Rehabilitation of an Old Fire Station of the Poble Sec by Roldán + Berengué Architects

Rehabilitation of an Old Fire Station of the Poble Sec by Roldán + Berengué Architects
[BCN] Spain
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Rehabilitation of an Old Fire Station of the Poble Sec in Barcelona by Roldán + Berengué Architects. Photography © Jordi Surroca
The Fire Prevention Center Project has transformed the former Fire Station of Lleida Street, Barcelona, built for the 1929 International Exhibition, into an integrated part in the network of cultural spaces - "Montjuïc, mountain of museums".
The architectural study Roldán + Berengué Arquitectos has been in charge of carrying out this sensitive and beautiful rehabilitation that praises the space and preserves the historical memory of the existing building.

Description of the project by Roldán + Berengué Arquitectos


The original building, designed by the architect Emilio Gutiérrez, was the first of its kind built specifically for this purpose in Spain and is the only historic fire station still preserved in Barcelona.
The station is classified as level D in the Special Protection Plan of the Architectural Heritage Catalog, which means that it could have been demolished following a documentary survey.
It operated as a fire station until the year 2000 and then became a police station of the National Police until 2011.

The former fire station consisted of three naves that formed a U-shape around the more

José Miguel Roldán y Mercè Berengué, Ro
ldán + Berengué, arqts.
Collaborating architects
Vicenç Sanz, Zana Bosnic, Marc Rifà, Dav
id Bravo, Dora Filipovic, NikaKeller, Juanjo Pérez Jarque, Andrea Lupiac
Estructuras.- Manel Fernández (BERNUZ-FE
RNANDEZ ARQUITECTES SLP) Instalaciones.- Lluís de la Torre (Grupo JG) Director del Proyecto.- Josep Barjuan, Jefe del Departamento de Logística e Infraestructuras de la Gerencia de Prevención, Seguridad y Movilidad Gestor del proyecto.- Estrella Ordóñez, arquitecta, BIMSA Proyecto de Museografía.- Magma Cultura Dirección de ejecución.- Enric Peña (AT3 Oller-Peña)
Prevention, Safety and Mobility Manageme
nt, Barcelona City Council
UTE Tarraco - Soler
Competition: November 2013.
Project: May 2014 Construction: 27 October 2014 Completion of works: 25 May 2016 Opening: 11 November 2016
Areas.- Plot: 1,229 m².
Area built in original condition: 1.095 m². Expanded built area: 1,433 m². Altura sobre rasante Height above ground level.- 10.31 m (flat roof), 14.62 m (sloped roof), 30.23 m (tower roof). Budget.- € 1,825,098.17 (PEC excluding VAT)
Original project
Author of the original project: Emilio G
utiérrez, architect and engineer Date of construction: 1929 (Barcelona International Exhibition)


ROLDÁN + BERENGUÉ is an Architecture firm with 25 years of experience, founded in 1988 by partners Miguel Roldán and Mercè Berengué, conformed by a multidisciplinary team with experts in sustainability and design and construction management.

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