A special relationship with nature. Silver Valley Housing by RAG Arquitectos

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RAG Arquitectos. Lead architect.- Guillermo Durán Suárez.
Project team
Ana Lorena Félix, José Bermeo, Ricardo Urbina.
Ing. Fabián Hernández. (structure consultant)
505 sqm.
Design: 2020 October.
Construction: 2021 January - 2022 October.
Close proximity to San Antonio de las Alazanas, Coahuila.

Guillermo Durán Suárez RAG Arquitectos

RAG Arquitectos, founded by Guillermo Duran Suarez in 2018, is a firm based in Nuevo León, Mexico. In their projects they work closely with artisans to fabricate specific elements that form part of the design, from the general to the detail. Evidence of the artisan's hand will remain explicit and embedded in their projects. They value the work of the Mexican craftsman and his work.

The emphasis on artisan and craft comes from RAG's approach to design, where working with local artists and craftsmen on their projects helps them express an authentic story about the place in which they design.

The essence of rationality congregates their principle, as they journey through resolving the conceptualisation of the abstract aspects that inform their design. In this quest, they manifest a dogmatic sensibility, meticulously unveiling the necessity and intrinsic connection of each element within the grand tapestry of each distinctive aspect of the project. The resulting beauty transcends convention, like an unwavering force, a primal and undeniable beauty.
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