Intense duality in New York. The double gaze: architectures of the void by Jose Conceptes

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Jose Conceptes

Jose Conceptes (Vinaròs, València, Spain, 1978) is a photographer who, after several years of experimental work, focuses his work on architecture and urban landscape. The strength of the angularities, the lights, and the shadows in black and white enhance the shapes and move the subject to the background. With a very studied composition, where nothing is left to chance, except the subjective aspect of the gaze, he tries to ensure that his photographs have a special appeal whose simplicity, cleanliness, and stillness aim to convey the character of eternity inherent to urban structures.

He is interested in what is seen, but also in what is ignored or difficult to perceive by the human eye. Giving importance to what often goes unnoticed, discovering new ways in aspects that at first glance may seem trivial, simple, and unimportant.

Jose Conceptes plays with volumes, shadows, and textures, understood as traces of the landscape or the creations of man, since between objects and shadows there is a dialogue that he tries to capture in his works.

In the last 10 years, he has obtained more than 30 national and international awards and has dedicated himself to giving talks and workshops focused on his own vision of Photography. Currently, he is president of the Vinaròs photographic association AFOVINA.



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