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spbr arquitetos (Angelo Bucci, Nilton Suenaga, Tatiana Ozzetti, Ciro Miguel, Eric Ennser, João Paulo Meirelles de Faria, Juliana Braga, Fernanda Cavallaro, Victor Próspero).
Landscape architect.-
Raul Pereira.
Structural engineer.-
Ibsen Puleo Uvo.
Foundation engineer.-
Ingeniero de cimentación.- Apoio Assessoria e Projeto de Fundações - José Luiz de Paulo Eduardo.
General contractor.-
José Antonio Queijo Felix.
269,50 sqm.
Floor area.-
183,40 sqm.
Date project.-
2010 - 2011.
Date construction.-
2013 -2014.


SPBR arquitetos, founded in 2003, is an architectural firm based in São Paulo. Directed by Angelo Bucci, which since 1989 works simultaneously on two complementary fronts: professional and academic. This prolonged balance has guided the office's activity.

Angelo Bucci is an Architect from the University of São Paulo, 1987, Master since 1998 and Doctor, in 2005, both from the same institution. He is a Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA HF) since 2011. He founded and directs the office SPBR architects since 2003 and was founder and partner of MMBB architects between 1996 and 2002.

SPBR projects reflect critical thinking about aspects of modern architecture. It is from this heritage that values the importance of structural design, constructive solutions, economic viability, and especially understanding of the city as the architectural works dialog field. The works have received increased attention in prizes, conferences, publications and exhibitions in Brazil and worldwide. The office has its greatest stimulus in exploring a possible field not done yet, producing designs in a full way of senses, informed by previous experiences and the appropriate use of resources.



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