ADRIÀ GOULA. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture

ADRIÀ GOULA. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture
Fundamentals METALOCUS
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Murmurs. Photography © Adrià Goula
Adrià Goula, from Barcelona, ​​studied architecture and until a short time ago he was still involved in it with his partner, in "aH! arquitectura". His beginnings were also in architecture. After finishing his degree, he worked in offices such as EMBT (Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue), Coll-Leclerc (Jaime Coll and Judith Leclerc) and then in Paris at Yves Lion. It was at this office in Paris when he first had the opportunity to turn his hobby, which had already tried out in semi-professional work, into his occupation.

Opportunities come unannounced. A few years ago Adrià Goula spoke about that moment of change in an interview with Carlos Cámara and how he ended up driving his creative needs from architecture to photography: "The turning point was a couple of years later, while working in Paris at Yves Lion's office. The photographer who usually worked for him wasn't able to take pictures of the French Embassy in Beirut. In the office they knew about my hobby, and after a couple of tests I was sent for a week to Beirut to make the report. After a few days there, when the report was more or less solved, I was certain I preferred that. The photographs were very successful, and the project won the Equerre d'Argent, it was the year 2005. It was published in newspapers and magazines and was in the cover page in several cases. All of that helped dispel my doubts."

In only eight years, his success is so clear in Barcelona and Catalonia that is difficult to find an architect who didn't photograph one of his buildings with Adrià Goula. His way of working made him a regular photographer among well-known Catalan architects. With clear ideas, photographing architecture, Adrià Goula tries to suggest the actions that take place in a three-dimensional experience of architecture spaces, creating images that are able to show a building when it can't be experienced live.

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Adrià Goula Sardà (, 1973) is formed in the Schoolof Architecture in Barcelona where he obtained a degree in architecture in 2000 and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in 2007. He works as an architect in various offices in Barcelona (Enric Miralles (EMBT) and Coll-Leclerc arquitectos, etc..) and more