A breeze house. Naranga Avenue House by James Russell Architect

A breeze house. Naranga Avenue House by James Russell Architect
Houses Award Winner [Surfers Paradise] Australia
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
Naranga Avenue House by James Russell Architect. Photograph © Toby Scott
A minimal house, very permeable, thanks to the good climate of the area. A house that expands beyond its walls, but also has enough privacy to protect its occupants from the outside.
The commission received by James Russell Architect to make a house with a low budget and in a leathery residential neighborhood, the project needed a lot of creativity. A brilliant solution emerged from an intelligent interaction between owners and architect.

Description of project by James Russell Architect

Florida Gardens, a 60’s canal estate with leathery swinging grandmas and breezeblock houses. What a great context...

We wanted to play with breezeblocks, a material that has its place here, but breezeblocks are expensive and need to be painted for protection from the corrosive coastal air.

We used extruded clay bricks on edge, showing the ugly holes. Extruded brick is inexpensive, low embodied energy and doesn’t require applied finishes to protect it. The material, clay, can be expressed and enjoyed.

Fixed to expressed hardwood framing we make our screen. Sun becomes a dappled light, breeze moves through, rain becomes mist, daily rituals can happen in privacy but with views or awareness of your surrounds ...read more

James Russell Architect.
Architect in Charge.- James Russell
Design Team
James Russell, John Ellway, Ash Brown.
Illustrations.- Laura Patterson
Josh Neale, Westera Partners
James Davidson, Owner Builder
195 m²
Austral Bricks, Viridian Glass


James Russell Architect is a design based practice - Brisbane,  Qld,  Australia - using traditional pen on paper and cardboard models through early stages of design. When design has calmed they move to 3D modeling and cut all drawings from this.