Seongdong Cultural & Welfare Center by UnSangDong Architects.

[Seoul] South Korea.
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
From few years, South Korea is becoming a benchmark for contemporary architecture. Below a project by UnSangDong Architects.

Jang Yoon Gyoo, Principal of Unsangdong Architect Cooperation, introduced the idea of 'space coordinator' and showed experimental works at 'Ssamzie Project', the Seoul Museum of Art 'Cheonggyechun' exhibition and the 'Preliminary Alert' exhibition.


Incube Building by Romera y Ruiz Architects.

[Las Palmas de Gran Canaria] Spain.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
The Incube Building by Romera y Ruiz Architects is the result of the contrast between the gravity of the exterior and the lightness of the interior. A game between the projected skin shades and the contained interior lights. Incube uses materials and space in different levels of texture of shadow and light.

Description of the projects by...


House in March District by Kitarchitects.

By Kitarchitects, [March District-Schwyz] Switzerland.
metalocus, BELÉN CALLEJO.
This house in a residential area in March District-Schwyzof, Switzerland, is in a a modest sized parcel, whose main concept is to minimize the footprint and adapt it to client’s request for a four-car garage. Kitarchitets uses the entrance as the starting point that creates a seamless transition between inside and outside. Furthermore, the interior is organized as a sequence of open spaces with different degrees of intimacy, light qualities and orientation.



Ai Weiwei Designs Exhibition for Alcatraz Prision.

Alcatraz [San Francisco - CA] USA.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Art, Recommendations
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's highly anticipated takeover of the San Francisco Bay's Alcatraz Island opens to the public on Saturday. The exhibition, @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz, is a joint project between For-Site Foundation, the National Park Service, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. The exhibition will open up on the former prison hospital, New Industries Building, and A Block section of the cellhouse, which are typically closed to visitors.

Both delicate and fearsome, the traditional Chinese dragon kite embodies a mythical symbol of power. Ai Weiwei unfurls a spectacular contemporary version of this age-old art form inside the With Wind in New Industries Building. He says...


Westonbirt Aboretum building by Glenn Howells Architects.

[Gloucestershire] England.
metalocus, BELEN CALLEJO
Glenn Howells Architects announces it has completed work on the new Biffa Award Welcome Building– at the Forestry Commission’s National Arboretum at Westonbirt. This project is a curved building acts as the gateway to the arboretum situated in Gloucestershire. This project, constructed with Douglas fir and western red cedar timber, gives the opportunity for visitors to learn and contemplate this spectacular landscape heritage.

Description of the project by Glenn Howells Architects.



New building at Albert Einstein High School, by NBJ Architectes.

[Bagnols-Sur-Cèze] France.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA
Architecture, Projects
The extension of any older building is an opportunity to rethink about the way it worked, its inner and outer relations, and to improve the experience of its users. In this case, the new volume for this high school in Bagnols Sur Cèze is used for a complete refurbishment of the public space around, and an adaptation for new conditions.

Description of the project by NBJ Architects.

The objective was to think a new spatial organization of the site...


This was not my dream. Redux House.

[VIDEO] by Pedro Kok. [Itatiba] Brazil.
metalocus, ÁNGEL BLANCO.
Architecture, VIDEO
A film by Pedro Kok & Gabriel Kogan, for the 14th Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

As an official part of the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale the exhibition at Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora, TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, presents a large combination of architects. More than 100 architects from over 40 countries presented in 2 Venetian Palazzi. Between them, Studio MK27‘s Marcio Kogan has contributed to the exhibition with five videos that portray the daily lives of...


Frank Lloyd Wright in What's My Line?

[VIDEO] from crepehanger47.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Many architects believe that his participation in tv programs do not give the best image. No one refuses to be interviewed by a TV show, where an interviewer asks him about his work, his life and projects. What is clear is that architects dont have the same opinion when participating in popular contests, what some would call, more banal.

Well, even months before the first television broadcast in Spain, Frank Lloyd Wright had no problem in participating (more than half a century ago) in one of those shows, that now you can watch on any TV channel. On June 3, 1956, Wright participated as a mystery guest on an episode of the program...


Sia - Chandelier.

Her music video has captivated audiences worldwide.

Our Saturday music video is a Film by Sia and Daniel Askill (Official Music Video). METALOCUS MUSIC PROJECT.

The official director's cut for "Chandelier" directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, featuring...


A New Terminal Under Grand Central: The East Side Access Project.

[NYC] USA. 06.10.2014
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Architecture, TECHNOLOGY
One of the nation’s largest transportation infrastructure projects is currently underway right in the heart of Midtown, New York City, US.

The MTA’s East Side Access Project will bring the Long Island Rail Road into a brand new terminal to be built below—and incorporated into—Grand Central. Join a panel of expert insiders to hear about the grand vision, engineering innovations, and considerable technical challenges behind the new Terminal, expected to open in 2019-2023.

A New...



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