ROOTS, 90 years 90 trees.

By x-studio::Iván Juárez. [SLP] Mexico.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
With 90 trees Ivan Juarez celebrates 90 years of independence of Autonomous University. Trees were first in "la Plaza de los Fundadores" and finally the trees will be planted at different university campuses.

Memory of project.

On the Occasion of the 90th Anniversary of Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP) in Mexico, the architect Ivan Juarez, has conceived the site specific intervention Raíces, in one of the most significant urban...



[VIDEO] from Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Art, Urbanisme
SCRIPTURA VITAE is a short-film based on the artwork of Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic. Commissioned by the UK's Channel 4 as part of the Random Acts arts platform, this film marks the directorial debut of artist and designer, Aerosyn-Lex.

A poetic performance piece exploring duality, SCRIPTURA VITAE stars famed Japanese actress Miho Nikaido, best known for her role in the Japanese cult classic film "Tokyo Decadence", alongside Butoh performer and dancer Maki Shinagawa.

Featuring new original music by Grammy nominated producer DIPLO and standout tracks Parallel World by avant-garde London-based producer ACTRESS and Geisha by the young British duo,...


Los Angeles 2057. LUNAR.

[VIDEO] from Tyson Wade Johnston
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
An utopia nearby, by PRMRY (a group of young designers based in New York and Los Angeles). This short story shows the typical control, or safety on the big cities. Interesting vision of a city like Los Angeles, currently characterized by high dispersion and low density and presented here as a compactness city (typically dirty and neglected, in the Blade Runner tradition) and high density. Interesting the urban illustration.

Set in Los Angeles City, 2057, an outlaw is captured and sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment on the LUNAR penitentiaries. To reunite with his family, he must become the first convict to escape the corrupt system and return to Earth.




The Plundering, new film by Oliver Ressler.

[VIDEO] METALOCUS. By Oliver Ressler.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Within the social and economic context in what nowadays we are living in Europe, we bring you today The Plundering, a documentary-film focused on how an excessive privatization of public resources could collapses the society.

The Plundering is focused on the Georgia's problem, whose unstable situation has impoverished a wide part of the population. But perhaps, we have to do self-criticism, because unfortunately the situation the film is talking to us about could be the imperfect future of the next years in countries as ours or in others european countries, at least if the social politics...


Boa Mistura in Mercado de la Cebada.

[MAD] Spain.
metalocus, ÁNGELA SOLÍS.
Art, Urbanisme, Recommendations
Boa Mistura comes to Madrid to fill our life with positivity. Llena de color la vida (Fill your life with colour), live with hope, joy and optimism, everything else will come! is the message they left on the Mercado de la Cebada.

EL MERCADO DE LA CEBADA. Let's put some color on the market!

The Mercado de la Cebada (Barley Market) is located in the heart of La Latina, and is one of the largest wholesale food markets of Madrid. It was built in 1868, and during the beginning of S.XX was one of the most important markets of Madrid. For hygiene problems, the building was demolished in 1956, building the current market n 1958, but lost importance, becoming a simple...


Vesa Sammalisto, Illustrator.

Cities covers and illustration works.
metalocus, LAURA CANTO.
Metalocus uncovers the illustrator Vesa Metalocus Sammalisto, a fetish of maps, transports, buildings and everything that may appear in them. You might not missed part of his work, great illustrations that are sight readers could not miss!

Today I wanted to make known the works of Vesa Sammalisto. I advise you to spend your time and look over on some of his best artwork and judge yourselves.

"I´m a Finnish illustrator. I recently moved back to Helsinki. For a while I lived in Berlin, loved the city but still felt Helsinki was more home to me. Helsinki has an international atmosphere yet...


Nación Rotonda: retroactive story about the building bubble in Spain.

By Miguel Álvarez, Esteban García, Rafael Trapiello, Melina Grinberg y Guillermo Trapiello.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA
Urbanisme, Recommendations
Using aerial views of last 15 years, this web makes a review of the urban development settled up all across Spanish territory. Comparing the initial and current state of the examples shown at Nación Rotonda are sometimes scary and work as a consciousness awakening, but maybe late, about the excessive growth of our cities during the property bubble.

Just comparing, the web of Nación Rotonda (Roundabout Nation, in Spanish) gives us an inventory of urban developments, from early 00s and until today, in the Spanish building bubble context. Thanks to the superposition of both images, corresponding to initial and current status, we can see the transformation of a landscape that has become more regular after 15 years of disproportionate urban growth.

An image is...


Citizens of No Place. An Architectural Graphic Novel.

Book. Princeton Architectural Press • New York. By Jimenez Lai.
Citizens of No Place published by Princeton Architectural Press, is a collection of short stories on architecture and urbanism, graphically represented using manga-style storyboards. Jimenez Lai, its author speaks about the conflation of representation, design, theory and storytelling by working through comics and translating the alternate worlds into physical installations.

Fiction is used as a strategy to unpack thoughts about architecture. Modeled as a proto-manifesto, it is a candid chronicle of a highly critical thought process in the tradition of paper architecture (especially that of architect John Hejduk and Bernard Tschumi's Manhattan Transcript). The short stories explore many architectural problems through the unique language of the graphic novel, helping usher the next generation of architectural theory and criticism....


Mulan Primary School.

Rural Urban Framework (RUF). [GUANGDONG] China.
metalocus, CANDELA OLIVA.
Today we bring you a very inspiring project, in which brick is treated in a sensible, coherent and also contemporary way. It is a rural primary school in the Chinese province of Guangdong, in which the classrooms orbit around a series of micro open spaces that lead to the main courtyard, where children play in the open air within the reflections of the material and the amazing landscape.

The Mulan Primary school is located close to Huaiji, a county of approximately 100,000 in Guangdong Province. Working with the local education authority and a Hong Kong based charity, we were asked to expand an existing primary school of 5 classrooms by adding an additional building of 6 classrooms. The motivation behind this expansion is through the government’s desire to consolidate the total number of primary...


Vasco Mourão's hand drawn cityscapes.

Ilustration works.
metalocus, LAURA CANTO.
Neither adjectives nor description are needed for introduce you Vasco Mourão, whom drawings speak for himself. Great cityscapes compositions and recognizable buildings in many cases, to get lost in them. If you are building lovers or show a high appreciation for the buildings, you will know appreciate the value of his images.

Architect and illustrator, this portuguese stands out for illustrating cities by isometric perspectives, where every building, every detail of theirs facades is represented with great quality. All hand-drawn artworks, often throws a review or make a simple wink making them blow, jumping into a thousand pieces.

Among his works are world famous and representative buildings like the ...



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