Slim Pickings Fat Chances

by David de Rooij. [VIDEO]
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Design, VIDEO
Graduation animated short film by David de Rooij & Jelle Brunt.

I Met The Walrus

(via brain pickings) [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Design, VIDEO
Today and tomorrow are days of "Three Kings" and dreams, by "infants" and not as infants, ie, dreams like those told in this special interview. I Met The Walrus is an animated short by James Braithwaite, in which John Lennon answers a 14-year-old’s questions about peace, music, the USA, life and the Bee Gees. Thirty-nine years later, the boy gone man, Jerry Levitan offered the interview to the world.

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrators James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack. A spellbinding vessel for Lennon's boundless wit and timeless message, I Met the Walrus was nominated for the...



Taller de Casquería at Galería Raquel Ponce [MAD] 04-05/01/2012. 19.00 h.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Today and tomorrow shows the Video-Projection "Première" by Taller de Casquería, in Galería Raquel Ponce, which METALOCUS sponsors.

"Première._" is a performance developed in the interior of a building under construction where the architecture is used as a support and referral system. The video projection, which will take place in the Raquel Ponce Gallery is a simultaneous projection of images on various surfaces of the exhibition space.

The choreography that serves as support for action by Ines Pereira and Allan Falieri, is inspired by the...


By profession, architects.

AJAC. COAC. [BCN] [VIDEO] Spanish.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO.
Architecture, VIDEO
Last December 15 was screened this documentary, now on video. This is a 38-minute film made ​​on the occasion of the AJAC awards VII, written and directed by David Hernandez Falagas. It portrays the difficulties and professional concerns of the generation of Spanish architects under 40 years.

The material used for the making of the film have been different filmed interviews and visits to the architects who were honored at the recent AJAC...


Flight Assembled Architecture/Architectures volantes.

by FRAC Centre + ETH Zurich. [-3- VIDEOS] NOGU. 2 December - 19 February 2012.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
The focus of this project is the assembly and construction of structures using flying vehicles. The system is built upon the Flying Machine Arena platform with specific components developed to manage and perform construction.

FRAC Centre Orléans 02.12.2011-19.02.2012
A project by Gramazio & Kohler and Raffaello d'Andrea in cooperation with ETH Zurich.

Flight Assembled Architecture

The first use of the Flying Machine Enabled Construction paradigm is the installation titled "Flight Assembled Architecture" at the...


"Desire" + The Lavazzers Calendar.

by Erwin Olaf [VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Design, Photography, VIDEO
These days are calendar days and gifts. As self-proclaimed likes is "Visually sophisticated and conceptually provocative," the renowned photographer Erwin Olaf ornate, baroque retro "vintage" and provocative, is, and is part of these two projects:

First: Discover vente-privee.com 10th year anniversary distinctive film: "Desire" or rather how vente-privee.com inspires Erwin Olaf to create one of the most glamorous work.

Second, as part of  The Lavazzers Calendar. To celebrate twenty years of its iconic calendars Italian coffee house Lavazza has invited 12 iconic...


Pole Dance by SO - IL

metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
We bring a fun and clever idea two summers ago that we liked to remember it for today. Do not miss the video, and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL of METALOCUS WHOLE TEAM!!

The architects of "Pole Dance" are Florian Idenburg, 35, and Jing Liu, 30, husband-and-wife founders Brooklyn firm Solid Objectives-Idenburg Liu, or SO-IL. Two years ago their installation consisted of 50 30-foot swaying poles spread throughout the courtyard in 16-foot- by-16-foot squares, a grid made visible by bungee cords anchoring them all to each other and to the surrounding wall. A loose overhead net filled with beach balls covers everything....


Tri-Colonnade by SO - IL

by SO-IL. Shenzhen Biennale. [Hong Kong] [VIDEO]
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Architecture, Projects, VIDEO
Last instalation by SO-IL. When approaching the facade, the marble surface seemingly expands into infinite depth. Crossing the threshold, the image of the marble is refracted and fills the space as visitors wander through. Multiplied and reflected, flatness is scrutinized and made spatial, and becomes charged with public engagement.

Curator Terrance Riley of the 2011 Shenzen Hong Kong Biennial recreates Paolo Portoghesi’s “STRADA NOVISSIMA” from the 1980 Venice Biennial, in which he asked 20 architects (including Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas and Aldo Rossi) to design a “facade” along a central “Strada” of the exhibition hall, questioning the ideology of the facade that is at once individual and collective—both the building and the city.



Ensayo y proyecto por John Szot, diseñador y fundador de John Szot Studio. Magazine; MAS CONTEXT / 12 issue, Winter 11. [VIDEO]
This proposal for a housing block tower in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo by John Szot Studio seeks to harness the intrepid spirit behind the city’s idiosyncratic character by bringing the spatial diversity and eccentricity exhibited at the urban scale to bear directly on the housing units within the building. The project is the second part of the three-part series “Architecture and the Unspeakable” exploring the design potential of pathological phenomena in the built environment.

ALL ARTICLE AND MUCH MORE IN www.mascontext.com, where you can order a printed copy of the journal and download the electronic version.

MAS Context, a quarterly journal created by MAS Studio, addresses issues that affect the urban context. Each issue delivers a...



Magazine; MAS CONTEXT / Issue 12, Winter 11.[VIDEO]
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
The twelfth issue of the quarterly design journal MAS Context, ABERRATION, is already out. Contributors to this issue include Atelier Olschinsky, Nick Axel, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Vladimir Belogolovsky, Michael Chen, formlessfinder, The Freise Brothers, Iker Gil, Tom Keeley, Emilio López-Galiacho, Jürgen Mayer H., Antonio Rull, Paul Shepheard, John Szot, Lebbeus Woods and Luis Urculo who is also the cover designer. GREAT WORK. CONGRATULATIONS TO "MAS CONTEXT" AND PEAKED HAT!

If firmness, utility, and delight are the enduring pinnacles of architectural achievement, then it would appear architecture’s moral destiny is a foregone conclusion. But is it possible that opportunities for valuable cultural insight are being lost out of deference to this legacy? We examine forces, trends, and ideas that enhance the significance of the built environment despite, or due to, their deviant nature.




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