So now you know, by The Horrors.

metalocus, LEONOR MARTÍN
Videoclip, "So now you know" by The Horrors.

Although is hard to imagine that life in a wasteland is as 'lively' as shown in this video (and  not precisely by the attitude of Faris Badwan), aesthetics and its aerial and zenith views are especially attractive.

Apparently filmed in an American desert town, the  the British band's video 'So now you know' shows its vocalist hanging around streets and abandoned places as a group of teenagers dance in an uncontrolled...


"Perfect House" by Do Ho Suh.

[Kanazawa] Japan
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Film of the exhibition "Perfect House" of the artist Do Ho Suh, created by Nils Clauss, with some of the works displayed at the 21st Century Contemporary Art Museum.

The Korean artist Do Ho Suh is famous for creating real-size replicas of different intimate spaces with which he has a special connection. As he says in an interview for the Tate Modern:

"You experience life moving through a...


PRIME by Isidro Blasco

Exhibition John Davis Gallery [NYC] U.S.A. 30/05 > 21/06/2015.
On May 30th John Davis Gallery will open the season with the collaboration of a group of artists, including Isidro Blasco, who will participate with his work PRIME for the sculpture garden of the gallery.

For the new exhibition at the John Davis Gallery, Isidro Blasco has composed a large caleidoscopic sculpture from the fragments, parts, memories of architectonical spaces that he himself has been living in through time...


Doctor Surgery in Paüls, by Vora.

Vora Arquitectura, [Paüls] Spain.
The design for the Paüls Doctor Surgery makes use of the surrounding landscape to flood the interior of the waiting rooms and circulation spaces of the building. This get easier the waiting times and reduce the 'possible anxiety'.

Besides, Vora Architecture's project uses building systems and aesthetics similar to surrounding buildings, a smart strategy to integrate the building into the pre-existing urban fabric.


"K:emptiness" by _Marina_Morón, An Exploration of the Void.

at the The Fitzrovia Gallery [LON] UK 01.06 >21.06.2015.
The First of June will open in London the new photography exhibition of the creative team _Marina_Morón, with a selection of their latest work "K:emptiness".

_Marina_Morón intends to reflect through this photographs of architecture the silence and solitude. This collection of images that will be at the The Fitzrovia Gallery, can be interpreted as a visual diary belonging to a fictional character exploring his...


X-Architects, winners of the new Mecca's masterplan.

[Makkah] Saudi Arabia
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA
UAE-based X-Architects has won a competition to design a new masterplan for Makkah, Saudi Arabia - the holiest city in the world for Muslims.

The winning master plan entry by UAE-based X-Architects envisions a dense mixed-use development providing accommodations and facilities for pilgrims during Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Visitors to Makkah who perform the religious Hajj ritual are expected to spend three nights in the valley of Mina, in one of the 100,000 temporary, air-conditioned tents.

The architects said,...


Yellow Pavilion by Hall McKnight.

metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
The project is part of the New Horizon’s initiative supported by the Irish Architecture Foundation and ID15 (the year of Irish Design 2015). The project also constitutes part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015. 'Yellow Pavilion' contains an exhibition involving 1000 reclaimed bricks from Belfast in response to the theme of LFA 2015, ‘Work in Progress’.

New Horizon_architecture from Ireland will present the work of 10 emerging Irish Architecture practices. Hall McKnight takes part with 'Yellow Pavilion'. For the London instalment as part of LFA, the Irish designers included are TAKA, Clancy Moore, Hall McKnight, Steve Larkin and Emmett Scanlon. This collaborative project seeks to explore in detail the theme of the festival, 'Work in Progress', at a city...


Exhibition. Chatter: Architecture talks back at the art institute of chicago.

Art Institute of Chicago. [Chicago] USA. Until Sunday, July 12, 2015.
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA.
Iker Gil (MAS Context) and Karen Kice have been the curators of the exhibition "Chatter: Architecture Talks Back" that will take place at Art Institute of Chicago until Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Karen Kice, Neville Bryan Assistant Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago Department of Architecture and Design, invited Iker Gil (MAS context...


First edition of Open House in Madrid.

Open House Madrid, [MAD] Spain. 26.09>27.09.2015.
metalocus, ALEX DURO.
Fans of architecture, architects and general public in and around Madrid are in luck. During the month of September, days 26th and 27th, will take place in Madrid the first edition of the international festival Open House. With presence in cities all around the world, from London, where it was founded 20 years ago, to cities like Barcelona, Rome, Athens or Prague, the festival has been a success and has established itself as an extraordinary way of bringing architecture and urbanism to citizenship. Do not miss it!

Here in METALOCUS, as media partners of the event, we are pleased to present the first edition of Open House Madrid, directed by Paloma Gómez and Pati Núñez, which will take place in Madrid on 26 and 27 September with a long list of buildings and architecture...


"La Grande Passerelle Cultural Hub" by Architecture-Studio.

[Saint-Malo] France.
metalocus, SILVIA BATRES.
Architecture, Projects
"La Grande Passerelle", home of the main public cultural facilities of Saint-Malo, is immediately seen by travellers arriving from TGV (high-speed train) station. This cultural hub was designed by the Paris agency Architecture-Studio, and includes a media library, an art-house cinema, a media centre, and “4e lieu”, a multiuse space.

"La Grande Passerelle" links the station to the old town and the newer areas around it. Architecture-Studio was influenced by the new urban renewal movement of Saint-Malo inspired by the relocation of the old station. In fact, the facilities complete the renewal of the area and the creation of a new hub at the heart of the three communities....



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