Dieter Roth, Bok 3b and bok 3d, Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer, 1974. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía © Dieter Roth Estate. Curtesy by Hauser & Wirth
metalocus, INÉS OÑATE
The Reina Sofía Museum brings to Madrid artists from the panorama of the graphic novel and comic books at an international level from an experimental point of view.
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Taureau, 1960. Collage of papers, kraft paper, gouache and ink on paper. Signed. 52 x 73 cm. Image courtesy Guillermo de Osma Gallery
The inheritance left by the versatile architect of Villa Savoya, one of his most recognized works, ranges from modern architecture, furniture and an avant-garde style reflected in countless paintings.
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Sheila Hicks presents at the Georges Pompidou Center "Lignes de vie" [Life lines]. Photography © Cristobal Zanartu
metalocus, JORGE FERRER
Looking back at Hicks’ career from 1957 to the present day, 145 works will be displayed in Galerie 3, overlooking the city of Paris.
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TAIHE. Supreme Harmony. The new project by BOA MISTURA. Photograph © Boamistura
metalocus, VANESA DEL OLMO
" TAIHE. Supreme Harmony " is the latest work by the Spanish art collective Boa Mistura in Nantou, Taiwan.
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Guadiana (2017). Courtesy of Carmen Hermo
metalocus, JORGE FERRER
The CGAC, Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo, opens the program of 2018, with Antoni Muntadas. The exhibition reviews some lines of Muntadas' work and includes specific unpublished projects.
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LE CONTAINER GALLERY © L'INSECTE. URBANITY, the first Spanish fair dedicated to New Contemporary Art arrives to Madrid
On the occasion of the Art Week in Madrid, a second edition of URBANITY, the first fair devoted to New Contemporary Art, arrives at LASEDE COAM.
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Photo by Ian Douglas. Courtesy of Times Square Arts
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Every year, public art program Times Square Arts invites love-themed proposals from architecture and design firms for exhibition throughout February.
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Página 1, La ciudad en viñetas, Víctor Puchalski. "La ciudad en viñetas" by Victor Puchalski
metalocus, JORGE FERRER
"La ciudad en viñetas" is a rotating program located on the 4th floor of the center in which, every three months, a new author presents his particular approach, in the form of a graphic narrative, to the buildings, the people and the stories that habit th
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1.78 Madrid, 2018 by Janet Echelman. Photograph © João Ferrand
metalocus, JORGE FERRER
Through February 19th, the piece was unveiled on Friday to mark Madrid's 400th anniversary.
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metalocus, PABLO CUESTA
In 1587, the Milanese cartographer Urbano Monte drew a map of the world so detailed that it did not fit on a single sheet of paper. He needed 60 pages to complete the work.
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The architect and urbanist Rem Koolhaas analyzes the existing connectivity between different parts of the globethanks to the new technologies.