Renovation and Portuguese tradition. Edifício Náutico by Subvert Studio

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Subvert Studio. Architects.- Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, Marta Pinheiro de Almeida, Sofia Travassos, Beatriz Brinco, José Rico Sofia. 
Project team
Director of production.- Miguel Morais Sarmento. Director of construction.- Rodrigo Pais. Other acknowledgments.- António Pereirinha, Maria Elisabete Silva, Gonçalves Simão. Site supervision.- Validstage (Rui Gonçalves, António Tribolet, Yuni Delgado, Luís Vicente).
Landscape architecture.- Get Out Landscape. Engineer teams.- HETC, Espaço Energia. Graphic design.- Subvert Studio, Diogo Ramalho. Construction company architect.- Cláudia Guerra. Quality and security at construction.- Camila Machado. Main construction managment.- Rui Silva. Construction managment.- Bruno Florindo, Hugo Graça, Vasile Mocanu.
Alves Ribeiro, SA.
Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira, Isabel de Botton, Tim Vieira, Nuno Traguedo, Tomás Champalimaud, Felipe Farinha dos Santos.
10,230 sqm.
2015 - 2020.
Special installations.- UNDEL. Metalwork.- Moninhas Alumínios, S.A. Framework.- Much More Than A Window. Lighting.- Astratec. Kitchen.- AGGS. Cobogos (ceramics).- Molde. Sanitary facilities and other coatings.- Sanitária 1900. Graphic production.- Hey Day (Luis Rodriguez). Other suppliers.- Tristone, Formani-O2 Corp, TRIA, Deleme, Forma Perfeita, Esergy, Geberit Portugal, JUNG.
Cascais, Portugal.

Tiago Rebelo De Andrade. Subvert Studio

Subvert Studio is an architecture, design and art studio, founded by Tiago Rebelo De Andrade, and focused on creating unique and unexpected solutions in each project in an increasingly diversified global market. This approach is their commitment to create art forms in all of our work, their distinctive way of valuing a project and their clients.

With more over ten years of experience, their multidisciplinary team starts from the existing, from their legacy and heritage, to create projects for the future, reflecting a sensible dichotomy between manual, artisanal and industrial thinking. This search for new concepts to each project, to new probable and possible solutions, is what allows they to innovate and to create solutions with unique identities.

Always looking forward, their expertise can be seen in their projects, in national and international publications, and in the awards that we have collected in recent years.



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