will (director's cut)

by Eusong Lee
metalocus, LUIS TERRAIN
A director's cut of this cartoon film with scenes exceptionally well achieved.

Eusong Lee (director)
Visual Development, Story, Animation

Julian Kleiss (Musician)
Silent Night (3:42)

Dario Barrera(Voice)

Paul Fraser (Sound...


Resonant Chamber.

by rvtr [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Design, VIDEO
Resonant Chamber is an interior envelope system that deploys the principles of rigid origami to transform the acoustic environment through dynamic spatial, material and electro-acoustic technologies. Our aim is to develop a soundsphere able to adjust its properties in response to changing sonic conditions, altering the sound of a space during performance and creating an instrument at the scale of architecture, flexible enough that it might be capable of being played. The project is developed through three streams of iterative research and development in both computational testing and full-scale prototype installation: Dynamic Surface Geometries; Performative Material Systems; and Variable Actuation and Response. Resonant Chamber is funded through the 2011 Research through Making Grant, U-M Office of the Vice President for Research, 2011 Small Projects Grant, U-M Center for Wireless Integrated Microsystems, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Research Creation Grant.

 In its third year, University of Michigan Taubman College's Research Through Making (RTM) Program provides seed funding for faculty research, worked on by faculty, students and interdisciplinary experts. Historically, research and creative practice have been constructed as "opposites." This is not an unusual struggle in architecture schools, particularly in the context of a research university. This perceived tension between design and...


Japan one year later.

via Peter Kim. [Japan]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
As Japan approaches the first anniversary of the crisis that transformed the nation, global attention will undoubtedly focus on the progress that the country has made in resurrecting its physical infrastructure. Restoring homes, roads, hospitals and schools, and mitigating the damage of the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl certainly deserve our attention and reflection. Still, it is important to remember that solving the social and economic problems that Japan faced before the crisis are just as critical.

The unique skills that graduate programs offer will play a vital roll in managing Japan's long-term recovery. If students and professionals continue to avoid higher education, Japan will find itself ill-equipped to maintain its revival. Considering how many people have been displaced and how much there is yet to be rebuilt, it may be worthwhile for the Ministry of Education to encourage distance learning or online graduate programs. Because online schools are...


Across the ocean.

by sundry productions [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Not is the remembrance day, today is a typical day, an ordinary day to remember. Better!

Scenes he recorded on his 7D while on a goodwill program in Japan in February of 2012.

We were able to walk around what remains of the Tsunami devastated township of Minamisanriku in the Tohoku region. I recorded audio from two ladies who shared with us firsthand their story of struggle and survival.

The Kanji at the start of the film reads "ichi-go ichi-e...


Is Wendy a good Architecture project? [VIDEO]

By HWKN. Marc Kushner and Matthias Hollwich.PS1 MoMA [NYC][VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
This year’s winner of the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program, Wendy is an innovative project that engages the current ecological problems at hand which face the field of architecture and beyond, ¿beyond? Ok. The project have a great idea however the aspect more interesting on this project is the material (an idea by Helen Storey y Tony Ryanan) for this reason, the question is clear, is the project, a good project?

Of course, Wendy increases the fabric surface area and increase the quality of air in the neighborhood (in comparation with jeans by Helen Storey), ie it is a big filter, the equivalent of removing 260 cars off the highway, but is it enough? to talk...


London aerial 1.

by Jason Hawkes [LON][VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
The need for specialization is increasing, it is not enough only to be photographer, Jason Hawkes is one of those profiles that specializes in aerial photography. The London skyline is changing rapidly, driven largely by the celebration this summer of the Olympics, and because one of those most noticeable changes is generated by tall buildings, Jason Hawkes shows us a vision of London like Blade Runner's city.

this video takes as the reference axis The Shard building, designed by Renzo Piano, the building that once completed will have the dubious honor of being the tallest building in Europe. The tour also can identify other iconic elements of the city as the dome of the Cathedral "Saint Paul", the financial district of the City and Sir Norman Foster building popularly known as "The Gherkin", the big wheel, "London Eye" or the activity on...


Venice in a Day

by Joerg Niggli. [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Urbanism-Landscape, VIDEO
A day in Venice (Venezia) in Italy, from daybreak to sunset in timelapse. It's really a great place and Joerg Niggli hopes can share some of its magic with this short video.

Some technical specs: Shot mainly with his trusty Canon G10. Post in Motion, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X.

Music: Heart of Champions, Chris Haigh, premiumbeat.com


Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival

[Auckland] New Zeland. May 10-20, 2012. [-15- VIDEOS]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Architecture, VIDEO
Taking advantage of this festival we have made ​​a compilation of all the trailers of the films screened there, are 16 videos, Resene in collaboration with Rialto Cinemas will bring the Film Festival on architecture, "Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival" in Auckland, New Zeland, from 10 to 20 May.

Rialto Cinemas and Design OnScreen, a non-profit organization that produces, distributes and preserves high-quality films on architecture and design, they are pleased to announce a collaboration that has secured 20 exciting films from the world of Architecture and Design to play in Auckland, New Zealand.

And 15 videos below.


A selection of films that showcase the best in architecture and...


Patterned by Nature

by Sosolimited. [-2- VIDEOS]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Design, VIDEO, Recommendations
Some time ago Sosolimited and Plebian Design set out to create a large scale transparent LCD sculpture for a science museum atrium. Each pixel was designed as a piece of glass that could independently change the transparency of: from opaque black to transparent. The sculpture was designed to curve up through the atrium of the museum and display down-sampled patterns from nature, along with a high fidelity soundtrack. Almost two years later, its wonderful to see this project finally come to life. The exhibit celebrates our abstraction of nature’s infinite complexity into patterns through the scientific process, and through our perceptions. It brings to light the similarity of patterns in our universe, across all scales of space and time.

Transparent pixels in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

10 feet wide and 90 feet in length, this sculptural ribbon winds through the five story atrium...


Pulse of the city - ZAGREB

by Marko Vrdoljak [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Urbanism-Landscape, VIDEO
A short film made of thousands of photos, timelapse and video sequences fulfilled with special visual effects and custom composed music. The goal of this film was to capture positive energy of the city of Zagreb, Croatia. The film also shows Zagreb's rich street and nightlife, culture and sacral heritage together with internationally known attractions, events and many more.

Material for this film was filmed during the period 2010-2012, postproduction and special effects were made by Dražen Zeljković while music and sound effects were made by Zvonko Tešić.

Gear used: Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 7D, Kessler's Cineslider, Revolution Head and Oracle controller with lenses Canon 17-40 F4 L, Canon 70-200 F4 L IS, Canon 100-400 F4-5.6 L IS and Sigma 300-800 F 5.6.




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