in its time, ...


Israel's Square completed by COBE.

[Copenhague] Dinamarca
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
The new Israel's Square consists of a folded surface floating above the ground - like a flying carpet. The square, or surface, is a large public area in the center of Copenhagen, and hovers between two worlds: the city and the neighboring Ørsted Park. In fact, situated in the area between the station Nørreport and The Lakes, with a bustling covered market and close to Ørsteds Park and the Botanical Gardens.

The goal of this project, designed by COBE, was to integrate these realities transforming a car park and play area a contemporary urban space, flexible and a unifying place one of the most popular historic areas of Copenhagen.

The new park wanders into the square  as a series of cut-outs on this new surface...


VKhUTEMAS – A Russian Laboratory of Modernity

Architecture designs 1920 – 1930 [BER] Germany
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Vkhutemas, often referred to as the “Russian Bauhaus”, was a legendary art school of Modernism in the 1920s. This is the first exhibition in Germany to show an important sampling – mainly focused on architecture – of the work of Vkhutemas. On display will be some 250 works: sketches, drawings, paintings and models by staff and students.

The exhibition has been mounted by the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow. These “Higher Artistic-Technical Workshops” were founded in 1920 by decree of the Soviet government. In eight faculties divided into production workshops (Wood, Metal, Textiles, Printmaking, Ceramics) and art workshops (Painting, Sculpture, Architecture) several thousand students received instruction. An introductory course with a completely novel artistic and...


Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City.

Published by NoBrow.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
From the subway to the skyscraper, from Manhattan’s financial district to the Long Island suburbs, every inch of New York tells the story of one man’s mind: Robert Moses, the architect who designed it all. Robert Moses: The Master Builder of New York City is a graphic novel by Pierre Christin and Olivier Balez, published by Nobrow.

Robert Moses (December 18, 1888–July 29, 1981) is one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century American history but few people outside New York know his name. Few architect have done more to redefine the fate of a city — and, by a halo of influence, of cities in general — than Robert Moses. He was one of the most...


MoMA PS1 presents Samara Golden: The Flat Side of the Knife

metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Los Angeles - based artist Samara Golden (American, b. 1973) creates immersive installations that explore what she calls the sixth dimension, where a multitude of pasts, presents, and futures exist concurrently. For The Flat Side of the Knife , Golden present s her largest installation to date, filling the double - height of MoMA PS1’s Duplex Gallery with staircases, beds, couches, lamps, musical instruments, video, and sound.

Installation shots from Samara Golden’s, The Flat Side of the Knife. Come check out this amazing site-specific installation in Duplex Gallery, now on view through August 30, 2015.

The Flat Side of the Knife combines physical spaces with illusory spaces that appear on ly in mirrors, reflecting what the artist refers to as “layers of consciousness,” akin to...


Cedric Price new exhibition by Bureau Europa

Cedric Price: The Dynamics of Time [Maastricht] The Netherlands.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Bureau Europa presents the third iteration of an exhibition of the work of architect Cedric Price and the first public appearance of some of his selected projects, in Maastricht, The Netherlands. CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time is an exhibition that introduces the work of Price by presenting a cross-section of the elements of his inventive and singular practice: sketches, project drawings, recorded talks, first-hand accounts by staff, colleagues and friends.

This interesting exhibition allows us to know the work by Cedric Price, a British architect, writer and educator who had a formative influence on architects such as Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, and Bernard Tschumi. The exhibition, curated at the invitation of Bureau Europa...


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from METALOCUS

Design, Recommendations
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our readers! Here's a selection of Christmas cards (and gifs) we've received this year. (This is just a small selection, at Year End we will draw a new series, thank you all).

It’s becoming a yearly tradition for us to share the greetings we received on METALOCUS. We have received dozens of well wishes from architects, designers, schools in all corners of globe.



A' House by Wiel Arets Architects. Glass coated house.

WAA [Tokyo] Japan.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
This compact private residence is nestled within the dense expanse of Tokyo, in Nishi-Azabu—a neighborhood characterized by narrow streets and traditional low-rise houses—which borders a park heavily visited during the spring, when the city’s cherry trees begin to bloom. Its 136-square-meter volume consists of five horizontally divided spaces, each connected by a minuscule sculptural spiraling staircase that, given the footprint of the house, allows for loft-like spaces within its intimate confines.

Oversized windows punctuate the house, each with two layers of glazing; one is transparent and one is of the same relief glass that wraps the façade. These oversized windows, with their dual layers of glazing, can be countlessly reconfigured, to regulate the interior flow of daylight.




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