Harold Berg donates a film about Matta-Clark to the MACBA

Harold Berg donates a film about Matta-Clark to the MACBA
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In a world premiere, the film My Summer 77 with Gordon Matta-Clark, about Office Baroque, one of the artist's last building cuts, in Antwerp, will be shown for the first time. Berg has also donated the film Office Baroque by Cherica Convents and Roger Staylaerts.

MACBA, the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, presents My Summer 77 with Gordon Matta-Clark (1977-2012), a film never before seen, on the creation in Antwerp of Office Baroque (1978), one of the artist’s last building cuts. Promoted by Harold Berg, the film was made and produced by Cherica Convents.

Invited by the Internationaal Cultureel Centrum (ICC) of Antwerp (Belgium), Gordon Matta-Clark (New York, 1943-1978) spent the period from May to August 1977 working on Office Baroque, one of the few building cuts that the artist felt should be conserved. However, despite all efforts to this end, on 3 June 1980 Antwerp City Council executed the order to demolish the building. All that remains from that legendary intervention are a few of the artist’s notes, vestiges from the building kept in different collections and museums, photographic documents and a film made by Cherica Convents.

Thirty-five years later, Cherica Convents has recovered unseen sequences from that film shoot. The footage that now sees the light shows a thoughtful and talkative Gordon Matta-Clark who is, nonetheless, immersed in brutally hard, physical work. The camera captures him as if it were filming a dance featuring an architectural speculation, translate...read more