BCN RE.SET at Aedes, Berlin.

Exhibition. Aedes Gallery. [Berlin] Germany.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
This year Enric Miralles Foundation presents the exhibition "BCN RESET – The making of”, which shows the work of six international architects to create ephemeral installations, each associating different themes linked to the commemoration of Tricentenari BCN.

The exhibition will document the work of the Enric Miralles Foundation with the focus on the urban intervention project BCN RE.SET’. Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT) and the stage director Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus...


First Prize. International Competition “Future Wimbledon” by Lugadero.

Competition. [LON] RU.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Lugadero wins the competition to rethink Wimbledon’s town centre. With the title “Play Wimbledon”, Lugadero proposes a public participation process in which games and playful activities engage people to participate. The process proposes a series of small interventions that can achieve major improvements step by step.

Lugadero are delighted to announce that our entry to the international ideas competition “Future Wimbledon” has been awarded the First Prize, beating over 100 entries from diverse countries such as United States, China or the United Kingdom. The competition, organized by Merton Council (London) and the Business Improvement District Love Wimbledon, was...


Architecture and the Unspeakable by John Szot Studio.

metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
The full-length version of "Architecture and the Unspeakable", a story about three architecture proposals each with a pathological problem connecting it to a larger cultural dialog, - directed by John Szot and produced by Brooklyn Digital Foundry, is now officially released to the public. John Szot is an architect and filmmaker working from Brooklyn, New York.

Through the mechanisms of vandalism, idiosyncrasy, and ...

Architecture and the Unspeakable.

Funeral home in Toledo by TASH.

By TASH | Taller de Arquitectura Sánchez-Horneros. [Toledo] Spain.
From Toledo, we show you a project related with the funeral and medical architecture, Funeral Home. We invite you to analyze a building that adapts to environment around it and in turn the building relates the life and death of successful way, applying with judgement the functional, constructive and design aspects both outside and inside. Undoubtedly, a great work by Antonio, Emilio and their team.

Description of the project.

We situate ourselves in Toledo, beside the cemetery of the city to see one of the few examples of this architectural typology in Spain that can serve to the architects, with this building we will learn to take constructive and functional decisions when we deal with a project of this entity.



Angdong Health Center by RUF Architects.

By Rural Urban Framework (RUF) [Xiangxi-Hunan Province] China
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
This building is a new proyect by Hong Kong studio Rural Urban Framework, their architects, John Lin and Joshua Bolchover, have completed a grey-brick hospital in the Chinese village of Angdong that is intended to set a benchmark for health facilities in rural areas. Rural Urban Framework were commissioned by non-profit organisation "Institute for Integrated Rural Development" to develop the plans for the Andong Rural Hospital, which is China's first charitable hospital.

This new building was designed replace an existing hospital in Hunan Province. The facility was designed to address the lack of basic amenities provided by its predecessor and to provide a template for other rural hospitals. Key to the design was the architects' desire to create a more open and accessible feel than is typical of most institutional buildings in China. This was achieved by creating angled gaps in the facades, which permit views of a central...


Bakery in Pozoamargo by Isabel Escudero Herrera.

[Pozoamargo - Cuenca] Spain.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Situated in Pozoamargo, in the heart of “Manchuela conquense”, the new bakery designed by the architect Isabel Escudero Herrera recovers the popular architecture of the county with a contemporary language and becomes a neuralgic point for the village.

The project was designed taking into account its relation with the surrounding, space rhythms, sense of unity and, above all, its functional and constructive character. With this aim the external presence of the bakery doesn’t show the luminous amplitude of its internal space. The space sensations are therefore based more on the subtlety of alterations and on the complexity of its relations than on the abundance of means.


Hub Creatic by Tetrarc.

By Tetrarc. [Nantes] France.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Hub Créatic, is the new building designed by Tetrarc agency, in Nantes. It is a building dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications. With lively and vivid yellow walls, this building has become an attractive landmark for the city of Nantes, comprising 700 companies and representing 18,000 jobs, dedicated to new information and communication technologies.

Description of the project by Tetrarc.

The Tetrarc agency has put its name to the Hub Créatic in...


CASA NO TEMPO by Aires Mateus.

By Aires Mateus. [Montemor o Novo] Portugal.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
This wonderful resort from João and Andreia Rodrigues, is situated in a beautiful rural territory of Portugal. The project designed by the architect Aires Mateus, aimed to reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and landscape, avoiding a conventional approach by liberating the land.

Description of the project by Aires Mateus.

The intervention aimed to reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and...


Elisabeth and Helmut UHL Foundation by Modostudio.

By Modostudio [Laives] Italy.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Elisabeth and Helmut UHL Foundation by modostudio was the winner project of a restricted international architectural competition held in 2009, which objective was to develop a building on a slope of a mountain enjoying a spectacular panoramic view in the municipality of Laives, able to host the activities of the homonymous cultural and research foundation. The building is characterized by the good adaptation in the environment and the material uses that combine the traditions of the place and the technological innovation.

Description of the project by the architects.

The project of the Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl foundation has been realized thanks to a restricted international architectural competition held in...


The Pedway: Elevating London.

Documentary [VÍDEO] from Chris Bevan Lee.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
"The Pedway: Elevating London" is a documentary on the post-war redevelopment in the City of London - focusing on the attempt to build an ambitious network of elevated walkways through the city. Featuring interviews with professor of town planning Michael Hebbert (UCL), architecture critic Jonathan Glancey, city planning officer Peter Wynne Rees and writer Nicholas Rudd-Jones (Pathways), the film explores why the 'Pedway' scheme was unsuccessful and captures the abandoned remains that, unknown to the public, still haunt the square mile.

Planned & Constructed by Chris Bevan Lee.
(Part of the Barbican Urban Wandering - Film and the London Landscape season 2013 & Rotterdam Architecture Festival 2013)
Music from the film (minus Philip Glass) can be heard at
goo.gl/gTycsN & goo.gl/gtETRX...



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