Black Wood House

Black Wood House
By Marchi Architectes. [Normandie] France
metalocus, SARA REBOLLO
Photography © Fernando Guerra FG + SG. Courtesy of Marchi Architectes
Marchi Architectes designed this project built in black wood to extend an older house already existing in the plot. The extensión houses the common spaces of the house. Half hidden below the street level, it offers great views of the natural surroundings from the open living spaces.

Memory of project

The client wanted to move the living spaces to a more open and transparent spaces, in order to free some spaces in the old house.

A unique volume is set up, arranging kitchen, living and dining room. From the interior, wide views are offered on the garden and on landscape.

The extension is connected to the existing house as a structurally light volume, as not to overload the foundations.

The project is minimal: the volume is integrated in the surrounding, partially recessed in the topography of the ground as to stands lower than the street level.

The dark timber cladding plays with light and shadows so that the extension disappears in the shade of the forest around.

Text.- Marchi Architectes


Architects.- Marchi Architectes.
Project team.- Olivia Massimi, Marcello Orlandini.
Consultants.- Baldeschi, SBH, Valentin, more


Marchi Architectes, one of the prizewinners of Les Nouveaux albums des jeunes architectes et des paysagistes (NAJAP) of 2013, is sensitive to the spirit of a place, conceives of architecture as a reconciliation with nature. Adélaïde and Nicola draw on the richness of their travels and encounters as well as the reality of the profession as the framework for the act of construction. They more