"Monuments and melodies" by Adrian Labaut

Adrian Labaut Hernandez presents an alternate architectural landscape that pits itself against the conventional city composed of individually designed structures.

The project presents some different cities in an aged backdrop where it appears many volumes showing the possibility of a homogeneous and abstract future  in which the urban pattern is simplified appear. Everything is envolved in an atmosphere of pure containing the maximun space but with a non-existent personal taste.



AMO designed 90s-style Nightclub in Paris for Miu Miu

[PAR] France.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, Exhibitions
Celebrating the 2016 Croisière collection and the introduction of the first house fragrance, Miu Miu opened the Miu Miu Club, a one-night-only intervention in the Palais d’Iéna in Paris, designed in 1937 by Auguste Perret.

The Miu Miu Club, a pop-up event by Prada and AMO, hosted a dinner, fashion show and several musical acts at the official CESE government offices in Paris on Saturday, July 4th. The show was inspired by the rich tradition and dark evocation...


BEYONCE vs SKYSCRAPER. Premier Tower by Elenberg Fraser.

[VIDEO] from Beyonce [Melbourne] Australia.
Architecture, MUSIC VIDEO
Elenberg Fraser builts this new skyscraper in Melbourne. It pays homage to Beyoncé in her video Ghost, as it's architect afirms.

This new tower designed by Elenberg Fraser is based on Beyonce's curves. The body of the singer have inspired the architects to creat this building with residential, commercial and hospitality uses. Its glass façade has been molded creating twists and turns. But the project is more than that, it is the result of a resarch into work on a particular site and climatic...


'Virtual control - security and the urban imagination' by Max Colson.

Exhibition at RIBA. [London] UK. 09/07 > 25/08/2015
Architecture, Art, Exhibitions
Next July 9th exhibition 'Virtual Control - Security and the Urban Imagination' opens at the Practise Space at RIBA. It will be open until August 25th. Exhibition explores privatised urban public space and security design in the UK's cities.

The exhibition of photography, video and installation 'Virtual control - security and the urban imagination' by Max Colsonorganized by UCL Urban...


4 Spanish students winners at IFLA Design Competition 2015

[St. Petersburg] Russia 7.07 > 27.09.2015
Architecture, Competitions
Architecture students from the University of Valladolid (UVa), led by Professors Dario Alvarez and Carlos Rodriguez, have won the first prize at the International Competition for students of landscape architecture convened under the theme "History of the Future", organized by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), which was held in St. Petersburg last June.

IFLA Design Competition 2015 has received 275 projects from students from 62 universities of 16 countries. They have announced the three winners. The first Prize is for 4 Spanish students from the University of Valladolid, Spain.

The winning project presented by the students Lucía de Blas Noval, Gonzalo Basulto Calvo,...


Zaha Hadid at the State Hermitage Museum.

[Saint Petersburg] Russia, 27.06 > 27.09.2015.
Architecture, Exhibitions
Zaha Hadid at The State Hermitage Museum is the first retrospective exhibition of this architect in Russia. It provides unprecedented insight into her work in a mid-career retrospective highlighting Zaha Hadid's exploration of the Russian Avant-garde at the beginning of her career, and the continuing influence of its core principles on her work today.

The project was prepared specifically for the Nicholas Hall of the Winter Palace being one of the museum’s major ceremonial historical interiors. The exhibition prepared by the State Hermitage Museum and Zaha Hadid...


The Bartlett Summer Show 2015, with state of scanning technology

ScanLAB Projects. [VIDEO] de Bartlett School of Architecture. [LON] UK
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
To coincide with London Technology Week, ScanLAB Projects, run by Bartlett School of Architecture graduates Matthew Shaw and William Trossell, return this year to document The Bartlett Summer Show for the fifth year running.

Using state of the art 3D scanning technology ScanLAB ‘digitise space’ by capturing a cloud of over a billion precisely measured points which they then assemble into a virtual model. Exhibition spaces are individually scanned in full colour and with millimetre accuracy and used to create interactive apps (available...


City of light vs Bijenkorf store by W.M. Dudok

[VIDEO] from Peter Veenendaal
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.
Architecture, VIDEO
Documentary short by Dutch journalist Peter Veenendaal, about the old Bijenkorf department store in Rotterdam. This masterpiece of modern architecture, designed by the famous Dutch architect Willem Marinus Dudok, opened in 1930. It was hailed as the biggest en most modern department store in Europe. But ten years later, in May 1940, it was largely destroyed during the German bombardement of Rotterdam. In the mid Fifties, the remaining part was closed, demolished and forgotten. In this film, original footage, pictures and eyewitness accounts bring Dudok's masterpiece back to life.



Contemporary Architecture may disappear from the internet.

Freedom of Panorama [European Parliament] EU
Architecture, OPINION
In relation with the decision of the Government of Spain to push through the so-called Gag Law, which means a reduction of civil liberties, the European Parliament has introduced a new amendment that seeks to restrict the Freedom of Panorama in all the countries of the European Union.

Freedom of Panorama is an exception to copyright that allows people to take and publish pictures and videos of public spaces without restrictions...


Summary of the last P.I.G.S.

[VIDEO] by Laura Cazzaniga. [Lisbon, Athens, Barcelona, Rome] Europe. Portugal.- 27.06>28.06.2015
metalocus, DANIEL MADERA.
Now, we bring you a summary of the last meeting P.I.G.S. that took place in Lisbon last weekend in the Biblioteca e Observatòrio dos Estragos da Sociedade Globalizada.

For those who still don´t know the meaning of it, P.I.G.S. is the acronym of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. We show you some images of teh event.




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