The "average" architects' salary in the world.

The "average" architects' salary in the world.
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA.

The following infographic was sent us by José García from Sección magazine, in it you can see the average salary for architects around the world, below you can click on the image to enlarge it. We find it interesting, but as always we emphasize that it is an average rate and in many cases things can be worse for most.

Below, we bring his comment.-

One of the important factors, though not the only one to consider for an architect who intends to emigrate, is the wage, in general, there is much discrepancy between the average wages that architects are getting for their work in the world, if it is true that in the countries of the northern half, these differences are minor and significantly higher than in the southern half, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.

The record is Switzerland, with an average monthly salary of € 5,853 and the worst is Bangladesh with an average monthly salary of € 306. We must always contrasting this data with the cost of living in different countries.