Students competition [Only in Spanish]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
With the support of Otis, Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad is launching this award to students.

Traza-Ciudad pretende ocupar un campo de reflexión sobre la ciudad y el tejido complejo que la compone en su escala intermedia, tradicionalmente abarcado por el urbanismo como disciplina, repensando la ciudad desde la mirada creativa y propositiva del estudiante, más enfocada hacia la acción, lo particular o lo ambiental, sin perder de vista las referencias disciplinares más arraigadas en la historia de la arquitectura del SXX, muchas de las cuales se encuentran...


Our Drone Future. The future, tomorrow!

[VIDEO] from Alex Cornell.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Our Drone Future explores the technology, capability, and purpose of drones, as their presence becomes an increasingly pervasive reality in the skies of tomorrow.

In the near future, cities use semi-autonomous drones for urban security. Human officers monitor drone feeds remotely, and data reports are displayed with a detailed HUD and communicated via a simulated human voice (designed to mitigate discomfort with sentient drone technology). While the drones operate independently, they are "guided" by the human monitors, who can suggest alternate mission plans and ask questions.



Liz Diller: A moment of supreme nothingness.

[VIDEO] by de Louisiana Channel.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Architecture, Urbanisme, VIDEO
In this video architect Liz Diller talks about the New York park ‘The High Line’, a project that she has been part of from the beginning, and which proves “the hypothesis that a really strong public amenity can actually change the economics of a whole area.”

“The high line, if it’s about anything, it’s about nothing, about doing nothing. You can walk and sit, but you can’t be productive.” Experience New York City from plus 30 feet, in this interview with architect Liz Diller about the ‘The High Line’.

Part of the beauty of the park is that it came out of sheer naivety, adds Diller: “It’s good to have a...


Pol Femenias Ureña receives the Prize of the ASCER Tile of Spain Awards.

“Remodelling Work on la Riera de la Salut" [Sant Feliu de Llobregat] Barcelona.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
The panel of judges valued in particular the solution provided for a large-scale problem through the creation of small ceramic pieces forming patterns that are repeated and laid out in such a way as to create urban elements like latticework or walls. These provide effective and individual solutions for a range of circumstances. An affordable element that manages to offer creative solutions adding quality and value, as well as enhancing a space within the city.

Project description by architect.

This intervention is located...


Charles Marville. Photographer of Paris.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art [NYC] US. 29/01-04/05/2014
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Iconic Photographs of 19th-Century Paris, at Metropolitan Museum, by Charles Marville is widely acknowledged as one of the most talented photographers of the 19th century. The installation focuses primarily on architectural views, street scenes, and interiors. It explores the physical shape and texture of Paris and how artists have found poetic ways to record through the camera its essential qualities.

Charles Marville (French, 1813-1879) was commissioned by the city of Paris to document both the picturesque, medieval streets of old Paris and the broad boulevards and grand public structures that Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann built in their place for Emperor Napoleon III. Charles Marville: Photographer of Paris at The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents a selection of...


The best urbanicides and great Music.

[VIDEO] of Nación Rotonda.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Architecture, Urbanisme, VIDEO
People from Nación Rotonda send us this video with a summary of its best entries. The music accompanying the video is great, a fun way to see a transformative process which in some cases you can feel very cold.

Nación Rotonda is a visual inventory of urban spanish disaster over last 15 years.

Nowadays there are over 300 examples documenting the effects of the housing bubble and the bad land planning.

You can follow the project development on nacionrotonda.com or following @nacionrotonda on twitter.



Architecture of density. Michael Wolf.

Flowers Gallery. [LON] UK. 17/01-22/02/2014
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Flowers gallery will be holding an exhibition of iconic works by photographer Michael Wolf's series: Architecture of Density. The photographs depict the vibrant city of Hong Kong from an inimitable perspective and have never been presented at this scale before in London.

Depicting the dense urban structure of Hong Kong, Michael Wolf's photographs first emerged in the 1990s -Wolf went to live in 1994 - The photographs depict the vibrant city of Hong Kong from an inimitable perspective and the 'Architecture of Density' series veers between the inhuman size and monolithic repetition of the city's housing units complexes and the intimate details of the lives lived within them.


The Guardian Cities.

The Guardian
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Urbanisme
"Guardian Cities: welcome to our urban past, present and future", over this sentence the Monday the Guardian launched a new section devoted to ideas, discussion and predictions about cities all over the planet.

The Guardian launched its new Cities section, which – as discussed by Oliver Wainwright in his opening article will be “an open platform for critical discussion and debate about the issues facing the world’s metropolitan centres”. In this introduction,...


Riberas de Loyola Footbridge over Urumea River.

By Anta IC and Agence Ter. [San Sebastian] Spain.
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Civil engineering company Anta and Agence TER Landscape Architects designed this footbridge in San Sebastian, Spain. Located over the River Urumea, Riberas de Loyola Footbridge means a new connection between the city on one side of the river and the natural environment of the park on the opposite bank. A good example of subtle, careful and well-thought-out design.

Memory of project

The bridge is made of a single cell steel box girder with 3 spans of 9,24, 73,92 and 9,24m. The width of the deck varies (3m. in Ribera de Loyola / 6,4m. in Cristina Enea).

In order to provide the bridge with volume...


The first phase of Times Square transformation by Snøhetta

metalocus, LUIS TERRAIN
Architecture, Urbanisme
Snøhetta has concluded the first phase of the reconstruction of Times Square (Seventh Avenue and Broadway), continuing the initiative started in 2009 to pedestrianise large sections of the popular tourist destination, including the construction of permanent pedestrian plazas on Broadway.

In 2010, the New York City Department of Design and Construction and the New York City Department of Transportation selected Snøhetta to lead the design of the new public spaces in Times Square. The $55 million project includes $27 million for the plazas is the largest redesign of the square in a century and encompasses the transformation of five public plazas between 42nd and 47th Streets,...



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