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metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Urbanisme
"Guardian Cities: welcome to our urban past, present and future", over this sentence the Monday the Guardian launched a new section devoted to ideas, discussion and predictions about cities all over the planet.

The Guardian launched its new Cities section, which – as discussed by Oliver Wainwright in his opening article will be “an open platform for critical discussion and debate about the issues facing the world’s metropolitan centres”. In this introduction,...


Riberas de Loyola Footbridge over Urumea River.

By Anta IC and Agence Ter. [San Sebastian] Spain.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Civil engineering company Anta and Agence TER Landscape Architects designed this footbridge in San Sebastian, Spain. Located over the River Urumea, Riberas de Loyola Footbridge means a new connection between the city on one side of the river and the natural environment of the park on the opposite bank. A good example of subtle, careful and well-thought-out design.

Memory of project

The bridge is made of a single cell steel box girder with 3 spans of 9,24, 73,92 and 9,24m. The width of the deck varies (3m. in Ribera de Loyola / 6,4m. in Cristina Enea).

In order to provide the bridge with volume...


The first phase of Times Square transformation by Snøhetta

metalocus, LUIS TERRAIN
Architecture, Urbanisme
Snøhetta has concluded the first phase of the reconstruction of Times Square (Seventh Avenue and Broadway), continuing the initiative started in 2009 to pedestrianise large sections of the popular tourist destination, including the construction of permanent pedestrian plazas on Broadway.

In 2010, the New York City Department of Design and Construction and the New York City Department of Transportation selected Snøhetta to lead the design of the new public spaces in Times Square. The $55 million project includes $27 million for the plazas is the largest redesign of the square in a century and encompasses the transformation of five public plazas between 42nd and 47th Streets,...


2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space.

Competition. Deadline.- 23/01/2014
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Urbanisme
Until next 23 January, the registration period for entries is open to all kind of interventions creating, recovering or improving the democratic quality of the urban spaces we share and carried out in European cities between 2012 and 2014.

The Prize, which is honorific by nature, is awarded jointly to the authors and promoters of the projects chosen by the Jury. The prize-winners (of the Prize itself and Honourable Mentions) will receive a Diploma confirming the award. In addition, the winner of the Prize will receive a commemorative plaque which is to be installed in the prize-winning public space.

The prize-winning works, the finalists and a selection made by...


Mapdwell in Washington, D.C

[Washington] USA
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, Urbanisme
The Mapdwell Project is about enabling communities with information that will drive sustainable practices, community awareness, energy efficiency, and smart development through the aggregate effort of individuals. By transforming accurate, open, and unbiased information into education and action, the project proposes an organic –yet highly auspicious– approach to the fossil fuel dilemma. The MIT-born project has formed an alliance with the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) to provide its state-of-the-art rooftop solar resource to the U.S. capital.

The Mapdwell Solar System is an interactive online rooftop solar mapping tool that allows users to precisely estimate rooftop solar electric potential (PV panels) for almost every building in a given city by a simple click or by inputting an address.

“The tool uses high-resolution (one meter by one meter grid) LiDAR data (Light Detection and Ranging) to create a...


The largest pedestrian square in Paris by TVK.

Place de la République [PAR] France Francia.
metalocus, LUIS TERRAIN
Architecture, Urbanisme
The new Place de la République, now the largest pedestrian square in Paris, was designed by the Paris based office, TVK (Pierre Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger-Kohler). The Place de la République occupies a special place in the international memory that is Paris. The new square, now skirted by motor traffic, is based on the concept of an open space and creates a large-scale landscape, an urban resource, available and adaptable for different uses and creating different urban ambiances.

The Place de la République is now a new urban centre, with two terraces incorporated into the continuity of the square encourage people to sit down and relax. The south-west part of the square houses a 162 sqm pavilion also designed by TVK, a unique building. The interior of the cafe was designed by NP2F Architectes, which features a fluted marble bar.



metalocus JOSÉ JUAN BARBA via EME3 2013
Admittedly in recent months we have called for optimism, it does not mean that: give up a critical view of what happened, forget who their causers or the consequences for a Spanish generation who dreamed of a home. We will continue talking about the best architectures, however, we do not forget those make it possible, the people. We bring, in these holidays, a memory to all who are suffering. A better year for them and for all in 2014.


Spanish Dream is an architectural and photographic art...


Christmas cards 2013 and Happy Holidays.

Here's a selection of Christmas cards (and gifs) we've received this year.

CALTROPe by Szövetség'39. Winners Grand Prix Paris.

[VIDEO] from szovetseg39. Experimental bioarchitectural structure – concept plan | 2013
metalocus, Luis Terrain.
Hungarian art and design collective Szövetség'39 has unveiled a concept to reduce the rising sea levels in the world's delta regions by introducing a modular structure that will cultivate mangrove forests to form natural dams.

Anna Baróthy of Szövetség'39 worked in a design team that included biologist and diver Gergő Balázs, designer Janka Csernák and scientist Viktor Grónás to develop the CALTROPe concept, which seeks to prevent the loss of agricultural land caused when pollution and climate change provoke water levels to rise.

CALTROPe: Grand Prix winner Hungarian architecture...



Exbition. Ca’ Rezzonico. [VEN] Italy
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Another Canaletto. This year sees the start of a new and fascinating investigation at Ca’ Rezzonico, the symbol of 18th century Venice, into landscape painting. This important genre developed during the 18th century in Venice, which provided an extraordinary source of inspiration for its exponents.

Among the leading figures of the genre, which is at the centre of a necessary re-evaluation, was Pietro Bellotti, Canaletto’s nephew and the younger brother of Bernardo Bellotti. Born in Venice in 1725, he developed a manner that was very different to that of the Canaletto ‘clan’ of which he was a part and despite exploiting the fame of his uncle (especially in France, where he lived for 50 years, calling himself “le...



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