LA FABRIQUE Artistic Laboratories and Cultural Center in Nantes

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TETRARC, founded in 1988 in Nantes, discusses the architecture of very large: town planning, public spaces, new construction, industrial design, scenography and museum. Its four members (Michel Bertreux, Alain Boeffard, Claude Jolly and Jean Pierre Macé) are followers of the idea of ​​total art and consider architecture as a poetic meaning. Appropriating the city in a fun way, the group develops buildings systematically seek to transform events into multifaceted complexity of programs and places. Its aim is to stimulate a new perspective on the city and strengthen its appropriation by expressive interventions, printing as second nature to the urban morphology.

TETRARC uses a vocabulary organic to break the orthogonality of the City and affix the personal brand of the group.

Act.>. 01/2013



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