The black pearl. Morla House by Stanaćev-Granados

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Stanaćev Granados. Nataša Stanaćev, Manu Granados.
FCF Constructora.
Built area.- 120 sqm.
Site area.- 1280 sqm.
Design year.- 2021.
Completion year.- 2022.
Matanzas, VI Region, Chile.
€ 155,000 ($165,000).

Nataša Stanaćev, Manu Granados. Stanaćev-Granados

Stanaćev-Granados, established by architects Nataša Stanaćev, born in Zrenjanin, Serbia, 1985, and Manu Granados, born in Jerez, Spain, 1986. Both have degrees with highest distinction from the universities of Belgrade and Seville, respectively.

They met in 2013 in Chile, where they carried out their professional activity by collaborating with different prestigious architecture firms. After an enriching professional and life journey between Santiago and Matanzas, Stanaćev-Granados consolidated itself as an independent architecture office in Spain in 2019, from where they began to design and supervise the construction of the first works entirely remotely, all in Chile. In 2022 they returned to Santiago (Chile), the place from which they currently carry out their professional activity.

With a vision shaped by international experience and the meeting of two different backgrounds, they seek to address the particularities of projects without preconceived certainties. With the aim of achieving unique and sustainable solutions.

The studio's projects aim to intervene in their context, energizing the structure of existing relationships, and establishing a dialogue with them through their implementation, scale, and volumetry, in order to achieve optimal results that transcend what the client imagines.



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