Gotland summer house

Outside vision. Image © Joachim Belaieff
Gotland summer house
By DEVE Architecture and Enflo Arkitekter [Gotland] Sweden
metalocus, ALEX DURO
Outside vision. Image © Joachim Belaieff
This summer house is built following the local construction tradition. A simple program, opened to the outside, makes from this house an elegant building.

The house is a long linear piece generated from a continuous section of gable roof. It contains a summer home on one side and a guest room on the other. These are separated by an outside space which is like a outside living room. This space can be closed with wooden panels if necessary.

Memory of project

A summer house for a young family. The site on the Swedish island Gotland in the Baltic Sea is surrounded by open fields to the north and low forest in the south. Local building traditions are important in this region, as well as for the architect and client. The slim volume invites light into the house and makes nature always present. A tarred pine roof adds character to the sheer volume and spans the private bedrooms and bathroom, the indoor and outdoor living room and the guest room. In time, after a number of tar treatments the roof and the façade will have the same colour. Walls, floors, ceilings and kitchen are made of local pine. The outdoor living room is designed for the unstable Swedish summer climate with rain, wind and sun. Exterior sliding shades stop the wind, protects against sunlight and is used to close the house. more

Outside vision. Image © Joachim BelaieffOutside vision. Image © Joachim BelaieffOutside vision. Image © Joachim BelaieffInner vision. Image © Joachim Belaieff.Façade detail. Image © Joachim Belaieff.Inner vision. Image © Joachim Belaieff.Siteplan. Image © courtesy of DEVE Architects and Enflo Arkitekter.Plans. Image © courtesy of DEVE Architects and Enflo Arkitekter.Sections. Image © courtesy of DEVE Architects and Enflo Arkitekter.Façades. Image © courtesy of DEVE Architects and Enflo Arkitekter. Vista exterior. Imagen © Joachim Belaieff.


Jens Enflo born in 1975. He studied Architecture in KTH Stockholm, 2005. He established is office, Enflo Arkitekter in 2005. Enflo Arkitekter works with commercial, residential and private projects. Jens Enflo is the project architect and project manager for all tasks in the office. This has given him a broad experience from coordinating and more


DEVE is a young architecture and design office based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was established by Helle Degn and Morten Vedelsbøl in 2007. The structure of the company shifted in January of  2011, to become three distinct branches: DEVE Architecture ApS, DEVE Design ApS & DEVE Gallery ApS.

DEVE began as a symbiosis between an architectural office and an more