FILTER a NYCxDESIGN pavilion in the heart of Times Square by CLB Architects

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Structural Engineer.- KL&A, Inc.
Lighting Designer.- HELIUS.
Light Fixture Provider.- B-K Lighting.
Lighting Contractor.- Apollo Electric.
Steel Supplier and Fabricator.- EMIT. Wood Supplier and Wood Fabricator.- Spearhead. Tree Provider.- Raemelton Farm.
Venue / Adress
Times Square, New York, USA. M-S. 11:00am-9:00pm..

CLB Architects

CLB Architects, more than two decades since our founding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we have evolved but our essentials remain unchanged. The projects are recognizable: thoughtful, innovative, and refined in their details. A collaborative process enables us to engage clients and therefore our portfolio is loaded with a diverse set of designs each responsive to a particular set of conditions. The power of landscape, the quality of light and the simple honesty of vernacular architecture influence the work. Each endeavor is guided with the firm’s philosophy in mind – inspired by place.

Since our inception in 1992, the Jackson studio has grown to accommodate a staff of more than 40 led by principals Eric Logan, Kevin Burke and Andy Ankeny. We maintain an informal and collegial atmosphere that encourages individual creativity and teamwork in an open, collaborative environment. In 2017 we opened a full-service design studio in Bozeman. Our design approach integrates well with the landscape and cultural context of southwestern Montana. We are thrilled to be contributing to the collection of legacy buildings in this new, but familiar environment.

The work of the office spans a wide variety of project types with a strong emphasis on custom residential architecture. Community facilities, resorts, and mixed-use buildings make up the public side of the practice. In all of our work we focus on process, collaboration and integration of craft, material and constructability. This approach has resulted in numerous awards and publications and has raised public awareness of the benefits of good design.

We create interior environments that are a natural extension of the architecture, with the belief that there should be no line where architecture ends and interiors begin. The practice seamlessly integrates a project’s architectural forms and materials with the interior furnishings, lighting and artwork. Our foray into Public Art began with members of the firm serving on boards for several art-based organizations. This community involvement led to CLB participating in local public art events and competitions.

Our firm’s commitment to producing well-considered design extends to the objects that inhabit the spaces we create. The process of making things, whether a building or a door grip, reflects a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of personal interaction with design. As a team of accomplished architects and designers, we work diligently with craftspeople, and our clients, to realize original pieces that enrich the human experience.



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