Massanassa Auditorium by Gómez+Álvarez arquitectes

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Design team
José Luis Higón Calvet.
Quantity surveyor.- Vicente Juárez Ródenas.
Structures.- Ángel Pitarch.
Acoustics.- Grupo de acústica arquitectónica UPV.
Systems.- Adypau ingenieros.
2.348,67 sqm.
Massanassa, Valencia, Spain.
Carlos Gómez Alfonso.

Carlos Gómez, Eva Álvarez. Gómez+Álvarez Architects

Carlos Gómez y Eva Álvarez. We are both architects at Polytechnic University of Valencia and teachers at the same University. We also run our office ‘Carlos Gómez + Eva Álvarez, architects’ since 1991. We are married and we have three kids.

From the very beginning, we thought our academic work should be centred on the students´ learning; our professional one should rely on positive action. We also wanted to take care of our family unit. And we manage to simultaneously tackle all these work spheres during these years.

Though it has not been planned, this personal position has shown us clear ways to drive our activity. And now, when looking back, we guess this is our strongest value: we are involved in a different way of looking at architecture, urban design and academics. Nowadays, this interaction is called gender approach to urbanism and architecture, a topic we are totally according to the same thinking line, we also are interested in photographs as a tool for analysing and writing (and reading) as a way to understand, amongst other things.

From this point of view, we understand our time as a whole where work -paid and not paid- plays an important role since unexpected crosscuts are produced in all directions, enriching our professional approach. We call it a "work timeline".





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