"Repair" Ecology as target for Australian Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale

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Architects Baracco+Wright

Baracco+Wright’s architectural practice combines the academic and practice world and is shifting more and more towards landscape based approaches that effect and catalyse environmental repair through decisions of siting, ground plane, hydrology and other ecological conditions.

Mauro Baracco is a practicing architect and a director of Baracco+Wright Architects. He has a PhD in Architecture from and is also an Associate Professor at RMIT University in the School of Architecture and Design, Melbourne, Australia where he was the Deputy Dean of Landscape Architecture (2013-15) and is currently the Deputy Dean of International.

Louise Wright is a practicing architect and a director of Baracco+Wright Architects founded in 2004. She has a PhD in Architecture from and also is a sessional lecturer in design at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Together with Louise they seek opportunities to position architecture in a catalytic role that places the architect in the role of strategic thinker across disciplinary boundaries. Over the past 10 years they have developed this approach through research projects throughout the Wimmera region in Western Victoria, Australia, “Regenerated Towns: Regenerated Nature”, connecting environmental repair undertaken by Greening Australia in their project Habitat 141 with environmental, social and economic repair through strategic and integrated architectural and landscape works in the towns that lie within and around this project. The design based research they carry out informs their practice. Their work has been described as quietly radical.

Linda Tegg

Linda Tegg works with photography, performance, video, and installation to investigate the contingent viewing conditions through which we orient ourselves in the world. Her work has been extensively exhibited in Australia, Mexico, The United States, and Europe. Tegg was the Samstag Scholar of 2014 and The Georges Mora Foundation Fellow of 2012. Linda is currently a Lecturer in Creative Practice at Deakin University, and the inaugural Artist In Residence at the School of Geography at The University of Melbourne.



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