Colegio Dos Platanos by murmuro. Brick as a stabilizing element

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2010 – 2017
1,850 m²
João Caldas, Rita Breda, Tiago Araújo, Pedro Rodrigues, Francisco Calheiros (architecture); Inês Oliveira (design); TDP Engenharia (engeneering)

João Caldas, Rita Breda, murmuro

murmuro is an architecture practice based in Porto, founded by João Caldas and Rita Breda. They are a highly dedicated team that thrives on collaboration. Their multidisciplinary work process is not a mean to reach a fast consensus but rather an opportunity for dialogue, to exchange information looking to what was at first hidden in order to expand the project brief in search of the optimal solution.

They have also felt the need to explore other means of production as processes of the investigation and critical thinking and that is where curatorial research comes in. Curatorial work or interdisciplinary practices understood not as failed (architecture) or utopias, not even as side disciplinary practice but rather as opportunities to explore, to act on, and therefore as source of information that will later enrich future projects. 

Team.- João Caldas, Rita Breda, Pedro Rodrigues, Luís Soares
Tiago Araújo, Nuno Vasconcelos, Pedro Gama, João Castelões, Francisco Pereira, Francisco Calheiros




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