The Spain of the 60s under the eyes of Xavier Miserachs

The Spain of the 60s under the eyes of Xavier Miserachs
La Fábrica [MAD] Spain
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
El Born. Barcelona, 1962. By Xavier Miserachs. Photograph © Arena and Mar Miserachs, courtesy via La Fabrica
Miserachs is one of those photographers who belong in our own right to our visual memory and is unanimously regarded as one of the fundamental names of Spanish documentary photography.
A little more than a year ago the MACBA dedicated a great exhibition, now La Fábrica has just published the third edition of the volume of its collection of Spanish photographers, PHotoBolsillo, dedicated to the work of Xavier Miserachs (Barcelona 1937-1998), making a tour of his work and his ironic look as a photographer for reports.

Xavier Miserachs began his career as an "illustrator photographer", which was, as Oriol Maspons explains in the prologue to the book, the term used by those who practiced in Paris, and since then "At no time stopped making photography".

Miserachs delves into the Barcelona of the sixties through its streets, its environments, its people and its life. Merchants, shopkeepers, youth, children and families are protagonists of the series that made him known: Barcelona, blanc i negre. A series that today is part of important collections such as the MACBA, and which allowed more
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Xavier Miserachs. (Barcelona, 1937-1998) abandoned medical school to work as a photographer. In 1961 he set up his own studio and started undertaking professional projects, for which he started to be recognised. He was a correspondent, co-directed two films and co-founded the photography school EINA. He worked for magazines such as Actualidad Española, Bazaar and Triunfo, and he also more