A building in Doze Casas by murmuro

A building in Doze Casas by murmuro
[Braga] Portugal
Doze Casas by murmuro. Photograph © Pedro Pacheco
Initialy the proyect was a building nine individual houses of considerable large dimensions turned, due to some circumstances, into twelve smaller scale houses, more affordable and, therefore, accessible to younger clients.
The project designed by murmuro is a twelve individual housing building. Parallel walls run across the length of the plot dividing and defining each house as well as supporting the upper floor single monolithic volume.

The first floor encloses the more private areas of the house, three bedrooms, one courtyard that allows the southern and western light to flow throughout the open stairway acting also as a ventilation system during summer time. This outter space is essential for the optimization of the climatic behaviour of the house.

Description of project by murmuro

The project is located in Gualtar, a peripheral area of the city of Braga, north of Portugal, that is under a process of transformation of a rural to a periurban context, with no relevant urban references.

At first the developer intended at building nine individual houses of considerable large dimensions. However, the 2008 real state crisis arise...read more

2009 – 2015
3,200 m²
Flexible Loop S.A.
João Caldas, Rita Breda, Nuno Vasconcelo
s, Tiago Araújo (architecture); TDP Engenharia (engeneering)


murmuro is an architecture practice based in Porto, founded by João Caldas and Rita Breda. They are a highly dedicated team that thrives on collaboration. Their multidisciplinary work process is not a mean to reach a fast consensus but rather an opportunity for dialo...read more