Rehabilitation Royal Butcher XVI Century

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Pablo Manuel Millán Millán

Pablo Manuel Millán Millán is Doctor Architect by the University of Seville with the thesis 'Inhabiting the cliff: the little convent as a promoter of a new architecture in the hills of Valparaiso.' He has been awarded with the best academic record by Fundación Caja de Arquitectos. Honorary Assistant at the Department of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture of the University of Seville. He has been a professor and researcher at different universities, such as Catholic University of Valparaiso in Chile and La Sapienza in Rome.

Author of numerous projects that have joined a patrimonial research to a new architecture. Among them hightlight the restoration of Real Butchers of the Sixteenth Century in Porcuna (Jaen) published internationally in numerous magazines of architecture; Restoration of the convent complex of San Francisco in Estepa (Sevilla); Restoration of the Convent of San Antonio de Sevilla, and more recently, intervention in the sacristy of the Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Regla en Chipiona (Cádiz).

He combines practice with research, because of that he takes part in various scientific committees and has published numerous articles in various prestigious journals, such as Arquitectos; EURE: Revista de Estudios Urbanos Regionales; EGA: Revista de Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónica; etc. and he has developed several patents among which stands out, for its impact on the patrimonial issue, the creation of the Salt Filters for the conservation of archaeological remains.




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