American promised dream of 50’s. A-FRAME by BUREAU

American promised dream of 50’s. A-FRAME by BUREAU
[Valais - Wallis] Switzerland
metalocus, INÉS LALUETA
A-FRAME. Photograph © Dylan Perrenoud. Image courtesy of BUREAU

A-FRAME is Daniel Zamarbide's new project developed after the formation of his new BUREAU practice. It was designed as an intervention for the TRIENNALE 2017 of the Canton of Valais, in Switzerland, the proposal makes an interpretation of one of the iconic images of the house.

Taking as a reference one of the typologies of the US models of the middle of the last century, A-FRAME becomes the name of the project proposed by Daniel Zamarbide.
The A-Frame bared the very essence of the American successful and cool lifestyle. In most cases a secondary home, quite inexpensive, original, easy to mount, modern, incredibly intimate and domestic, the perfect micro icon of an emancipated modernity.  

An interesting reflection, a trigger to talk about iconographies housing present in the minds of the general public as referents of the shelter that housing represents.

Description of project by BUREAU

The American 50’s more

Bureau A. Daniel Zamarbide.
Triennale du Valais
September 2017
Metal structure, steel sheets, plastic b
arrels, neon light


BUREAU, is the new project by Daniel Zamarbide. The practice hides under its generic name a variety of research activities. BUREAU makes things as an urge to react to the surrounding physical, cultural and social environment with a critical standpoint and with an immersive attitude. BUREAU is (in 2017) a more