Flooding to avoid floods, in Randers by CF Møller

Flooding to avoid floods, in Randers by CF Møller
[Randers] Denmark
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Kick-off for visionary climate project in Randers by CF Møller. Courtesy of CF Møller
CF Møller’s Storkeengen (Stork Meadow) is a landscape solution, bringing the town of Randers closer to the longest river in Denmark, the Gudenå River to prevent the threat of flooding. The storm protection uses the wetland meadows as an attractive nature park to handle the raised stormwater level, whilst a recreational pathway increases accessibility with the nature areas across the river.
Storkeengen is a result of dedicated cooperation between Randers Vandmiljø, Randers Municipality and the advisers CF Møller Landscape and Orbicon. The project has involved many of the local community, future users and stakeholders to participate in the evolution of Storkeengen as a concept, ensuring an understanding of the connection between the town and natural landscape.

Description of project by CF Møller

’Storkeengen’ (Stork Meadow) is a new landscape project that, like an architectural multi-tool, creates cloudburst and storm flood protection, strengthens urban nature and brings the town of Randers even closer to the Gudenå River. In cooperation with Orbicon, C.F. Møller Landscape has developed the project for Randers Municipality and...read more

CF Møller, Orbicon
Randers Kommune og Vandmiljø Randers
Randers, Denmark
83 ha
Competition Year.- 2017.
1st prize in architectural competition.- 2017

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