Centralized Heat and Cold Generation Plant in Barcelona

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Joan Forgas-Dolors Ylla-Català FORGAS ARQUITECTES

Forgas Arquitectes is an architecture office founded in 1989 by Joan Forgas and Dolors Ylla-Català devoted to develope projects in the area of public space, infrastructure, equipments, housing, rebuilding and patrimony. In these years of experience the team has received several awards and has also won numerous national and international ideas competicions.

The office has an inner core of professional workers with a large group of collaborators, gathering interdisciplinary teams depending on the nature of projects to develop.

FORGAS ARQUITECTES works to achieve the equilibrium and balance between the intrinsic ability of emotional architecture and the inexcusable utility and proportion, making proposals attentive to physical context, environmentally responsible, technologically solvents and trying to respond to the requests and questions posed by society.




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