FAV. Festival des Architectures Vives 2013.

8th edition. [Montpellier] France.
metalocus, ALEX DURO via v2com.
Today we present you the projects of the last edition of FAV, Festival des Architectures Vives 2013, a path through the city of Montpellier where it can be find different ephemeral installations of young architects who reflect on the architecture and the development in existing urban context.

The last FAV edition, Festival des Architectures Vives 2013, which took place between 12th and 16th of June, presents us different installations of young architects in a path along the old city of Montpellier, connecting mansions and courtyards, private areas and not visible spaces to visitors.


iPhone 5C y 5S, two faces of the new Apple.

Apple presents their new iPhone models.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA.
Design, Recommendations
As it happens with every keynote, controversy is served. For some people, Apple anticipates their competitors and stablish the new principles on smartphones' evolution. For other, it disappoints with its changes, and introduces some doubtful additions (as the new Touch ID). Judge by yourselves!

Tim Cook and his team presented just some days ago the new iPhone models, which are supposed to remove all the previous devices of the famous Apple smartphone. Or at least, that's de official version. It seems that both iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S haven't exceeded the expectations generated during these months, but they have accomplished some polemics about design changes and new technologies.


House D by HHF Architects.

[Nuglar], Switzerland.
Today we bring you a house which has been recently awarded with the "Haus der Jahres 2013" prize. The terrace and the pool define an outside space with views to more than 180 degrees of unbuilt, what provides the house a wonderfull views of the surroundings.

Memory of project.

The view from House D is one of a kind. You might imagine you're in South America or upstate New York;it is hard to believe that Basel is just 25 minutes away. As the last house to be built...


Drawings on walls, of Paula Bonet.

[VIDEO] of itfashion.com.
metalocus, LAURA CANTO.
People invites her to enter their homes to paint their walls, they send her their photos to draw them, even they choose her to design their tattoos! Paula Bonet and all her Branding project are really lucky nowdays, behind, a red-haired girl who is attracted to sweet faces with big eyes, like her own, and with big red cheeks, a symbol to most her drawings.

Pencil and paper as well as watercolors,all let her to get lost and disappear instinctively during execution job. The fact that the drying goes faster allows her to move forward forcefully, to be more faithful to her impulses, not having to rethink what she does next step while oil layers are dry. She loves engraving and lines and speed of execution, very similar to the pencil and paper, but the patience required by the following whole stamping process makes her very nervous. She always end...


Ajijic House by Tatiana Bilbao

[Jalisco] México.
Today we bring you a house in Mexico; its main characteristic is the use of the materials, spread in layers, which accentuate the color of the walls and imitate mud constructions. The house is articulated in a series of volumes with inverted roofs, a fact that makes it much more dynamic and interesting.

Memoria del proyecto.

An adaptable, integrated, vernacular and low maintenance summer house was requested by the client. The demands of the housing program gave us the opportunity to use simple geometric shapes that responded to them in a successful way.



Gwangju Folly II 2013

06/09/2013 > 03/11/2013
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Throughout history, follies have been used widely in architecture, visual arts, and literature as a provocation, a frivolous diversion or strategic places of madness and satire freed from the constraints of societal norms. Follies have been employed as a critical medium or object, oscillating between aesthetic autonomy and socio-political potential and situated in a field between decontextualized status and contextualized condition.

Starting in 2011 (positioned in-between the art and design biennales, respectively), the Gwangju Folly Project realized ten buildings as a means of revitalization for the city’s center. Involving a variety of practitioners including artists, architects, and writers, whose work is focused around an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to design, the realized follies activate the space and create discourse...


SANAA has won the contest for the design of the Taichung City Cultural Center.

[Taichung] China.
In collaboration with the local firm Ricky Liu & Associates, SANNA has just been announced as the winner of the international contest for the Taichung City Cultural Center design.

The winner proposal consists in a white cubic volumes which façade is no composed by vertical walls, but a draped and curved transparent mesh which expresses the relationship between inside and outside.

The vision for the development of Taichung is "Cosmopolitan Taichung"—a city with strong cultural, economic and international characteristics. To distinguish herself from Taipei and Kaohsiung, the third biggest city in...


Philip-Lorca diCorcia

[VIDEO] by SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT. [NYC] U.S.A. 12/09 > 02/11/2013 | [LON] U.K. 25/09 > 16/11/2013
metalocus, CANDELA OLIVA.
Philip-Lorca diCorcia, one of the most influential and innovative photographers working today, is showing his work in two exhibitions at David Zwirner gallery, one in London and the other in New York. DiCorcia's work emphasizes the dichotomy between fact and fiction, asking the viewer to question the assumed truths that the photographic image offers.

East of Eden (London)

Begun in 2008, this project is an ongoing series of large-scale photographs, which the artist has said was “provoked by the collapse of everything, which seems to me a loss of innocence. People thought they could have anything. And then it just blew up in their faces. I’m using the Book of...


Bada Bing boardwalk for Montreux Jazz Festival 2013.

By Bureau A, [Montreux] Switzerland.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Inspired by the Las Vegas aestetic, the jazz-clubs night in Chicago and how not, the famous strip-club of one of the most well-know series of HBO, The Sopranos, the Bada Bing strip-club, Bureau A brings us the revision of the boardwalk of Montreux, the city which houses the important jazz festival. The aestetic of the neon signs over the arch frames characterize a number of decks that, over the lake, creates different spaces for representation along the boardwalk.

Memory of project.

Bada Bing.

James Gandolfini died on the 19th of June 2013, a few weeks before the 47th Montreux Jazz Festival. He was the leading character of one of HBO’s best series: The Sopranos. He embodied the complete...


José Luis Torres, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Tortue Bleu and Les Flaneurs.

[Quebec] Canada.
metalocus, LAURA CANTO.
During this summer of 2013 sculptor José Luis Torres has participated in three artistic events organized in Quebec, Canada. His work is an example of recycling of abandone and ephemeral places. Ruins of a fish plant burned in a fire, along with recycled construction materials help him to create an open installation with recycled windows that makes his work blends in with surrounding landscape, in the case of his project Faire avec.

The first, called Faire avec, was in Îles-de-la-Madeleine (organized by artist center AdMare). Reappropriating of an abandoned place, foundations of a fish factory burned, generates an open installation integrated with the seascape. This work is a tribute to local culture and vernacular construction. Indeed, due to...



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