25BIS by Living Architectures.

[VIDEO] from Ila Beka Louise Lemoine. [PAR] 27/11/2013 - 19/02/2014
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
When the formal architecture makes you smile, laugh!! Commissioned by the Prada Foundation and OMA, now here the Official trailer of the film "25BIS" by Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine".

"25 Bis" is presented in the exhibition "Auguste Perret, Huit Chefs d'œuvre!/?-- Architectures du béton armé" which takes place at the Palais d'Iéna in Paris.

The film is a portrait of the historic building located on the 25 Bis Rue Franklin in Paris built by Auguste Perret in 1903.

Scientific curator : ...


Lisbon Biennale EXD’13 - METAMORPHOSIS.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. [Lisbon] Portugal. 07/11 - 22/12/2013.
Using of cork and innovation summarize this exhibition, METAMORPHOSIS, where participate awarded architects with the Pritzker Architecture Prize besides other architects and designers with a free and individual proposal, researching and experimenting to design a proposal where cork is the protagonist. No doubt this exhibition will generate a reflection on friendly materials to the environment making that all artists discover new possibilities and opportunities.

METAMORPHOSIS is the exhibition which unlocks the opening week of EXD’13, Lisbon’s design & architecture Biennale and showcase for national and international innovation and creativity. This show, presented in partnership with the impressive Jerónimos Monastery (DPGC) and amidst its Cloisters, will highlight the visions of 10 distinguished product designers and...


80 social housing in Salou by Toni Gironès.

[Salou] Spain.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
From a contest for the design of 80 social housing within a really gridded and inflexible urban mesh, this building is projected to seek a reflexion about the intermediate spaces and the transitions, in a context where the urban development is characterized by a fast construction and its impermeability, with no relationship with the surrounding area. This interesting reflexion carries out a closer and engaged architecture with the direct user.

Memory of project.

Ten dwellings per storey are organized in each PB...


Didomestic by elii.

[MAD] Spain.
elii has designed the renovation of this house in downtown Madrid, seems to that architects had fun when they were projecting it. Diaphanous, mobile panels and secret trap doors give an original character to this space or these spaces that are generated according to the intention of the user. We hope you enjoy watching video and photographs.

Memory of project.

The scope of the project covers from the development of a customised functional proposal for a user that is turning a new leaf to the rehabilitation of the structure, the insulation, the...



By Raumlabor. [Anyang] South Korea.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO.
OpenHouse is an intervention by Raumlabor that seeks to expand the uses of public space in a constantly changing environment with a clear loss of identity. Anyang, located about 25 km south of Seoul, is affected by the same violent process as other Korean cities. The construction of new unattractive and virtually identical hi-rise apartment complexes entails the destruction of the existing city and a total erasure of the past. The result is a highly fragmented and largely homogenized urban landscape. With most existing urban structures and systems economically relevant for no more than 20 years, cities are becoming patchworks of tabula rasa to be redeveloped over and over again. In this context, OpenHouse seeks to promote social cohesion and create a meeting point for the inhabitants of Anyang. Korean cities are under constant and radical transformations, to an astonishing degree. The process is violent, often a total erasure of the past on behalf of the new. The result is a highly fragmented and largely homogenized urban landscape - mostly parceled into rather unattractive and virtually identical hi-rise apartment complexes. For an example, “The Lonely Planet,” the internationally popular tour guide, graded Seoul as the world’s third least attractive city to visit, because of its “Soviet-styled apartment buildings.” With most existing urban structures and systems economically relevant for no more than 20 years, cities are becoming patchworks of tabula rasa to be redeveloped over and over again.

Anyang has designated 29 redevelopment zones and one New Town development zone. The total number of inhabitants living in all of these zones is 160,499 - more than 1/4 of the entire population of the city. With the population of 60,525 residents, the Manan New Town is the largest one. Anyang 7th District, with 13,142 residents, will be totally demolished, starting from the end of this year, and replaced with 30 hi-rise apartment buildings. Resettlement of...


The Commune Social.

By Neri&Hu. [Shanghai] China.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
For all those Spanish who are in China and miss Spanish food but with an international twist, and also for everyone who likes to enjoy good food in a great atmosphere, you should go to The Commune Social, a restaurant designed by Neri&Hu.

Memory of project.

The Commune Social located at the Design Republic Design Commune is a new tapas restaurant designed by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office of Shanghai. The food concept is a fresh and modern take on Spanish tapas, where the small dishes served are refined interpretations of the...


MMST by Torafu Architects.

[Tokyo] Japan.
MMST is a project generated by its own facade with a wall that becomes the protagonist of the exhibition center, in such a way that the facade wraps generating spaces and directing visitors towards center of the project so that visitors to interact with the building generating a locus, a nice and family locus related to the outside, turning it into an urban landmark, highlighting volumetrically in the urban context that is located.

Project Synopsis.

This is an exhibition facility project for a company planed in a residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. MMST aims to promote the principle of accessibility adopted by the company among society at large and become a local hub for people to gather....



[VIDEO MUSICAL] from Alice Francis
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Saturday's music video.

Réalisation: Sarah Basti.

Voici les mots que, invariablement, nous entendons  lorsque nous faisons écouter pour la première fois la musique de Maissiat.
Le mot est simple et grand, classique et intemporel. Il lui va comme un gant. Si dans ces compositions nous percevons les remous de passions tumultueuses, des torsions, des cris, elles nous parviennent enveloppées de lignes claires et de pudeurs émouvantes.


Henry Moore: Wall Relief No.1, in Rotterdam.

Sculpture International Rotterdam [VIDEO] de ARTtube
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Henry Moore's Wall Relief No.1, near Rotterdam Central Station, is a unique piece in the artist's career: it is his only work in brick. The wall sculpture is temporarily removed because a new building is erected on the spot. Architecture historian Wouter Vanstiphout talks about the history and future of the piece.

About Wall Relief No.1

The brick Wall Relief No.1 that has graced the façade of the former Bouwcentrum (Building Centre) in Rotterdam since 1955 was designed by Henry Moore. The relief is made up of approximately 16,000 hand-carved bricks. It took two master bricklayers 1,200 hours over the course of four months to complete the work.


Jenny Liz Rome, Illustrator.

Femininity, raw animal nature and surreal fashion.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
Jenny Liz Rome, a young Canadian who shows her talent through her illustrations, playing with femininity and surreal fashion, mixing different styles and techniques. With her girls she shows a modern and abstract vision enhancing brazen sensuality of women.

I went on to OCAD U and did 4 years to get my BFA. It was a fun experience... It wasn't until after graduation from OCAD that I started illustrating. It was easier to find what I really enjoyed making, without a constant flow of opinions from professors and peers...I needed to isolate myself.

I started by taking images of...



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