A line painted on the landscape. Taihang Xinyu Art Museum by Wang Chong Studio

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Design Guidance: Baowei Zhang, Yifei Zhang, Dongguang Zhang.
Deepening And Construction: Fuzan Dang, Huaan Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.
Artist: Xinyu Meng.
Taihang Xinyu Art Museum.
1,500 m².
Completion time: October 2022.
Shibanyan Town, Linzhou, Anyang, Henan. China.
Yumeng Zhu (Coppak Studio).

Wang Chong. Wang Chong Studio

Wang Chong is the host of Wang Chong studio. The main architectural design works include Taihang Xinyu Art Museum, Hushe, Luanshe, Posuoli Tea House, etc. It has won the German IF Award, Red Dot Award, Japan Good Design Award (GOOD DESIGN AWARD), AD100 YOUNG Judgment Top Ten Special Award, WATIC World Architecture Technology Conference Project Award, Furnishing China Crystal Kylin Award, Shenzhen "Spoonbill" The first prize of the "Cup" Public Art Elite Competition, AD's 2020 "China's 100 Most Influential Architects and Interior Design Emerging Talents", Shenzhen Global Design Award and other awards. The works of public art and sculpture include the installation work "Dream of Ice Crystal" at the Science and Technology Museum Station of Shenzhen Metro Line 12, the earth art work "Dongting Dongtian" in the 2nd Reed Art Festival, and the public art work of "The 6th China Youth Sculpture Art Exhibition" "Gusu · Garden" and so on.

Teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (public art major), external teacher of the School of Urban Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, engaged in space design, public art creation, exhibition planning, and cultural heritage research. Phd of Design from the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Master of Engineering from the University of Tokyo, national first-class registered architect; member of the Furnishing Art Committee of the China Interior Decoration Society.
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