New vision in a cult space. The Red Church Reconstruction by atelier-r

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Atelier-r. Architects- Miroslav Pospíšil, Daria Johanesová.
Interior design.- Denisa Strmisková Studio.
Graphic design.- Studio KOSATKO.
Steel artifacts.- Jan Dostál.
General contractor.- Company Červený kostel.
Interior furnishings contractor.- Prosto Interiér.
Olomouc Region - Olomouc Research Library.
Built-up Area.- 418 m² church, 188 m² new building, 606 m² total.
Gross Floor Area.- 640 m² church, 230 m² new building, 870 m² total.
Usable Floor Area.- 395 m² church, 195 m² new building, 590 m² total.
Project year.- 2018-2019.
Completion year.- 2023.
Bezručova 1180/3, 779 00 Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic.
€ 7,2 mil.
Lighting Sainte.— Lambert Fills.
Lighting Lia.— Kaia.
Chairs Sit.— Zeitraum.
Chairs Élémentaire.— HAY.
Facade and cladding of the new building Reynobond.— PREFA.
Glass facade.— Schüco.
Concrete counters, concrete door of the furniture, wash basins.— Gravelli.
Concrete coating.— luxusní povrchy Němec.
Poured terrazzo floor in the church.— PROVAS.

Miroslav Pospisil. Atelier-r

Atelier-r is one of the leading Olomouc based architecture studios, found by architect Miroslav Pospisil. The collective has been striving for top quality contemporary architecture and urbanism with the primary focus on the purpose of the building and the impact on its surroundings. The studio is recognized for the reconstructions as well as designing bespoke residential, commercial and institutional spaces of any size. The closely-knit team has always been keen on all the design stages, from the architectural study, through completion of all the documentation to the building supervision to ensure the intended design is well executed.

Atelier-r has been awarded Czech Architect Grand Prix 2018 for the Vista Optik building and it received honorable mention in Czech Architect Grand Prix 2013 for the Slovan Gymnazium. The studio also frequently gets recognition in the annual Olomouc Region competitions.



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