Return to the Sevillian house. A patio for a Jupiter by MM16

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MM16 Sonia Ramajo & Santiago Romero.
Project team
Execution Director: Daniel Yusty.
Construction: Rehabilitations and Constructions AFEC S.L.
Wood carpentry: Carpintería Manuel e Hijos S.L.
Aluminum carpentry: KliperVIP S.L.
Kitchen: Concepto ArtNOVA S.L.
Santiago Romero / Consuelo Marcos.
Completion date: - July 2023.
Martínez Montañés Street, Seville, Spain.

Sonia Ramajo, Santiago Romero. MM16

MM16 with main architect Santiago Romero Marcos, is an architecture studio that is based on the creation of unique and personalized spaces for each of its clients. His approach is collaborative, working closely with clients to understand their needs and desires, and translating them into innovative and attractive architectural solutions.

They strive to create buildings and spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of their clients, while seeking to harmoniously integrate the architecture into the surrounding natural and urban environment. They pride themselves on delivering high-quality service and a committed approach to customer satisfaction in every project we undertake.
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