PRODUCTION. MAS Context magazine. New issue. 016.

PRODUCTION. MAS Context magazine. New issue. 016.
[Chicago] MAS Context, 16 / Production. Winter 2012.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Mas Context, a interesting magazine, presents "Production", the sixteenth issue of its quarterly publication. The contributors to this issue are James Black, Anthony Burrill, Edward Burtynsky, Andrew Clark, Jason Fried, Iker Gil, Jonn Herschend, Glenn Hinman, Arnold Horween III, Cody Hudson, Rod Hunting, Chad Kouri, Andreas E.G. Larsson, Julia Luke, MCA’s Teen Creative Agency, Jake Nickell, Prelinger Archives, Nina Rappaport, Deborah Richmond, Michael Salvatore, and David Sieren, who is also the guest cover photographer.

Below, part of the introduction you can read, download or request a copy in your page: below:

Last year, we collaborated with architect John Szot for our Aberration issue, and this winter we have the pleasure to team up with The Post Family for our issue on Production. The Post Family, a Chicago-based collective formed in 2007 by seven artists and designers, came together in support of each other’s passions as well as the larger design community in Chicago. Their space serves as gallery, letterpress and printing studio, experimental music venue and creative incubator. Earlier this year, they organized “Manual Labor,” an exhibition focusing on the renewed interest in skill trades in our modern marketplace. It was a celebration of the handcraft and physical labor that continues to inspire us. With their obvious love for making things, it seemed a perfect opportunity to collaborate on this issue.

We enjoyed many conversations and gatherings, during which an innumerable number of possible contributors, themes and formats were discussed and considered. The process uncovered many directions, which was both exciting and daunting, if intended to address the topic in a comprehensive and complete way.

We finally narrowed our approach to Production to two specific areas: the impact of more