Shower of stones to cover the ruins of the Abbey of St Maurice

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Claude Fabrizzi, Laurent savioz. Savioz Fabrizzi Architects

Savioz Fabrizzi Architects is an association founded in 2004 consisting of two architects: Claude Fabrizzi & Laurent savioz.

Collaborators: Cindy Fabrizzi (Commercial employee). Larissa Jean-Richard (architect hes). Benedikt Bertoli-Sülzenfuss (architect kit -germany). Jean-Pascal Moret (architect epfl). Céline Corsano (interior architect eaal). Christian Lamon (architectural draftsman). Térence Biselx (apprenti architectural draftsman). Loïc Nellen (apprentice architectural draftsman).

Former collaborators: Ewout Gysel, Annette Schädler, Camille Chauvin, Laetitia Riedo, Cécile David.



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