A space that dialogues with its surroundings. Rock Art Center of Cantabria by Sukunfuku Studio

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Sukunfuku studio. Lead architects.- Miguel Huelga, Iria de la Peña.
Construction manager.- José Manuel Gómez Illa.
Structure Engineer.- Estática Ingeniería SL.
Mechanical Engineer.- A6 Ingeniería SL.
Context collaborator.- Mónica Pérez.
Landscape consultant.- Arantxa Zabalza.
Curtain Design.- Akane Moriyama Studio.
Contractor.- Siec SA.
Ministry of Culture of Cantabria.
Plot area.- 10,000 m².
Total area.- 1,678 m².
Puente Viesgo, Cantabria. Spain.

Iria de la Peña, Miguel Huelga. Sukunfuku studio

Sukunfuku studio SLP. It is a Spanish architecture studio founded by Iria de la Peña and Miguel Huelga. The origin of studio name comes from sukunfuku, which is a neologism resulting from the addition of two Japanese kanjis: “suku 空” & “fuku 福”, which together mean “good luck”. They cover each project with the utmost enthusiasm and dedication, from large and complex programs to modest typographic designs.

They enjoy working with local artisans, disposing of the materials that live near the project, and adapting them to their new condition. They believe that there are traditional materials that are still modern and can fully coexist with something newly created. They would like to believe that the function and utility of the space they project do more than just change the user's visual perception. They think that it is something that improves people's lives and that it evolves with them. That is why they face each project, however small, as a challenge. Produce sensations for those who use it, and uncertainty and curiosity for those who visit it for the first time.

They firmly believe that nothing is what it seems and that you cannot trust a first impression: appearances are deceiving...



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