ECUMENÓPOLIS. AGRONAUTAS by Juan Dopico Massobrio.

[VIDEO] COAC. [BCN] 17/06/2013 at 19:00h.
metalocus, ALEX DURO
Ecumenopolis, COAC audiovisual program presents the film Agronautas.

"My grandfather used to say that once in life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a priest but, three times a day, you need a farmer".
Brenda Schoepp.

There are approaches, ways of life and ways of doing that propose a more well-adjusted relationship between humans and the planet. In many cases it is only anonymous people organized in networks of professionals...


Electrosmog Montréal

[VIDEO] By Jean-Pierre Aube
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
The radiofrequency spectrum is at the heart of telecommunications, used by police, emergency personnel and public transport services, as well as the armed forces. Every day, this spectrum ensures the proper functioning of mobile phones and wireless devices. Seen as an essential resource by some and as a health hazard by others, the electromagnetic fields generated by radiofrequency spectrum activity have multiplied exponentially since humans first learned to harness electricity.

In his Electrosmog series, Jean-Pierre Aubé searches out ambient radio frequency activity in the urban landscape of Montréal, which for Aubé forms a singular territory, characterized by its density in the city and by the political and economic issues that accompany it.

Equipped with a radio, an antenna, and home-made software, the artist sweeps the titular spectrum of radio frequencies. Every tenth of a second, the device takes a snapshot of its readings – a measure of...


Ciudad Doméstica by Javier Peña.

[VIDEO] Installation.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, Design, Urbanisme
Ciudad Doméstica is an installation by Javier Pena Ibáñez, inside a container, which approximates the scale urban household scale by a series of pieces that emerge from the map of a city. In this case working with a furniture company, Muebles Tuesta.

Ciudad Doméstica

‘Ciudad Doméstica’, a way to connect the home to the city. The visitor approaches an experience in which the representation of a home blends with the city plan of Logroño, through an instalation inside a container. The layout of the streets and blocks seizes this inner space in a continuous way, blurring the boundaries of the pieces of furniture that...


Top Floor

[VIDEO] By Autumn Films Ltd. WORLD PREMIERE SXSW 2013.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, Urbanisme, VIDEO
The other day, on my return from university, I saw from the suburban train, a large sign that read "rent offices" located on one of the four Mendez Alvaro towers, that I always see when return to Atocha. The towers were built when I was still a student and I always wondered, every time I see these or other office towers, how company will organize this space?, what will people think working there, what will the city vision . Surely, its occupants immersed in everyday life, consider that the vision are normal.

A whole floor of many square meters to organize, decipher, narrating the lives of its occupants. And on the top floor, and what happens on the top floor?

Today when I saw "Top Floor" I remembered those looks from inside and outside, you can see in the video. The script is a new story in the tradition of Tom Wolf's novel "The Bonfire of the Vanities", however its photography is better.


What Public Transit Data Teaches Us About How People Use a City

[VIDEO] from Schema Design
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA via Urban Prototyping
Architecture, Urbanisme, VIDEO
With this project for the Urban Data Design Challenge, the studio, Schema Design receibed a Honorable Mention. The intention of the challenge was to use various methods of data visualization to develop insight into public transit in three cities: Philadelphia, Zurich and Geneva.

Schema Design’s project, feature the transit patterns of individuals in each city, giving a very intense look at the way in which people navigate within these cities. Designers, Christian Marc Schmidt and Sergei Larionov,  wrote about the three below videos:



La Grande Mosaique, MVRDV wins transformation 600ha in Caen

Presqu’ile de Caen Redevelopment. [Caen] France
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
SPLA, the public development agency in charge of the transformation of Presqu’ile de Caen, has chosen MVRDV out of 3 competitors to transform the 600ha area consisting of former industry and ports. The MVRDV plan envisions the future of Caen Presqu’ile as a collection of gardens surrounded by intensified urban area. It envisions Caen as an attractive city with a connection to the sea whilst interventions improve landscape, environment, mobility and connections. The project is planned to last ten years or longer.

MVRDV extended the scope by widening the transformation area beyond the geographic boundaries of the peninsula and sketching a vision also for the adjacent areas. The resulting plan titled ‘La Grande Mosaique’ is strongly based on respect for the existing structures and foresees realistic, careful and friendly urbanism. A large number of small yet well coordinated interventions results in a gigantic mosaic...


"Westcoast" by Ulu Braun.

[VIDEO] from Arte. [LA] USA
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Westcosast is a 7-minute video directed, edited, photographed and written by Ulu Braun, mounted in 2009, was presented recently at the gallery YoungProjects in Los Angeles. 7 minutes that let you think. Braun is known for his painterly approach to video and film-based artworks and has shown at numerous film festivals and museums alike.

Settled between film, video, collage and animation, an image detail pans a digitally mounted tableau that offers humans and animals space for their existence. From a bubbling primordial soup, eminiscent of Tarkovsky's Solaris, the panorama shot glides along the coast. The central point is a seaport, built in the style of the late financial eclecticism and utilised by bizarre-seeming pachyderms, outlandish...


Crisis as Calling...Design Competition

Friday, October 04, 2013
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
CRISIS AS CALLING is an international design competition open to the public that invites participates to reconsider, and respond to the universal condition of Crisis. Crisis as an event implies a breakdown, and the collective response is typified by the attempt to return to "normal." We see this as more than an opportunity for responsive design; we see this as a calling for an expanded role for the design community, and we seek to explore uncharted courses to reveal innovative models for relevant engagement.

Call for Entries

Communicate a proposal that re-contextualizes the space for design to address the definition of crisis. The details of crisis typology and the boundaries for intervention are open, and should be clearly defined by each unique proposal.  As crisis is a universal phenomenon with no bias or preferential destination, there are no restrictions to the type of...


Lost in Manhattan

[VIDEO] by Gunther Gheeraert
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Urbanisme, VIDEO
Lost in Manhattan is a video about the big apple.

The director Günther Gheeraert, devoted to motion design, videos, photography and animation.

Je vous propose de découvrir ma nouvelle vidéo que j’ai filmée à New York, avec pas mal de tracking de typographies, du motion design et du sound design que j’ai réalisé depuis mon dernier voyage dans cette superbe ville américaine. Il s’agit de Lost in Manhattan. Bon voyage...



Davidson Rafailidis Wins 2013 IDEAS CITY Competition

metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
the winner of the IDEAS CITY Tenting Design Competition is “MirrorMirror” by Davidson Rafailidis!

The submission "MirrorMirror" by Buffalo-based architecture practice Davidson Rafailidis has been selected by Storefront for Art and Architecture and the New Museum as the winning entry of the...



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