Vacation home in Vilapol by padilla nicás arquitectos

Vacation home in Vilapol by padilla nicás arquitectos
Vilapol [Lugo] Spain
metalocus, ALEX DURO
Vacation home in Vilapol by padilla nicás arquitectos. Photography © José Hevia Blach
The relaxed lifestyle which offers this vacation home, located in the town of Vilapol in Lugo, would be the perfect excuse for anyone to spend a few days in northern part of Spain. Padilla nicás arquitectos' project seeks his strong point in the dialogue with that environment so privileged, halfway between the forest and the sea, and yes, far from the mess of the city.

The quiet town of Vilapol located in the northern part of Spain, in Lugo, is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time off really difficult to find in the city. In this valuable scenic surroundings padilla nicás arquitectos designs a vacation home in a triangular plot of just over 1,000 sqm.

Well photographed by José Hevia, the house uses the sea and the nearby forests as its perfect frame, for constantly opening to such an environment with a sequence of holes in the façade which reflect in the inner spaces this desirable place for relaxation and rest.

Description of the project by padilla nicás arquitectos

Vilapol, the small village where this house is located, is elevated and looks out upon the Lugo landscape.

The house is situated on a triangular plot whose geometry determines the shape of the house, opening itself  to the lush landscape more

padilla nicás arquitectos

Francisco José Padilla Alonso (Madrid 1971) and Juan Manuel Nicás Caballero (Jaen 1975) formed padilla nicás in 2003 after meeting at Rafael Moneo´s office, where they worked as partners on various projects in Spain and the USA.

Currently their professional work combines design commissions more