Amêndoa, suspended leaves

Amêndoa, suspended leaves
by Iván Juárez, Bahia de Todos os Santos, Itaparica, Brasil
metalocus, ANA SEGURA
Amêndoa, suspended leaves. Photography installation. Courtesy of Iván Juárez
We introduce you one of the interventions of Ivan Juarez in Bahia dos Santos, a series of installations that explore the natural landscape of the island of Itaparica, and use elements, materials and meanings of the island itself.

The beach almond (Terminalia catappa), in Portuguese called Amêndoa or Amendoeira-da-praia, is one of the most representative trees of the coast of Brazil. A large tree that can grow up to 35 meters high.Their crowns are characterized by an stratified appearance, because of they overlap each other, generating a large crown of a dense foliage. That is why it is also known in many Brazilian cities as Sete-copas. Its large leaves, also used in traditional medicine, can measure more than 30cm and in August, they begin to acquire yellow tones to progressively go down before flushing to be completely dry. In many cases, some of the leaves resist until the last moment, when new shoots emerge in spring or until a strong wind finishes taking them. In winter, in the urban landscapes of the coast of Brazil, the fallen leaves covering streets and squares generating natural surfaces of different shades.

The installation "Amêndoa, suspended leaves", consist on the creation of a fragile membrane suspended in a landscape in a landscape of palm trees on the coast of the island of Itaparica. A piece conceived by the own landscape is generated through a mosaic of leaves of different shades - from yellow and orange to ocher, red and intense wines. The leaves, collected from under a large Almond located on the seafront, become layer that stands more


Ivan Juarez, is a member of the National System of Art Creators through the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA). He is founder of x-studio in Mexico, after acting as co-director at ex-studio in Barcelona. His projects explore the relationship between art and function; integrating the disciplines of architecture, design, sculpture and installation. He has developed a more