StudioSC by studio MK27.

Sao Paulo [Brazil].
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
The project begins with an internal contest at the own study. From that contest appears several ideas for finishing with an final simply design, whose diagrams we recommend you to see it. The design is embodied in two wooden boxes separated by a central void which is characterized by the presence of a concrete walkway hung from the ceiling. The program is organized to create a route by which visitors are aware of the area of work of the study.

Memory of project.


Ludwig Leo in Berlin.

Exhibition. die raum Gallery. [BERLIN] Germany. 13/09-27/10/2013.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Despite having built three of the most important buildings in postwar West Berlin architecture - Charlottenburg Sports Hall, Circulation Tank of the Hydraulics Laboratory near Tiergarten station and a tower for the German Association of Lifeguards - Ludwig Leo's work is now largely forgotten since his withdrawal from architectural discourse after the 70s. This month, the gallery die raum in Berlin - in collaboration with BARarchitekten and Gregor Harbusch - diplays drawings, models, photographs and a film from four of his projects. If you are in Berlin, you can't miss it!

“Architecture must be socially justified, otherwise it is only a picture.”

Ludwig Leo

Ludwig Leo (1924-2012) was perhaps the most unusual architect working in West Berlin in the post-war period. His best known work is the...


Opening: Miguel Fisac y Alejandro de la Sota. Mirada en Paralelo. [II]

In Museo ICO. [MAD] España. 17/10/2013 - 16/02/2014.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
From the October 17 and for four months we will celebrate the centenary of Miguel Fisac and Alejandro de la Sota in an exhibition that brings the ICO Museum. A must for all who enjoy good architecture.

There were two great masters, reinvented Spanish modern architecture and limited but important reference buildings have served several generations of architects in the country. Their work began just after the Civil War, claiming the language of the modern movement against the regime historicist architecture, and ended their lives with very personal exploracionesm. To mark the centenary of the birth of Miguel Fisac and...


PAROLE - Champ-Dollon 1/24.

By Bureau A.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Art, Design, Recommendations
This formal experiment, Swiss Art Award 2013, seeks to initiate a discussion on how architects approach their commissions, if the importance is the answer to a question or more the question itself.

Memory of project.

In Switzerland there is a current trend for professional tranquility and particularly so in the world of architecture where architects prefer to satisfy their commissions in studied silence. Everything is in the doing and...


House in Leiria.

By ARX Portugal. [Leiria] Portugal.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
The portuguese studio ARX brings this home, with clear and pure lines. Inside and outside are constantly linked by courtyards, which are opening and closing to the landscape.

Memory of project.

The house is located in a "typical" peripheric urbanization of Pousos, a parish of the municipality of Leiria. Situated east of the city and at high ground, it works as a sort of panoramic belvedere over Leiria.

So as to assure for more space and complete access...


Rumble and Sway.

[VIDEO] By The Seventh Movement.
From New York again and using timelapse technique, which shows different reasons or events that happen slowly so invaluable to the human eye, along with a type of determined camera and lens and performing different actions achieve impressive and expressive results of New York city. The best, night views. Do not miss it!

This video is a mixtape of the 321 different shots we made over the two week period in NYC for the 2013 US Open broadcast on ESPN. One of our consistent gigs the past couple of years has been shooting and editing timelapse for broadcast. Now I'm not talking about live timelapse transmitting or anything impossible like that. We shoot scenics around the city, stylized shots of the stadiums, moving...


Paper Birds.

By Diana Beltran Herrera.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
We introduce you Diana, a young artist who makes these delicate birds, with paper she gets blur the boundaries between the real and the artificial, stop time with movement, and allows us to feel closely at these colorful animals.

I've been always concern about this other part that is alive and is different than humans, I've always curious about the way it develop and how it survive and remain with the years. I've been aways interested in birds since my mother bought 2 and they were living home. I very much like them but those kind of animals as everything in nature is very vulnerable and timid.

When I went in 2011 to...


Student Housing in Sant Cugat del Vallès

dataAE+HARQUITECTES. ETSAV Campus, St. Cugat del Vallès [BCN] Spain.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA
Big elements prefabrication can sometimes turn into outstanding results. Dry construction and bioclimatic strategies lead this project for these architecture student dwellings, in which more than one of us would like to spend our working nights.

Memoria del proyecto.

The new dwelling house for university students is located in the same block as the Vallès Architecture School. The project proposed intends to keep its balance among the existing buildings, outside areas and the new dwelling house, which is formed...


Citizens of No Place. An Architectural Graphic Novel.

Book. Princeton Architectural Press • New York. By Jimenez Lai.
Citizens of No Place published by Princeton Architectural Press, is a collection of short stories on architecture and urbanism, graphically represented using manga-style storyboards. Jimenez Lai, its author speaks about the conflation of representation, design, theory and storytelling by working through comics and translating the alternate worlds into physical installations.

Fiction is used as a strategy to unpack thoughts about architecture. Modeled as a proto-manifesto, it is a candid chronicle of a highly critical thought process in the tradition of paper architecture (especially that of architect John Hejduk and Bernard Tschumi's Manhattan Transcript). The short stories explore many architectural problems through the unique language of the graphic novel, helping usher the next generation of architectural theory and criticism....


"Prelude" by Andrea Santolaya.

Mondo Gallery [MAD] Spain. 10/10-09/11/2013.
From the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Andrea Santolaya photographs the world's Russian Ballet. Nacho Duato, Artistic Director of Mikhailovsky Ballet, invited her to live with them this experience in order to development work that today we bring. "Prelude" documents from a contemporary point of view this world through costume, scenarios, faces, dancers, masters and architecture. The whites and blacks, the contrast and darkness express themselves the Russian context.

The starting point of this project is a quest within the representation of dance and its origins inside the Russian Ballet. Therefore, I moved to the heart of classsical theater: the Mikhailovsky Theater in Saint Petersburg. The Mikhailovsky ballet is formed by a one hundred percent Russian body. Dancers, masters, artisans, everyone inside the theater is Russian....



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