Renovation of a house with scrap metal. Materials wells by Atelier Delalande Tabourin

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Project manager.- François-Xavier Jamin - Architect HMONP.
Reuse mission.- Anna Saint Pierre - Designer, PhD in Design BET.
Structure.- Cons-Struct, Chamarande.
General contractor.- CPS, Meaux.
300 sqm.
Schedule.- 2020 to 2022.
Work deadlines.- 14 months.
Delivery.- April 2023.
9 rue Jacques Lemercier, 78000 Versailles, France.
€ 450,000 excluding tax.
Exterior floors.- Floors, Vaux le Penil.
Interior floors.- Mergozzo, Montbard.
Brick chamotte.- DeWulf brickworks, Alonne.
Interior chamotte concrete.- Mergozzo, Montbard.
Exterior chamotte concrete.- Soils, Vaux le Penil.
Tinted concrete.- Cemex Matériaux, Nanterre.

Nicolas Delalande, Sébastien Tabourin. Atelier Delalande Tabourin

Atelier Delalande Tabourin (ADT) is an architecture studio founded in 2017 by Nicolas Delalande and Sébastien Tabourin, and based in Paris and Orléans, France. The office is positioned in a contemporary and sensitive reflection on architecture, which mainly revolves around a unique work with materials.

ADT is driven by a deep desire to experience space in its sensible and sensory dimensions. A specific investigation of each of their sites that pushes them to insist more on the material contextualization of their projects than on a search for a particular form or visual identity. Work with textures, colors, lights, noises, smells, shapes and volumes that allow your architecture to transcribe the felt atmosphere of the place. For this reason, they seek to privilege materials from local geology or local craftsmanship, paying special attention to their possible reuse.

2020.- Winners of the Albums of Young Architects and Landscape Architects (AJAP), a European competition for young architectural and landscape creation organized by the Ministry of Culture.
2017.- Winners of the Concrete Trophy, 2nd prize.
2016.- Winners of the Grand Prize for Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts.



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