2217 NPL 2014 by Gonzalo Vaíllo.

2217 NPL 2014 by Gonzalo Vaíllo.
[Alcalá vs. VIEN] Spain-Austria.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Using the name address, where the project is placed, 2217 Neutra Pl, Los Angeles CA 90039, this young architect shows us his final presentation as Postgraduate Program in the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He already graduated in 2010 in Alcalá University, Spain. In a conversation with METALOCUS Vaillo explains his project below.

Below, an interview talking about this project:

What is the influence, on your work, of your previous training in Alcalá University?

The Schools of Architecture in Spain are normally inside Technical Universities. In Austria there is a difference between Technical and Universities for Arts in Architecture. Although you get the same title as an Architect, the training is pretty different. Architecture as Profession doesn’t usually goes with Architecture as Discipline. I think that technical education prepares students for situations for the professional field. On the other hand, an artistic education defines and evolves the Discipline of Architecture. It allows to explore new possibilities and push boundaries till radical situations.

Both of them are acceptable and required. Merging both worlds should produce more complex and interesting projects. A fully attractive strategy could be discourse where the current social, economic, politic and artistic conditions meet a more pragmatic use of the technology in terms of design and production.

The technical education I received in the ETSAG had influenced the project without any doubt. A relevant example is the construction system itself, which is based on the standards of main and secondary structure, facade an...read more