FREAKS freearchitects - Sur Mesure. Installation

By FREAKS freearchitects. [PAR] France. [VIDEO]
metalocus, LUIS TERRAIN
The new generation of French architects seem to emerge gradually, after a long silence, becoming more active and interesting. This summer we brought the work of the Swiss team NOMAD. Now, equally fresh ideas, the team "FREAKS freearchitects" formed by Guillaume Aubry, Cyril Gauthier y Yves Pasquet.

Sur Mesure is an installation by French studio "FREAKS freearchitects" (Guillaume Aubry, Cyril Gauthier and Yves Pasquet.). This installation shows how stuck huge dimension arrows onto the facade of the French Communist Party Headquarters building in Paris (by Oscar Niemeyer) in a bid to show the general public about the importance of architecture.

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer ended the building, in the...


Jameson House by Foster + Partners

by Foster and Partners[Vancouver] Canada [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Architecture, HOUSING, VIDEO
Foster + Partners Architects have just completed the project of a new 35-storey mixed-use tower named Jameson House, next to two buildings in the 1920 in the renovated district of Vancouver, Canada.

The project combines the restoration of heritage buildings with new construction: the lower level offices and shops knit with the existing streetscape to reinvigorate the downtown neighbourhood, while the apartments above face dramatic views of the bay and create a new landmark on the skyline.

Fusing old and new, the site connects the city’s financial centre with its emerging creative hub, and the...


Alésia Museum and Archaeological Park.

by Bernard Tschumi Architects. [Vercingétorix - Burgundy] France. 23/03/2012
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, Projects, VIDEO
First builing, part of a museum complex designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects, a new interpretive center on the site of the historic Battle of Alésia will open in a formal ceremony on March 23, 2012. Located in Burgundy, France, the building marks the position of the Roman army, under Julius Caesar, and its encampment surrounding the Gauls under Vercingetorix in 52 B.C. The building will be open to the public starting on March 26th.

Tschumi’s design features a cylindrical building with an exterior envelope made of wood, a material that references the Roman fortifications of the era, some of which are reconstructed in an area a short walk from the building.  The roof of the building is planted with low shrubs and trees, so as to minimize the visual impact of the building when seen from the hill above (the historical position of the Gauls).  The materiality and sustainable...


Theo Angelopoulos

metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Art, VIDEO, Recommendations
Greece rocked woke up yesterday with the news of the death of filmmaker Theo (Thodoros) Angelopulos. He was the victim of a traffic accident at seven o'clock Wednesday afternoon after being hit by a motorbike while crossing a road in the neighborhood of Drapetsona (near Athens).

Our tribute. A group of unforgettable scenes in "Eternity and a Day", 1998, the bus ride. Going out at night, leaving the dark alone ... and as out of nowhere, three cyclists, with yellow slicker, riding in the same direction.

"The other sea," left unfinished as part of his trilogy about his country. I can not say much, for me it is enough to recall, as constructed look, the way they look, the aesthetic...


ASVOFF Barcelona 2012

metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Design, VIDEO
Just as we told you a few months ago, ASVOFF (A shaded view on fashion film) is happening in Barcelona this year. Running until January 27th, the festival takes place in the auditorium of CaixaFòrum, Barcelona.

ASVOFF is a festival of fashion cinema. Throughout its history, the event has taken place in various cities linked to the world of fashion such as, Paris, New York, Tokyo.... and has finally arrived in Barcelona. There will be a competition in 3 categories: official (professionals), estudents (fashion and audiovisual schools) and mobile.

As well, if you take a look at their ...


Spanish independent animation cycle, at Reina Sofía Museum.

MNCARS. [MAD] January 28, till March 17, 2012. [Spanish] [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Art, Design, VIDEO
This Saturday a new Spanish independent animation cycle, at Reina Sofía Museum, through four programs of short films from the past 50 years, the cycle is an alternative to the major international productions.

La nueva edición del ciclo de cine Museocinema propone, bajo el título Animación española. Un juego sin límites, un recorrido por la animación independiente en España. Los cuatro programas propuestos (Animadas, Imagen de lo irreal, Érase una vez…, Materia viva) pretenden abrir una ventana a una estética distinta a la de las grandes producciones internacionales y, al mismo tiempo, presentar un panorama representativo de la animación española de las...


The Neche Collection. Winterbureau.

by Middle Mind Project [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Art, Design, VIDEO, Recommendations
Winterbureau is the Chicago-based creative studio of Veronica Corzo-Duchardt. This is a wonderful profile on Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, in order to celebrate her grandfather’s collection of ‘things’ she started "The Neche Collection". Realism or other type of surrealism.

On April 15, 2011, as a way to celebrate the life of a man who not only played a large role in raising her but also in the development of her art and design, created The Neche Collection.

"The Neche Collection is a project that documents the objects collected by my grandfather Neche Eugenio Hadad, the stories they tell and the work it inspires."


DAVID CHIPPERFIELD, crane.TV and Hepworth Wakefield.

by Crane.tv. [VIDEO]
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, VIDEO
The British architect David Chipperfield is renowned as one of the country's most innovative designers. Most recently he worked with the German Embassy on the Hier and There project, and here talks to Crane.tv about his design aesthetic and the importance of one of his most famous structures - the reconstructed Neues Museum in Berlin.

This is TRAVEL IT!

by PKMN [pac-man]. AENA [aeropuertos españoles] Interactive Space [España] [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, VIDEO
TRAVEL IT! is an interactive exhibition by AENA PKMN [pac-man] with La Camorra, MonsterElectronics and Briefing Captain to Aena. This is the latest experiment by PKMN architectures: an interactive exhibition space made ​​for AENA Spanish Airports where the user becomes the leading man of experience, rather than just a mere observer.

Travel it!

Farewell to the monologue, welcome to the custom interactivity.

Travel it! is a plural forum where every user defines his "flight plan" to land in sustainable solutions developed by Aena airports, in the environmental, social and economic development. A novel approach embodied in a transmedia platform is developed in two dimensions::



by Juan Rayos [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Photography, VIDEO
The new chapter of this series that we like, it's here, "LAND OF CASTLES". We have presented here the premiere of the first and second chapters: "YELLOW HORIZONS" and "THE ISLAND".

This Tuesday, January 24th, LAND OF CASTLES premiere. The third episode of Juan Rayos and Longboard Girls Crew audio-visual Project; ENDLESS ROADS.

In this third episode, they return from Mallorca and visit Carlota’s parents in their family house in Denia. They invite their to paella right in front of the beach. They spend the night in Calpe and continue our journey to the country’s interior. Castillian...



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