Rem Koolhaas on The Simpsons LEGO CCTV.

Via Moresay. The Simpsons, Season 23, Episode 19. April 29, 2012.
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
Not the first time that the work by Rem Koolhaas appears in the popular television series The Simpsons, sure you remember the appearance of the iconic project for the CCTV headquarters (The Simpsons, Season 20, Episode 18: "Father Knows Worst").

The Simpsons are becoming the last step for architectural consecration (?). It is also known appearance of Frank Gehry in a chapter a few years ago (in 2005 in "The Seven-Beer Stretch" and then in 2009 "Maggie Roark"), but honestly do not know if in that case was a praise. In general appearance in the series implies a critique of the forms to design, if you know the series will understand, all is intelligent and brilliant irony.

Years ago the appearance on the guiñoles Channel Plus (puppets) supposed something like fame (in some countries still is), despite the criticism implied, a celebrity without its puppet, it was nobody.

Rem Koolhaas. The Simpsons, Season 23, Episode 19. April 29, 2012.

In this process of integration of architecture in everyday life, or its decay, on April 29, 2012, in season 23, episode 19 of The Simpons, the honor of participating was to Rem Koolhaas, again with the iconic building CCTV, in the "KidZone Elite", lwith a proposal to LEGO's series architecture.

Rem Koolhaas is on The Simpsons, and Rem is universal!


CCTV by Rem Koolhaas in The Simpsons, Season 20, Episode 18: "Father Knows Worst"
Frank Gehry in The Simpsons in 2005 episode “The Seven-Beer Stretch” and after in 2009,  “Maggie Roark“.



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