Fogo Island Natural Park Headquarters by OTO Arquitectos.

By OTO Arquitectos. [Fogo] Cape Verde.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
The project for Fogo Island Natural Park Headquarters appears with the aim of conciliate the population with the new park management within the context of a potential World Heritage Site.

From this attitude of making architecture from the place, and with, and for, the population who will inhabit it, OTO Arquitectos team integrates the construction in the landscape through the use of local materials and with an intelligent discretion.

The lack of local resources, which could become a problem, turn into an element of the design. The building is energetically independent...


The Archives. Le Meridien Hotel by Neri&Hu.

[Zhengzhou] China.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
In their design for Le Meridien hotel, Shanghai-based firm Neri&Hu envisions a new landmark for Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province. Henan, once the ancient political, economic and cultural center of China and home to many Emperors, today welcomes the international traveler. To showcase Henan’s history through its Arts (of Literature, Nature, Food, Theater, and Pattern) the architects conceived of the building as an "archive" of new and old artifacts that becomes a point of discovery for residents and travelers alike.

This is the most extensive and largest scale inter-disciplinary design project Neri&Hu has undertaken, including: a re-design of the architecture from its previous concrete shell, full interior design from guest rooms to public spaces and restaurants, custom furniture design, signage design, landscape concept, and a few of the art installations. Through exploring different scales, textures, materials, and spaces, Neri&Hu created a showcase of archives by...


BUILD by BUREAU A. Building interiors.

[Geneva] Switzerland.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
BUILD is the latest project by BUREAU A. How would you intervene in such a complicated space? How would you dialogue with the organic pieces of the building?

The solution proposed by Bureau A was to make a strong design, yet simple. A repetitive, intelligent and very neutral structure.



Fondation D'Entreprise Galeries Lafayette by OMA.

[PAR] France.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
OMA presents his proposal for the extension of a late 19th century industrial building in the heart of Paris to house different areas of production, creation and innovation for the Fondation D'Entreprise Galeries Lafayette.

The team led by Rem Koolhaas, OMA, presents his proposal for the extension of a late 19th century industrial building in which they insert a tower in the backyard, whose floors can move through a rack and pinion system. Is expected to be completed during 2016.

The pre-existing...


JACER–Training Center by 3+1 Architekti.

By 3+1 Architects [ Předlice] Czech Republic.
metalocus, BELÉN CALLEJO.
The new training center by 3 +1 Architects, located in the Czech Republic, was a a farmhouse, situated in a devastated area after the communist regime. Their main source of inspiration has been the torso of the barn and the existing stone perimeter wall that borders the area, which have been preserved and restored to create this new wooden center that combines the original design with the new one.

Description of the project by 3+1 Ar...


Blood Center by FAAB Architekture.

By FAAB Architecture [Racibórz] Poland.
metalocus, BELÉN CALLEJO.
The new Regional Blood Center in Poland providing with all the necessary facilities to collect, keep, and analyze the blood including modern cool rooms and storages, blood collecting unit, a complex of advanced medical laboratories and blood radiation laboratory, offices and conference center.

Its geometry is inspired by the function of the blood center, the clash of biology with technology. The principal characteristic of the building is the vivid red color of the elevation, making the building visually suprising to the public, calls attention to the idea of the blood donation.


Bondy Auditorium & Conservatory by ParcArchitectes.

By ParcArchitectes, [Bondy], France.
metalocus, BELÉN CALLEJO.
Auditorium of Bondy is the new symbol of this suburban city in France. The box geometry is covered with undulated metal skin directly inspired from suburban architecture. The buildings has three different programs : an auditorium, a conservatory for Radio France,dedicated to choral singing and an exhibition space. All of the spaces are equipped with technical and acoustic facilities.

Description of the  deproyecto por ...


The end of a dream.

[Caracas] Venezuela.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
This week, on monday with soldiers and officials, Venezuelan government evicted forcibly, hundreds of families from Torre David, the abandoned skyscraper in Venezuela that squatters have turned into a role model for informal communities.

The news emerged last week when published out that the Venezuelan government was in talks with Chinese investors interested in purchasing the 45-storey building, which was originally designed for a financial organisation in the 1990s, but left unfinished after the death of the developer.

The evictions have been criticised by...


ALBERTO SARTORIS. Or the fourth dimension of architecture.

Exhibition. Villa « Le Lac » Le Corbusier. [Corseaux] Switzerland 06/06/2014 - 07/09/2014
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
"Ou la quatrième dimension de l'architecture". Co-founder, with Rietveld and Le Corbusier, of the Congrès internationaux d’architecture moderne (CIAM), promoter of the modern movement, theorist and architect, Alberto Sartoris is known above all for his axonometries, which he published in the form of magnificent serigraphs.

They are on display at the Villa “Le Lac” with the plans of his "Maison Minimale", models and photographs, as well as an armchair of which two units were made in 1990, authorised and certified by Alberto Sartoris. “Paper architectures” was the phrase Alberto Sartoris used to designate his unbuilt projects. Not built in stone but made transcendent in graphic...


Housing at the old city wall of Berlin by Sohrab Zafari.

By Sohrab Zafari [BER] Germany.
metalocus, BELÉN CALLEJO.
This buildings from Sohrab Zafari, is the paradise os the light and senses, where present and future, existence and identity, longing and hope, combine to form this experience house. Its white, fine-grained and seamlessly plastered walls abandon the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces and let the individual buildings seem basic, abstract and sculptural. Courtyards and terraces, the light, the water and the wind are important elements that change that contribute significantly to the increase in living quality. We could clearly say that this is a POETY house.

Descripción del proyecto por ...



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