"Tense Architecture Network"


Tilemachos Andrianopoulos. Born in Athens (1974), Diploma in Architecture, NTUA (2001), Metropolis Msc in Architecture and Urban Culture, CCCB-UPC (2006). In 2004 co-creates Tense Architecture Network with Kostas Mavros, as a network of collaborators and works of architecture as well. Member of the multidisciplinary group Greenproject (2010), Ph.D. candidate (NTUA 2012).

Kostas Mavros. Born in Nea Ionia, Magnesia (1974), Diploma in Architecture NTUA (2001), co-creator of Tense Architecture Network (2004).

Thanos Bampanelos. Born in Athens (1977), Diploma in Architecture (NTUA 2001), Msc in Built Environment: Virtual Environments, UCL (2003), member of Tense architecture Network since 2009.